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Silicon Valley News

You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in one, worth some browsing time.

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Advisor Magazines IBM and Research In Motion Mobilizing Enterprise Applications IBM and Research In Motion (RIM) are teaming up to more tightly integrate Lotus Domino and the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. The two companies are working on ways to extend Lotus Domino applications through Web services directly to BlackBerry, and enhancing BlackBerry performance with Lotus Domino. RIM is also offering a BlackBerry Enterprise Server promotion to Lotus Domino or IBM Lotus Sametime customers.
Australian Personal Computer Dan Warne

Intel pushes towards 100-core CPUs

Intel’s chief technical officer, Justin Rattner, made the comments in his opening speech to international media at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco...“Multi-core is giving us the ability to really get back on the performance growth-line, which we’d begun to shift away from,” ....“Over the last year or so we have taken the next step; we have introduced the notion of dual-core processors to our product line...“That trend is expected to continue – we’ll talk about the next-generation of quad-core processors being introduced into the product line,” he said.

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Byte Magazine

Jerry Pournelle

Repair or Replace?

To summarize from last week: We were down at the beach house when the hard drive on Lisabetta, my HP Compaq TabletPC, failed badly enough that the system wouldn't boot. I managed to recover from that, and all was working well, but drive failures can't be overlooked....


Connie Winkler

With so much sensitive information now on portable devices, securing them has become a major concern. Research from Gartner finds that CIOs currently rank mobile security and workforce enablement right behind business intelligence applications as their top technology issues.
Business Solutions Jay McCall

Create A Midvolume Scanner Sales Opportunity

Even though being at the right place at the right time involves a little bit of luck, creating that situation is a whole different matter. Document and content management VAR iCaught Incorporated did just that with one of its clients by asking the right questions and discovering a costly mistake made by one of its competitors.

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c|net Tom Krazit, Michael Kanellos and Ina Fried

Dell opts for AMD's Opteron

Dell has agreed to use Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron chip in multiprocessor servers by the end of the year, ending a long-standing policy of sticking exclusively with Intel. The PC maker made the move public in its first-quarter earnings press release on Thursday. Speculation has mounted for years as to whether Dell would adopt the company's chips, despite Dell's exclusive relationship with rival Intel to this point.

SPECopc Updates Graphics-Performance Benchmark

SPECopc (SPEC/GPC's OpenGL Performance Characterization) project group yesterday released SPECviewperf v9, an updated version of its performance evaluation software for systems running CAD/CAM, digital content creation and visualization applications. SPECviewperf v9 is designed for individuals who assess graphics performance for new purchases and upgrades, graphics card vendors testing products under development, OEMs evaluating graphics components and consultants and publication editors reviewing new graphics s llys

Card < Technology Dan Balaban

Mega-Memory SIMs: Some Support Builds, But Many Questions Remain

Some large mobile network operators are warming to the idea of using high-memory SIM cards to deliver such applications as instant branding of handsets, digital rights management and Internet connectivity. But with one important exception, they don’t seem keen on using the big SIMs for massive storage of content, such as full music tracks or videos. And they are concerned about future availability of handsets to handle the mega-cards and prices they would have to pay for them.


Sumner Lemon

China Mobile, Google Talk Cell Search

The top executives at China Mobile (Hong Kong) and Google have discussed how to make Internet search capabilities available to mobile-phone users, an executive confirmed Friday.

During a press conference Thursday, Wang Jianzhou, the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of China Mobile, revealed he had twice met with Google CEO Eric Schmidt to discuss the possibility of moving Internet search from fixed-line Internet connections to mobile phones, said Rainie Lei, a China Mobile spokeswoman.

Karen S. Henrie

Technology: Digital Rights for the Enterprise Secures Sensitive Documents

When executive search firm Sterling-Hoffman acquired two research facilities in India last year—thereby doubling its employee count, from 150 to 300—CEO Angel Mehta quickly ran into problems securing the company's intellectual property. "Emerging markets are like the Wild West, times ten," says Mehta

Interactive Intelligence Enters the Workforce Management Arena

Indianapolis-based Interactive Intelligence is adding a new workforce management module called Interaction Optimizer to its contact center software package. Interaction Optimizer will do forecasting, scheduling, and real-time adherence capabilities for any size contact center.


Adding dimension to your characters


When most people hear the words ‘vector art’ the first things that probably come to mind are flat shapes and solid colours. In the ever-changing world of digital character design, your personal style almost always determines your illustrative technique. While some styles call for a flat approach, others will need a little dimensionality to spice up the composition.
Elizabeth Millard

Keep Track of Your Technology

The good news is that creating an asset management program doesn't require a great deal of heavy lifting, either figuratively or literally, and the better news is that it can save time and money in the long run, and even prevent unneeded purchases down the line.

Computer Edge Michael Dillon

Computer, Heal Thyself!
“Are you tired of fixing your computer?”

New technology is being developed that allows computers to fix their flaws and problems automatically, without the user ever being aware that there was an issue. New software applications and hardware are being developed that will allow the computer or the computer's operating system to sense when there is a problem, and to fix the problem before the machine crashes or harms the system.

Computer Weekly (UK) Antony Savvas

HSBC adopts SAS fraud spotting system

HSBC is using SAS's Fraud Management for Banking software to try and stem criminal activity around its customers’ accounts. The bank is using the technology to analyse its full transactional database to look for patterns that can signify such criminal activity.

Computer Game Steve Bauman

Nintendo Stock Rises

After the successful unveiling of the Nintendo Wii at Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, Nintendo shares have risen to their highest point in years. Nintendo shares have increased over six percent which have put the stock at its highest level since 2002. The positive response to the Wii demonstrations have encouraged a healthy stock market effect for the Japanese gaming company.

Computer Reseller News

Paula Rooney

Sources: Microsoft In Talks To Buy Softricity

"It's coming down to the final stretches," said one source close to Microsoft who is familiar with the discussions. "It's not a done deal yet but it's just last minute haggling kind of stuff."

That's not all. At its hardware conference for OEMs next week, Microsoft is expected to announce plans to accelerate the delivery of its homegrown virtualization hypervisor code-named "Viridian" and will formally debut plans for a virtualization management platform code-named Carmine.

Computer Retail Week

Intel Shares Drop on Fears of Gains By AMD

Intel shares fell Friday to a three-year low, after No. 1 PC maker Dell said it would begin using chips from smaller Intel rival AMD. Dell said that for the first time in more than two decades Intel will no longer be its sole provider of computer microprocessors, or the brains that run computers.

Computer Shopper

This Year's Gear Top 25 Product Roundup

It's springtime, and the gear is fresh. These 25 innovative new products will have you reaching for your wallet.

Computerworld Grant Gross

U.S. State Department to limit use of Lenovo PCs

The U.S. Department of State will not use Lenovo Group Ltd. computers on a classified network because of ongoing concerns about the company's Chinese government ties, a U.S. congressmen has announced.
CPU Computer Power User


Phishing Scams Grow Teeth & You’re The Prey

You know the drill. An email comes in that looks like it’s from eBay, PayPal, or one of the many other services scammers commonly co-opt. It tells you there’s a problem with your account, and the only way to fix it is to click the link in the email and “confirm” a bunch of personal information. You delete it because it’s obviously just another lame phishing scam.....But what about that next message? The one from your boss telling you to log in to a new internal Web site to set up an account to collaborate with other people on your team?............
The ACM Student Magazine 
Jarrod Trevathan and Wayne Read

RAS: A System for Supporting Research in Online Auctions

Despite the popularity of auctioning online, there are inherent security risks. For example, bidders might not pay or sellers might not deliver the item. To compound the problem, commercial auctioneers do not hold themselves liable for any transactions that go awry. Cryptographic and other security methods can help protect against many of these risks. However, there is no way to test the feasibility of such auction mechanisms. Therefore, an evaluation environment for research purposes is required.

CRN Joseph F. Kovar

NetApp Enters SMB Storage Fray

For its initial dive into the SMB storage space, which NetApp defines as companies with 30-plus users, the company has set up a separate StoreVault division, headed by General Manager Sajai Krishnan, who is charged with bringing the company’s new SMB appliances to market exclusively through the channel. That group has tapped Tech Data, Clearwater, Fla., as its sole broadline distributor for the launch.

The Resource for Security Executives

Sarah D. Scalet

5 Ways Google is Shaking the Security World

Whether you're charged with preventing hacks, protecting assets, stopping fraud or defending trademarks, Google and other search engines present a new mix of risks for everybody in the security game.


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The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History

By Gregory Gromov

1. Internet Before World Wide Web
The First 130 Years: Atlantic cable, Sputnick, ARPANET,"Information Superhighway", ...
2. World Wide Web as a Side Effect of Particle Physics Experiments.
World Wide Web was born in CERN ...
3. Next Crossroad of World Wide Web History
World Wide Web as a NextStep of PC Revolution ... from Steven P. Jobs to Tim Berners-Lee
4. Birth of the World Wide Web, Browser Wars, ...
Tim Berners-Lee, R. Cailliau, Marc Andreessen, Browser Wars, ...
5. Early History of Hypertext
Hypertext Foundation of the World Wide Web: Vannevar Bush's hyperlink concept, Ted Nelson coins the word Hypertext, ...
6. "Living History" of Hypertext.
Hypertext Saga of Theodor Holm Nelson: The Fate of Thinking Person in Silicon Valley ...
7. "Xanadu" Plan
The Nelson's Xanadu Plan to build a better World Wide Web
8. Growth of the Internet: Statistics
Statistics of the Internet & World Wide Web: Hosts, Domains, WebSites, Traffic, ...
9. Conclusion
What is the nature of World Wide Web?
10 Prehistory of the Internet
Ancient Roads of  the Telecommunications & Computers
11 They said it ...
People Wrote About This Book