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Silicon Valley
by Gregory R. Gromov
Bay Area
 Unfortunately, much of the rest of the world would love to be like Silicon Valley. In one subgenre of the Valley success-myth article, a journalist visits the high-tech heart of a foreign country and asks, "Does this self-styled Silicon Glen/Alley/Gulch/Fjord/Pampas/Polder/Fen have what it  takes to match the success of the original?"

So what does it really looks like?

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Silicon Valley has added more than 200,000 jobs since 1992, .... It leads the nation in exports and accounts for 40 percent of California's export trade. Across the world, techno-wannabe regions try to mimic the valley's success, right down to their names:

Silicon Hills in Austin, Silicon Dominion in Virginia, Silicon Plateau in Bangalore, Silicon Island in Taiwan, Silicon Wadi in Israel.

Source: By Jim Bettinger, MSNBC , October 24, 1998

The regional  "Clones" of Silicon Valley's basic concept

Boston. Mass the area along Road 128 - "East Silicon Valley" - biggest recipient of venture-capital behind SF Bay Area  
Austin. Texas Dell Comp. and about 2,000 other high-tech companies
New York, NY Silicon Alley, a three-mile strip extending from the borough's trendy Chelsea district to its southern tip.
Salt Lake City. Utah one neighborhood has more hight-tech companies than fast-food restaurants
Seatle. Wash Microsoft,, ...
Washington. DC Virginia suburbs have IT-based employment comparable to San Jose
Bangalore. India a hotbed of programmers
Tel Aviv. Israel ... world best known telecommunication -, data processing -  and hundreeds of other high-tech   companies  are based here
Cambridge. England Cambridge University's centric tech park
Hsinchu Science-Based
Industrial Park. Taiwan 
Umax Data Systems, Acer and the world's largest semiconductor foundry are based here
Data source: ZDNN , BusinessWeek

If Silicon Valley and 'America's Technology Highway/Region' (the 128/495 belts outside Boston where I work and live) are the New Florence, well, I can certainly see plenty of mini-machiavellians running around in biz, media, and politics, and a building critical mass of conflicts between Guelphs and Guibbelines, but where is our Calvacanti, our Dante?

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