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last updated: 1/22/99 10:29 pm PST



Giants Jump Into Internet Industry
After Sleepy Beginning

Fearing that by remaining ignorant of the scramble for position on the Internet that they would miss out entirely, a number of immense companies are only now waking up to the idea that they face two choices in the IT area: Get Web or Get out...
As a result, industry dominants, including AT&T, Walt Disney and Microsoft; are now doing all they can to get a foothold in this zero-gravity industry, primarily by purchasing or merging with those companies that powered the Internet to its current level.
While 1998 was the year of Internet companies rising in market capitalization as bubbles to the top of the financial world, we suggest that 1999 will be the year of the sleeping giants, who now awake, will mark their positions in the industry.
By merging with these Internet bubbles, these real-world giants have become a significantly more attractive subject to Internet area investors while at the same time incomparably solidifying the Internet bubble's overall stability.

An ongoing look into the emerging players on the Internet:

Sleeping Giant Can Only Dream

WEB INFLUENCE: (1/22/99)

IBM knows how to sell machines...
IBM knows how to make profits...

Now IBM is trying to tell us about e-Business.

Where is the giant failing in its quest?
IBM has gotten a message this week: Sleeping Giants: IBM


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Compaq On the WWWarpath

(1/20/99) WEB INFLUENCE: Following a year of indecision after the company's acquisiton of Digital Equipment Corporation and the Alta Vista search engine, computer industry leader Compaq announced a strategy to incorporate the Web further into its business earlier this month.

Sleeping Giants: Compaq

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