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April 1998

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"In the beginning was the WORD..."  


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes

Ted Nelson

A New Home for the Mind?

Datamation classics : This seminal work by computer visionary Ted Nelson appeared in the 25th anniversary year in March 1982 of DATAMATION Magazine. In it, Nelson correctly fortells the emerging technologies of today: Simple desktop computer interfaces, the World Wide Web, net work agents, and Hypertext Markup Language. He dubbed the concept Project Xanadu, Inc.

Data Communications Magazine Ides Vanneuville, Ted Fornoles

ATM Networking

Rolling Out ATM QOS for Legacy LANs

Lane 2.0—the latest extension to the LAN emulation spec—gives legacy data a way to travel first class on ATM backbones Until now, network managers who used ATM to link legacy LANs went with the technology for one big reason: bandwidth. But as more sophisticated apps come online, net managers need to tap into other ATM services—like its much vaunted QOS (quality of service). The Lane 2.0 spec, ratified by the ATM Forum in July 1997, lets them do just that. It also gives net managers something else they've been waiting for: Multiprotocol over ATM. What's more, Lane 2.0 helps in conserving multicast bandwidth and makes it possible to mux over virtual connections.

DBMS Magazine C++ Tools For Client/Server Development By David S. Linthicum A Survey of C++ Tools and Add-On Products for Client/Server Application Development.
Dr. Dobb's Journal Wanted: Senior C++ Programmer by Al Stevens The questions are in three categories: * The first category probes whether applicants have a rudimentary understanding of the differences between C and C++. * The second category examines their grasp of class design. * The third determines how well they have kept abreast of language changes that the ANSI committee has proposed and approved.



Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
EDN Access Troy Scott

Adopting VHDL for PLD design and simulation

As your designs become more complex, it becomes more efficient to use tools that allow you to design at a higher level of abstraction. Hardware-description languages, such as VHDL, are a natural next step for tackling large designs.

Time-to-market, vendor-flexibility, and design-complexity requirements have caused electrical engineers to adopt VHDL. One benefit of using VHDL for hardware design is design abstraction. Logic design using an HDL such as VHDL improves productivity by allowing you to work with logic operations and behavior rather than with the traditional approach of drawing circuit diagrams of logic gates and wires. Using VHDL also results in improved documentation and quality ...Another benefit of using VHDL is design portability...Simulation is another benefit of using VHDL. Unlike traditional Boolean languages, VHDL is a naturally simulatable language...A state-machine description is one of the most appropriate applications of VHDL for hardware design... VHDL is a powerful test-vector-generation and output-verification language.  



Currently, the standard for voice networks is "five nines of reliability" -- that's 99.9999% uptime. But private data networks are only about 94% reliable, carrier data networks are about 91% reliable and the public Internet is only about 61% reliable

EE Times George Leopold

Internet fuels economic growth, ...

The Internet and information technology are fueling U.S. economic growth to a far greater degree than once thought, the Commerce Department reported this week.

"Technology is reshaping our economy," Daley said in releasing the study, which credits the Internet and the rise of electronic commerce with contributing to better-than-expected economic performance over the past several years. The report forecasts that by 2002 the Internet may account for more than $300 billion worth of commerce between businesses.

Entropy Gradient Reversals  
Chris Clocke

The Wolf at the Door

Technology and implementation issues often crowd out all others when companies construct their web strategies...   Super-Professional-No-Crap Consulting (SPNCC) Can Help Your Company to: ... raise venture capital from anonymous South American sources! leverage Y2K confusion to pad executive Swiss bank accounts! learn the innermost secrets of the biggest spammers! sponge free IP bandwidth from clueless Federal laboratories! ...

Embedded Systems Programming Tyler Sperry

Sympathy for the Devil?

"What do you think the devil's going to look like if he's around?  . . . He will be attractive. He'll be nice and helpful. He'll get a job where he influences a great, God-fearing nation. He'll never do an evil thing. He'll never deliberately hurt a living thing. He'll just-bit by little bit-lower our standards where they're important. . . . Just coax along flash over substance. Just a tiny little bit."...   Now, I (Tyler Sperry) am not here to write one of those "Bill Gates is Satan!" screeds. Admittedly, such things are not beyond me, but for our purposes here, a personal attack would be beside the point. ...Our goal is a better understanding of how-or if-WinCE matches the requirements of embedded software development.With that disclaimer in place, it's worth noting that a consideration of the historical record of Bill Gates and Microsoft is a valid starting point for our examination of WinCE. Any time you consider a new business relationship, the track record of your potential partner is one of the initial points of concern. In the case of Gates' and Microsoft's corporate behavior, there is a significant pattern. While Gates was a student at Harvard University, we are told, he majored in poker. Consider the skills required of a good poker player. You must be able to mislead your competition ...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Family PC Bob Ryan

20 Questions about Internet TVs

Everything you ever wanted to know about Internet TVs but were afraid to ask.When it was introduced in 1996, Internet TV sparked lots of debates about the relative merits of computers versus "Internet appliances," but little interest among consumers. That's set to change with new-generation Internet TV devices

Federal Computer Week JOHN STEIN MONROE DOD awards $50 million to industry, universities for Next Generation Internet

The Defense Department today announced it would spend $50 million over the next three years to fund private-sector research into technology that will support the government's Next Generation Internet initiative.




Sam Lipsyte

Sex, Lies, and E-Mail

WHEN PHILOLOGISTS AND SOCIAL HISTORIANS look back at the modes of late 20th-century communication, they may discover in a back-page criminal proceeding underway this week the occasion for a profound interrogation of language, meaning, and technology. Or maybe they won't. Still, in the trial of Oliver Jovanovic, a graduate student who allegedly seduced a woman online and tortured her in his apartment, there is something larger and more nuanced at stake than the cultural distinction between geek and creep, or another round of cyberstalker panic from the mainstream media...

Fontsite THE PRODUCTION ARTIST SURVIVAL GUIDE A regular series written for computer graphic artists, this section demonstrates techniques used by production artists on a daily basis, and includes step-by-step instructions on how to make your job easier.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes

Game Revolution

Chuck Bendar

Role Player's Arena

...devoted to the monumental task of providing tips and information on the latest and greatest RPGs, while helping readers out of jams and offering second looks at past titles for the nostalgic adventure gamer. And what better way to kick things off than...

Government Technology Magazine Tod Newcombe

Imaging Captures
Government Attention

Five years ago, most agencies used imaging systems to reduce the massive amounts of space dedicated to paper storage. Today, systems are aimed at boosting productivity, controlling costs and enhancing customer service. ..State and local governments are able to achieve their objectives, thanks to maturing document imaging and workflow technologies. Improved recognition and verification tools allow tax agencies to process millions of tax returns with a high degree of accuracy. Imaging software is better integrated with workflow and document management software, making it possible to create sophisticated case management applications for welfare, justice and labor agencies. Inexpensive CD-ROM storage and versatile full-text search and retrieval tools allow jurisdictions to operate document imaging applications on a shoestring budget.

Government Computer


Vince Di Cosmo

Beating the bandwidth

...networking professional will soon face a crisis of bandwidth. Increasingly, the applications critical to an enterprise's productivity need huge amounts of bandwidth. Faster networks alone are not a full solution. The challenge of implementing next-generation networks is three-dimensional, involving considerations of capacity, control and migration. The goal is to make networking pervasive, so that computer networks become as accessible, simple and transparent as our current voice networks. Network managers should look for technologies and solutions that allow for more intelligent administration of networks in a way that makes better use of existing bandwidth.

GeekWeek People are the Key

Computer Associates makes an unsolicited, $9 billion bid for services firm Computer Sciences Corp. Knee-jerk reaction: Need any more proof that people are more important than technology? Or aren't 9 billion reasons enough?


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
homepage.journal Joanna Wiebe

The blue link:
visual language in the birth canal

The syntax of visual language, when worked out, will be as deceptively simple as the rules which govern the flight of birds, or the workings of our dopamine cells which, it is theorized, increase or decrease their firing rates in response to errors in predictions about the world around us, predictions based on metaphorical information input to the brain: sensory input and memories of sensory states.

HotWired Mark Frauenfelder Culture :Giving spammers a run for their money

Do you drink bottled water? Are you looking for a discount? How about 4 cents a gallon? With our high quality water-filtration systems, you can bottle your own!! Email your name, address, phone# & email address to The Water Lady -

I (Mark F.) copied this stupid message into my word processor, ...

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