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You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.

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.net (UK) Get your apps out: Google analytics Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to running a web site. If you know what your visitors are up to, you can easily identify potential problems. With Google Analytics, you can see what keywords bring people to your site, where they’re coming from and what they do when they arrive.
Network Computing David Haskin

Kicking The Microsoft Habit

For many people these days, Microsoft is to computing as Kleenex is to facial tissues -- practically the same thing. Microsoft probably has no problem with this, but sticking with just one supplier is not always a great idea. Increasingly, there are solid -- and practical -- reasons to minimize our commitment to Microsoft software.
Network World

John Fontana

Symantec sues Microsoft; requests halt to Vista development

Symantec on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Microsoft alleging that the software giant violated a contract over the use of intellectual property and used the technology to develop a competing product. The suit itself alleges, among other issues, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, unfair competition, copyright infringement and patent infringement, and demands a jury trial. Anne Broache

Politicos propose new action on Net neutrality

The leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee released a five-page bill on Thursday that would embed new provisions requiring so-called network neutrality in existing federal antitrust laws. Called the "Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act," the bill is designed to "provide an insurance policy for Internet users against being harmed by broadband network operators abusing their market power to discriminate against content and service providers," Sensenbrenner said in a statement.


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When people sit in a darkened movie theater or play a video game, they seldom think about the technical requirements for animation or special effects that the producer needed to bring the story to life. Technology plays a bigger role today than it ever did in entertainment, and the role of technology in digital entertainment—including digital film and electronic games—isn't just big. It's a blockbuster.

Perfectly Executed

Hitman™: Blood Money is the fourth game in the series from Eidos, and having taken careful time and consideration, this addition to the series represents a giant step forward to the previous versions in both graphics and playability. This time out, 47's options are widely expanded so he can adapt to any given situation. Giving him more choices, of course, means more reprecussions.


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PC Authority (Australia)

Ben Mansill

ASUS-Lamborghini VX1

Asus has launched a Lamborghini-themed notebook for the style-conscious end of the market. Priced at $4199 the ‘ASUS-Lamborghini VX1’ is said by Asus to be “the ultimate fusion of information and automotive technologies.”
PC Magazine Brian Bennett

Give the Gift of Vision

A gift every Dad and Grad in your life is sure to enjoy is a lovely 20-inch widescreen LCD. That's because even a powerful desktop with the latest components isn't much fun if your monitor isn't up to snuff. In fact, a mighty PC possessing Herculean 3D graphics and an excellent CPU will always appear hum drum when operated through a small outdated LCD.
Vista delay, schmista delay. You may not be able to upgrade to the official next version of Microsoft's Windows for months, but you don't have to wait a day to add many of the new OS's security, performance, and interface improvements to your current XP setup. And to top it off, many of these advances cost little or no money.

Norman Chan

Why it sucks to be me this week

If you’re at all in tune with PC gaming (or gaming in general, for that matter) you’ll know that this week is the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. This industry only gathering of all developers, publishers, and journalists of the gaming world is a Mecca for every gaming enthusiast, whether you play on the PC, console, or even cellphone.
Ibarionex R. Perello

Where Are Digital SLRs Going?

From the moment it was created, photography has been inseparably connected to technology. Born of light-sensitive substances coated on a metal plate and now evolved to today’s CCD and CMOS sensors, photography’s growth has been measured as much by its technological advances as it has by the creativity of its photographers.

Personal Computer World


Clive Akass

How Bluetooth will hit 400Mbits/sec

A marriage of Bluetooth and emerging fast ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless will allow mobile devices to use even high-bandwidth local resources like media servers, according to one of the leading firms designing the technology.


Intel is getting whipped, outside and in—by chief rival AMD, and by CEO Paul Otellini, who promises to cut the blubber by $1 billion. Faced with falling market share, poor quarterly earnings, and investor impatience, Mr. Otellini told a roomful of analysts in New York City in late April, “No stone will remain unturned.”
Mary Branscombe

Whatever happened to PGP?

PGP is often thought of as an encryption system, but your private key is a digital signature that can prove who your message comes from, as well as showing that it hasn’t been tampered with.....

DLoG Redesigns Web Site

DLoG Logistics Inc., a supplier of transportation and logistics hardware solutions, launches its newly designed Web site:, showcasing its rugged vehicle-mount computers and accessories. Featuring improved ease-of-use and increased functionality, the upgraded site provides users with access to information about DLoG’s line of rugged vehicle mount computers, mobile and industrial PCs, terminals and accessories.

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