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Why Every Company Needs Web Story

"In recent years, social scientists have come to appreciate what political, religious, and military figures have long known; that stories (narratives, myths, or fables) constitute a uniquely powerful currency in human relationships that help individuals think about and feel who they are, where they come from, and where they are headed -- that constitute the single most powerful weapon in the leader's ... arsenal."

Leading Minds, An Anatomy of Leadership , 
by Howard Gardner, Harvard University. 
Inc. Magazine, May 1996, p.69


The main goal of the process of  corporate Web Site building is to transfer   traditional media structured zone of influence   to   fundamentally new   hyperlink   based   Web Influence zone.


oldbook_greyHundreds  years librarians all over the world used the total number of external Links to a book or an article ( citations, quotations, references) as a direct  measure of public  influence of  the publication.

  "The essence of information, then, is not its content but its resonance." Jose Arguelles

915antenna03085.gif (1033 bytes) The total number  of external Links to a corporate Web Site has became  the same widely used  measure of company Web Influence Zone. So,   Internet  age   transfers the traditional scientists / librarians criteria of  influence  into the business world.

Hyper Links Services:

About 10  thousands of the ISPs  -- Internet Service Providers --    provide customers  with  different kind of Net connectivity services. 

About the same number of ICPs  -- Internet Content Providers -- create basic Web site info-structure and  design .

Only a small group of so called "hyperlink mechanics"  would be  able properly assist in your company efforts to build   corporate's Web influence zone... 


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