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LAS VEGAS, NV — April 14, 1999 — Dialogic Corporation (NASDAQ:DLGC), the global leader in open computer telephony, is demonstrating a versatile interface between Internet telephony and computer-telephone integration (CTI) applications at the Voice on the Net (VON) conference this week in Las Vegas. This gatekeeper-based technology will extend the capabilities of Dialogic's CT Connect™, the leading call control software, by allowing applications to monitor and control IP telephony calls in the same way they currently do in traditional telephone environments.

This new technology will allow CTI applications to operate within Internet protocol (IP) telephony environments as easily as in a traditional PBX. This transparency between IP telephony and traditional PBXs means that CTI developers will be able to market their applications for use in IP telephony environments with little or no change. Customers will then be able to use IP telephony in conjunction with contact management, customer service, and support applications.

Bringing Call Control to IP Telephony

"Being able to manage IP telephony calls the same way as traditional dial tone calls is an important capability for application developers," said Cliff Wener, executive director of the CTI Lab at Williams Communications Solutions, a prominent supplier of CTI solutions and a Dialogic CT Connect partner. "This technology will allow us to sell and install CTI applications across a variety of telephony environments in a consistent way."

IP Telephony Gatekeepers

In a standards-based IP telephony environment, the gatekeeper is the focal point of enhanced call processing because endpoints within its domain consult it whenever a connection is set up, torn down, or changed. During call setup, for example, a gatekeeper handles functions such as bandwidth allocation, address translation, access permission, and call routing. In addition to these standard gatekeeper functions, the enhanced gatekeeper demonstrated at VON also communicates with the CTI environment by sending or receiving standard CTI call control messages at the appropriate points in the call processing cycle.

"Because we are enabling communication between the gatekeeper and external CTI applications, enhanced call processing functions can be managed in those applications instead of within the gatekeeper," said Carl Strathmeyer, CT Division marketing director, Dialogic Corporation. "Customers will be able to utilize applications from several suppliers to manage calls flowing through a common gatekeeper. Furthermore, both developers and end-users will benefit because the same applications can also be used with traditional telephony environments such as PBXs."

Dialogic expects to offer this patent-pending gatekeeper technology as a CT-Connect component later this year. The company is also working with providers of commercial gatekeeper products and operators of public IP telephony networks to incorporate this important CTI interconnection technology into their offerings. This gatekeeper-based technology extends Dialogic's family of IP telephony products, which includes DM3 IPLink™ platform, the industry's first complete, single-board H.323 standards-based server development platform for building IP telephony solutions.

About CT Connect

CT Connect components are off-the-shelf modules that implement specific, technically difficult CTI functions. CT Connect, the cornerstone of the product line, is the leading open, standards-based call control server. It provides applications with call monitoring and control through links to telephone systems, delivering call information to CTI applications. More than 1,000 CT Connect servers are in use worldwide, supporting telephone environments of all sizes.

CT Connect components are backed by comprehensive service and support offerings that help developers and integrators add computer-telephone features to their solutions quickly, affordably and with minimal risk.

Dialogic Corporation

Dialogic, the global leader in open computer telephony, provides the critical building blocks and technical services that enable partners to develop solutions for the converging voice and data networks. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, speech recognition, call center management and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony applications in both customer premise equipment (CPE) and public network environments. The company is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with regional headquarters in Brussels, Buenos Aires, Singapore and Tokyo, and sales offices worldwide. For more information, visit the Dialogic Web site at http://www.dialogic.com.


Dialogic Editorial Contact
Andrea Kurtz
Dialogic Corporation
973-993-3000, Ext. 6704


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