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You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.

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InfoStor Kevin Komiega

Product highlights from Storage Decisions

The new product announcements were sparse at the Storage Decisions conference this week in Chicago, but some of the industry's biggest names made announcements, including archiving-and-backup news from EMC and a new partnership between Symantec and Network Appliance. Here's a quick recap:
InfoWorld Paul Roberts

E-mail attacks target unpatched Word hole

On Friday, Symantec raised its Internet threat rating, citing confirmation of attacks using an unknown hole in Microsoft Word were being used to compromise computers on the Internet. The warning came as monitors at ISC detailed "limited targeted attacks," originating from China and Taiwan, against an unnamed company that used Word attachments to install Trojan horse programs on corporate networks.
Integrated Solutions Khristen Chapin

Field Service: Drive Down The Costs

Any technology initiative requires CIOs to make a number of decisions, but none can require more choices than providing mobile employees with wireless technologies. Mobile technology is confusing — you have to choose devices, wireless networks, applications, how often workers will connect, and so on. Also, mobile technology is constantly evolving, so at the end of a project, you’ll have more choices than you started with.
Integrated Solutions For Ret@ilers  Laurie Pasquerell

Are Customers Ready For RFID-Based CRM?

Are Customers Ready For RFID-Based CRM? Grocery, C-store, and fuel station retailers are quickly adopting new forms of payments that use RFID technology (or other types of near-field communications). This type of technology has been deployed in fobs or cards containing embedded chips that are waved near payment terminals, to validate a payment transaction for merchandise..... . However, what do you think the next step will be? What about the use of RFID technology for CRM (customer relationship management)?
Intelligent Enterprise

Tim Harmon

Googling Business Intelligence

Recently Google announced Google OneBox for Enterprise, a new feature that extends the secure search capabilities of Google Search Appliance to support popular business applications, including business intelligence (BI) offerings from Cognos, SAS and others.
Internet Week

Apple Fires A Shot At Creative Labs In Ongoing MP3 Battle

Apple has filed a counter-suit after being the target of a patent suit by Creative Labs claiming iPod's interface violates Creative's patents. Apple Computer has sued Creative Labs for patent infringement related to the companies' MP3 players after Creative filed a similar patent suit earlier this week against Apple, Bloomberg News reported Friday.
Internet World Chris Mc

Poor Data Governance: Why Customer Data Integration (CDI) Projects Fail Part III

With the demand for data integration hubs increasing in the past few years, several CDI vendors now vie for a leadership position in the emerging market. As these vendors offer an array of packaged solutions with rich features and services, it is easy to lose sight of the most fundamental requirement of a CDI hub – sound customer data management.

ISP Planet (formerly Boardwatch Planet)

Dave Burstein

DSL Prime: Build Your Own NSA Computer

The computer that can track every call in the U.S. for a year fits in a large room. I could build it for less than $300,000 as a Linux cluster, mostly out of parts available at my neighborhood COMPUSA..."I'm shocked by the revelation about the National Security Agency," was a very silly comment by Sen. Patrick Leahy, ...... We all knew this kind of thing was going on. I wrote recently, "Telcos massively help governments to spy, whether in the U.S., France, or China." I quoted One Who Knows saying, "Since 9/11, everything we couldn't do before is permitted. Now, they always say yes, or we don't even have to ask."
IT Architect

David Greenfield

Aspirin For IM need practical solutions today that won't force a fundamental change in the IM protocols. One new start-up, Tello, is taking advantage of that opportunity. During the waning days of January, Tello announced its IM federation services, which will enable business and individual end users to locate and contact each other across Yahoo, Google, AOL, Jabber, and Lotus Sametime.
IT News (Austarlia)

Gregg Keizer

Microsoft spells out Vista's hardware specs

A new section of the Vista website, dubbed "Get Ready," outlines two separate programs - a first for Microsoft with an operating system - that spell out what's needed for a computer to handle Vista. Dubbed "Vista Capable" and "Vista Premium Ready," the pair flesh out requirements for machine components needed to minimally run the OS and to handle Vista's advanced features, respectively.


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Java Pro Chris Schalk

The AJAX Approach to Richer Interfaces

A new class of Web applications is now beginning to emerge that offers a familiar rich client behavior that was predominant just before the Web became popular. The key to providing this much richer end-user experience over the Web is the clever usage of client-side JavaScript and/or DHTML using an asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) approach.
JavaWorld Shelley Solheim

Sun woos developers to the grid

Since last August, Sun has been offering its Grid processing and storage capabilities as a service for enterprises looking to outsource large computational workloads, but this March it opened up the retail version of its Grid....


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Linux Journal Bruce Byfield

Hide and Go Seek with Writer Content

Why would you want to hide content in an Writer document? The most common reason is to maintain two similar versions of a document within the same file. By using Writer's hide functions, you no longer need to worry about multiple versions of a document remaining in sync.
Linux Today Barry Shilliday

3D Eye Candy for Linux

There have been some significant developments lately on the Linux desktop front. Xgl is a significant development. It replaces much of the code in the traditional X server so all drawing is done via OpenGL (Open Graphics Library), the cross-platform alternative to Microsoft’s DirectX.


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As Seen On TV!

Say what? Can't hear yourself think over the noise your MacBook Pro makes in a vain effort to keep its internal temperature below boiling? Well, you could try the semi-secret firmware update that Apple snuck out earlier this week, or you could go all vigilante and join the mass call-in scheduled for Saturday, May 20......

Jonathan Seff and Jason Snell

MacBook: What you need to know

As you might expect from a product that replaces both a consumer and professional system, the MacBook is a fascinating hybrid of high-end features and cost-conscious engineering. Now that we’ve spent several days with these new laptops, here are some answers to several burning MacBook questions.
Maximum PC

The Making of the Dream Machine

Even though we’ve built a Dream Machine every year since the magazine was founded (back in the Boot days), readers have never seen the Dream Machine in anything other than its final, photo-ready state—until now.
Machome Markkus Rovito

Spring Cleaning 8

Virtual neat freaks should like the new file searching tools in this utility. Brawny has a lumberjack; Mr. Clean has that bald genie guy of its namesake. Just like these and many other cleaning products, Allume's Spring Cleaning 8 has many "New and Improved!" features to tout. All it really needs now is a geeky mascot to assure you that your Mac's hard drive has been thoroughly scoured.

Dino Esposito

Extending the GridView Control

In this installment of the column, I'll show how to implement a GridView-derived control that supports multiple selection. Along the way, you'll see internal members overridden, new members added, script code silently injected into the page, and a number of state management techniques.
Multi-CAD Magazine


John McIver

How to choose a
graphics card for CAD

When it comes to selecting a good graphics card for CAD applications, I'm pleased to say that not only have the main processors of computers undergone a vast improvement in performance over the last dozen years, but the same is also true of graphics cards, to everyone's benefit.

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