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General FAQ:

Analysts, executives and managers are wondering how to apply our recent Top 100 Companies research data to enhance their understanding of the relative positions of IT companies and their potential in the e-commerce marketplace...


What kind of additional info do these tables provide to their investors and even customers? Can Internet Valley provide some practical recommendations to improve their company's Web Influence?


And after all, what is the reason for introducing the totally new variables of WebInfluence and iFactor and placing them alongside well known company valuation criteria (sales, market capitalization to sales ratio)?


We invite you to take part in discussing and exploring the iFactor and other criteria of Web Influence because we strongly believe that this knowledge will finally clarify and detail for you and your investors the relative e-commerce potential of your company and its leading competitors..


"Could you please send us more information regarding how we might use your research data..."

Brooks Anderson - Corporate Communications Team, Computer Task Group, NY

"I'm sure there are many factors that go into your iFactor rating, but we would have to agree with your assessment of Symantec's potential to exploit the e-commerce channel."

Amy Savage, Director of Corporate Communications, Symantec , CA

MacNN reports that based on Internet Valley's research data ," Apple's 3.5.4 iFactor, which relates a company's current state of Web influence to its possible e-commerce expectations, is second to only Microsoft among the top 10 sales companies--well ahead of its traditional sales ranking (15) " I  should add that among companies with high web influence, Apple has the lowest Market Capital to Sales Ratio, which is one of the ways to measure how "pricey" a stock is.

Eric Yang,
Macintosh Evolution


Almost all Frequently Asked Questions revolve around two basic subjects: How can  NetValley help us to expand our company's Web Influence and ... how much?

1. We monitor the current level of a company's Web Influence and its iFactor.

2. We provide training and information services designed to assist public relations and marketing employees in executing their Web-related tasks. This includes communicating the general rules associated with choosing the right strategy to raise a company's level of Web Influence and corresponding iFactor. We also develop the elements of a customized strategy based upon the unique features of a particular company's business.

3. We can directly assist in a company's efforts to raise its Web Influence and iFactor by applying a proprietary technology that focuses on the hyperlink structure and dynamics of the Internet. The result of three years of intensive internal research and development, our effort has uncovered core principles in Internet hyperlink mechanics and we have learned to apply this knowledge for Web Influence purposes.

4. As a complete solution, we have provided some of our clients with a "turn-key" package of Web Influence and hyperlink mechanics services.

5. We do not offer a standardized price list as the fee for our services is unique to each potential client and is calculated after preliminary mutual efforts with the appropriate company personnel. The recommended package is determined by a number of factors, including:
- the company's current Web Influence and iFactor levels;
- the specific objectives and targets for our services;
- the unique aspects of the company's business that will define its position and potential in the future e-commerce marketplace.

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