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You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.

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Database Trends and Applications Walt Jordan

Automating E-Government

British Columbia’s Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services’ Corporate Account-ing Service (CAS) manages the production, maintenance and development of the corporate financial accounting and financial management applications and serves as the shared financial infrastructure for the entire provincial government. “We are the financial system for British Columbia,” said Brent Iverson, a software engineer who supports the system. “We provide this system to all the ministries in the government.”
D-Lib Program

Ann Apps and Ross MacIntyre

Why OpenURL?

The improvement of access to scholarly literature caused by electronic journal publishing quickly led to the wish for seamless linking to referenced articles. This article looks at the evolution of linking technologies with a particular focus on OpenURL, now a NISO standard. The implications for stakeholders in the supply chain are explored, including publishers, intermediaries, libraries and readers. The benefits, expectations and business drivers are examined. The article also highlights some novel, existing and potential future, uses........
DB2 Magazine Deb Jenson

The Rubber Meets the Road

How will DB2 Viper's hybrid XML-relational data server work in the real world? You can join the customers and partners who are revving the engine, kicking the tires, and checking performance and handling. Here's what to look for when you take it out for a spin.
Data Management Review DM Review Editorial staff

Gartner Identifies Key Trends That Will Drive Technology Further into the Business

IT is creating an unstoppable whirlwind of change that will bring about a level of transformation in people's personal lives, within the enterprise, and within society that is possibly greater than at any time since the industrial revolution, according to Gartner, Inc.
Datamation Chris Nerney

Fighting Bacteria With Washable Peripherals

To combat the spread of infections in the workplace, a company named Unotron has come out with a line of washable keyboards, mice and smart-card readers.
Design & Publishing Dan Tanenbaum

If You Build It, Will They Come?

When speaking of your own website, the answer is no. That is, until you do something about it. You've spent all that time and energy building or buying the sweetest looking website out there, but how will people know about it? Either you are a skilled networker and use your social contacts to create interest in your website, or you engage in some of the many search engine optimization (SEO) strategies used to rank high in natural search results, or you spend time and money marketing your website through traditional channels............
Digit (UK)

Todd R Weiss

SGI declares bankruptcy

High-end workstatiion vendor Silicon Graphics has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US as it continues recent efforts to revamp itself and regain profitability. In an announcement, the company also said it has reached an agreement with major lenders to reduce its debt by approximately $250 million (?135 million) as part of the restructuring.
Digital Web Magazine

Jonathan Follett

Why the Tech Industry Needs to Change Its Language

As we adopt the next wave of networked technologies—everything from wireless handheld devices, to Voice over IP, to digital video on demand, to connected home appliances—we are expanding the pool of technology users well beyond its old limits, beyond the privileged, technically minded few. Right now, we have the opportunity to craft language that makes these tools accessible to more people.
Digital Video Editing

John Virata

The Making of TechnoStorks

In-vitro fertilization is often the last resort for couples who wish to have a baby of their own. While there are countless books that explain assisted reproductive technology, there wasn't a film that discusses virtually all aspects of the procedure, as well as the mental and physical, and not to mention monetary toll it can take on those who choose to embark on the journey in an effort to have children...........
Dr. Dobb's Journal Stacy Cowley
Sun To Open-Source Java
Sun Microsystems on Tuesday said it plans to open-source Java once it works out the logistics.

"At this point, it's not a question of whether. It's a question of how," said Rich Green, Sun's recently returned software chief, in an opening keynote address at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco.



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The Voice of Electronic Engineers

Brian Dipert

Turion 64 X2: A Credible Choice?

Ever since AMD 'went its own way' with the Intel-compatible but non-Intel-cloning 5x86 (aka K5) processor design unveiled in 1995, the company has consistently touted its claimed higher performance at equivalent clock speed to an Intel competitive product.....Matt Mazzantini, AMD's Mobile Division Marketing Manager, stated the new positioning this way, "At like frequencies, we expect to be able to deliver the same performance as Intel's Yonah, at a smaller cache size".
EE Times John Walko

IBM researchers probe nanometer-scale memories

IBM has taken the wraps off a groundbreaking project to develop terabit memories based on MEMS technology and referred to as "probe-based storage." The next step is deciding whether to move development to the next phase. Jack G. Ganssle

Five Technologies You Need to Know About

...The list:

• Ajax (used for Web authoring)
• Core: Intel’s next generation CPU
• Holographic storage
• NAND flash drives (which will apparently replace hard disks)
• AMD-V and VT, which allows a single desktop CPU to run multiple instances of operating systems

Embedded Systems Programming Dylan McGrath and Richard Goering

Synopsys buys a step toward embedded software development

A $15 million acquisition is not large for Synopsys, but the implications of the Virtio acquisition could be significant. "It's a small announcement, but it has the potential to be very important as we move into the embedded software area," said Aart de Geus, chairman and CEO of Synopsys. The acquisition, he said, is "a very elegant way of touching the embedded software developers."
Enterprise Server Systems

John Rant

Microsoft’s Strategy: Spare No Expense

Microsoft's continuing focus on providing software in the form of online services just hit home on Wall Street, when the company's stock price plunged by 11 percent — its biggest single-day decline in five years. Why? Redmond revealed that earnings would be dampened due to increased investments to ward off rivals such as Google. That's clearly the territory of software services, and that's been the story for a while.

Peter Galli

Enterprise Search Offerings: Microsoft Versus Google

Microsoft is ratcheting up its enterprise search offerings and is set to announce a new client-based application known as Windows Live Search as well as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search, a new server product.....While Microsoft has decided that, for branding purposes, it is going to give both products exactly the same name, the difference is that this new application is designed to extend the existing Web search to the client so users can search across their PCs for data.


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Federal Computer Week Bob Brewin

IG: DOD e-health project high risk

The Defense Department’s $5 billion electronic health record (EHR) system projects remains a high-risk project because of the complex task of integrating commercial software, according to a report released May 18 by DOD's inspector general.

Alan Dang

Alan's E3 2006 Diary

It's official: I'm now a jaded gamer. At this year's E3, I came, I saw, and then I left bored… So, for the real coverage of E3, you'll want to check out FiringSquad's "Moving Targets" videos (the stuff with substance is happening in a few days) or read Jakub's or JCal's articles. As for me, I'll just tell you how my day at E3 went...


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Government Technology Magazine

Dan Miller

California Counties Switch Back to Low-Tech Paper Ballots

The California state Legislature's tightening of touch-screen machine requirements rendered the county's systems inadequate, forcing the county to use paper ballots and optical scanners instead of the touch-screen technology. The state mandated that all touch-screen machines have certified printers to provide a paper trail.

GamePro Staff

Shock: PlayStation 3 to Cost $800 in UK

The PS3 will cost British gamers the equivalent of US $800. Sony calls this price "cheap" and a "bargain." In the interview, Ray Maguire explains how even at that price, the PS3 is "probably a cheap machine." Maguire predicts that the first British Blu-ray players will likely cost between 600 and 700 pounds (US $1,137-1,320), making the the PS3 a "bargain" by comparison.


Sarju Shah

Nintendo Revolution: What Wii Know

If there's one console manufacturer that marches to the beat of a different drummer, it has to be Nintendo. The originator of the modern console-gaming era has been a traditional player in every single console generation, first with the Nintendo Entertainment System, then with the Super NES, then with the Nintendo 64, and now with the Nintendo GameCube. But Nintendo promises that its next console system, the Wii, will be a major departure from the current console CPU and graphics-hardware arms race.



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Electronic House


More than 200 custom electronics dealers submitted their best high-tech home installations from the past year, covering all aspects of the connected home. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were given for HOME OF THE YEAR, HOME THEATER in four different price ranges, as well as the MEDIA ROOM, KITCHEN, MASTER SUITE, FUN ROOM and OUTDOOR SPACES. There's even a category for WOW FACTOR. The full list of categories and winners appears below.
Hospitality Technology

Jamba Juice Makes Healthy Choice with eRestaurant

Jamba Juice Company, a healthy blended beverages, juices and good-for-you snacks provider, enlists the help of Altametrics, a provider of enterprise solutions to the foodservice industry, to deploy the eRestaurant Services solutions throughout all company stores. The application will be implemented in more than 326 company stores and will be used for restaurant back office operations and supply chain management.


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