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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes/Comments
VAR Business IHardware Changes

Provide Ample Opportunity

The age of Pentium workstations has begun as NT workstation shipments are expected to more than double from 1997 to 1998. Dataquest expects Pentium boxes to account for 81 percent of the market by the year 2000...Workstation unit shipments are expected to grow at a rate of 30 percent annually,

Visual C++ Developers Journal

Davanum Srinivas

Scripting and Automation Using Microsoft Script Control

Scripting enables applications to support a general macro language, while automation enables the macro language to access data/functionality provided by the applications. With the Microsoft script control, we can create applications that run any ActiveX scripting engine, including VBScript and JScript. Microsoft script control gives the application the best of both worlds: a simple scripting language combined with the objects, methods, and properties of a more advanced, full-featured specialty application. Script control was developed primarily for use with Visual Basic, but with a little effort it can be used in MFC/Visual C++ applications too. A major feature of the script control is its ability to add the object model of an ActiveX component, such as an ActiveX.DLL or ActiveX.exe, to the control....


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Web Marketing Today

Ralph F. Wilson

Seven Debilitating Diseases of Business Websites

... even when sites are treated with massive doses of cold medicine, visitors quickly see symptoms that make them want to back away. Most of these problems are design flaws: not mediocre graphics, but basic flaws in the planning and execution of the site itself. Here are some diseases I (Ralph F. Wilson) detect as I browse hundreds of business websites each month.

Web Developer David Fiedler, Scott Clark

DR. WEBSITE: Beating the '404 File Not Found' Message; Formats for FTP Files

How do you edit what the "404 file not found" document says? You can force the server to return any file you want. This is good, because the infamous 404 display is a bit obscure for most Web surfers...

... how to FTP files in a format that ensures that they are read from my HTML...The most important thing is to always access files from a fixed location. ...

WebMaster Magazine Scott Kirsner The Ultimate Webmaster

Tim Berners-Lee, the man who gave away the Web, talks about how it is changing business.

Web Week AT&T Targets Web-Averse Companies By Elizabeth Gardner AT&T Chairman Robert Allen compared the Web's potential with that of toll-free numbers, launched 30 years ago and now generating 40 percent of AT&T's network traffic and $100 billion in sales per year. "It took 15 years for 800 service to take off," Allen said. "We expect digital commerce to happen more quickly."
Win95 Magazine Vironix's NetFerret Suite: A Ferret for Every Occasion By Jon Lipp Find utility that is located in the Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 Start menu often comes in handy, whether you are looking for a file on your Windows 95 PC or a workstation on your company's Windows NT 4.0 network. Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a World-Wide Web (WWW) page or an e-mail address on the Internet as easily as you can find that lost file or computer using Microsoft's Find utility? Now, thanks to the new NetFerret suite of utilities from Vironix, you can...
Windows Magazine Optimizing Windows:The Perfect Cover-Up By John Woram Hide your documents from prying eyes.
Even honest, diligent Windows 95 users occasionally want to cover up their digital document trail so snoopers can't trace their recent PC activities...
Windows NT Magazine Brad Cooper
Pathworks and NT

...PATHWORKS has long been aligned with Microsoft networking, so it is a perfect environment for integrating with or migrating to Windows NT. I didn't decide to add PATHWORKS to my clients' networks because of foresight, though. PATHWORKS made sense at the time.

Windows Sources A Foundation for Growing Web Sites By Brian C. Wilson A webmaster's worst nightmare is having to update one item, such as a logo, on each and every HTML page on a site. But a new product called WebMate/Foundation automates such updates, thereby simplifying site management... Foundation keeps all of your HTML images, data, and scripts in a single SQL database, assembling HTML-based modules, called templates, on the fly... You create, manage, and maintain a Foundation Web site entirely through a Web browser, and you access the Foundation database through HTML forms that WebMate provides with the product.
WordPerfect Magazine Instant Web Publishing With WP 7 by Gordon McComb If you used the Internet Publisher add-on available with WPWin 6.1, you'll be impressed with the new tools and features added for WP 7. It can display images in the document, convert graphics to .GIF format and convert documents to and from HTML format. In 6.1 conversion was just one-way: from WP to HTML. Best of all, the Internet Publisher tool is an integral part of the program. You don't need to download and install a separate program to use WP 7 as a Web page publisher.
WorldVillage BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY by Tina Velgos An Interview with Doug Whatley, creator of Microprose's Ultimate Football '95
WWiz Magazine Plugging in to Ma Bell: A Real Net Experience by Thomas More I'd have to give Ma Bell an A+ in customer service. I [ Thomas More] suppose those friendly, competent folks will probably soon be replaced by an automaton like we get on directory assistance calls nowadays. "Say your problem in plain English, or wait for the next available operator."

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