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April 1998

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes

Justice Dept Eyes Microsoft, Netscape

Net Pact?

... The offer, which the Journal report said Netscape declined, would have effectively shut Netscape's browser out of Microsoft's Windows environment. "It was like a visit by Don Corleone," Netscape Executive Vice President and co-founder Marc Andreessen said in an interview. "I expected to find a bloody computer monitor in my bed the next day."

New Zealand InfoTech Weekly  


There's no business

like United States business


First, what is going on in the policy basements in Washington, and how is it going to affect New Zealand business looking to the Web as the next global market? ... Information technology has been responsible for nearly a quarter of all United Sates recent economic growth. The industry now makes up 8 per cent of the United States economy, and computer and communications industries are growing at more than double the rate of the rest of the economy. A more careful examination of the report itself confirms that for Mr Daley and President Clinton, e-commerce means the Internet, specifically the use of the Web as a driver to business-to-business growth, either through increased demand, or efficiencies of operation.

Net Guide Spy on Your Baby Sitter

...parents who rig up home video cameras to spy on their baby sitter only to find that the grandmotherly woman who seemed so sweet during the job interview actually is beating little Billy every time he spills his milk.... With a Web cam, you don’t even need to wait until after work to check the tape. You can monitor your baby sitter and your children in real time over the Internet

NewMedia Magazine Stuart

Video's Future Shock

At MIT's Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the world's preeminent academic laboratory for the future of new media technologies, they don't just study video. They study how people will interact and respond to other people...Nicholas Negroponte: Video as we know it will not exist in the future, any more than we use Morse Code today... To everybody's surprise, the Web has turned out to be the ubiquitous venue for multimedia....

Network Computing Art Wittmann  

Dongled Software, Leave It Lay In The Coffi

Dongles are a device of the devil. They are evil, and they will cause you unnecessary headaches, and often, cause you unnecessary downtime as well. If a vendor insists on using these things, you should not buy that vendor's product. No matter how much you need it and no matter how much you want it, you shouldn't buy it.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Oracle Magazine Joe Mullich


Manage Globally, Act Locally

Managing Systems in Today's Networked Economy: New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Tools ... the giant Missouri-based Monsanto Company reinvented itself to focus on strategic initiatives and new business opportunities, spinning off its $3 billion chemical business from its life-sciences business. Monsanto expects the evolution of technology and science to drive the marketplace into a closer integration of agriculture, food, and health. To become a leader in this fast-paced arena, Monsanto has pledged to become more flexible; decentralize responsibility; and develop a risk-taking, open culture. Brilliant scientists and lucrative hunches may be two ingredients of Monsanto's recipe for success in the twenty-first century, but sound database management is another critical element. Monsanto is developing a new global database strategy that will provide DBAs with powerful tools to automate mundane tasks and allow them to take a strategic role in repositioning the firm. ...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
PC Computing Upgrades That Pay

A memory upgrade pays for itself in just over a day for managers and in about five days for administrative workers.Doubling the RAM in a system immediately boosts overall managerial productivity by 38 percent and administrative productivity by 16 percent. Memory prices are at an all-time low and...

PC Magazine Greg Alwang

Meeting of the Minds

Whether you run a public Web site or a private intranet, a discussion server is a must-have to create a sense of community...Discussion forums display messages using either a threaded or a linear model. ... Businesses have long used groupware discussions internally for brainstorming and collaboration, project tracking, and information distribution. All the major groupware packages now feature Web access, ostensibly transforming them into Web-based discussion servers...

PC World Eat This Cookie--Or Else!


Tim Hayes of The Limit Software, the author of Cookie Crusher, comments, "We are not pleased that a few influential corporations have chosen to exert their power over Internet users. We have received dozens of e-mail messages from concerned Internet users who would like to stop the practice of some corporate Web sites that require cookies to access their content." Marty Carlson of AyeCor Software, author of Cookie Cutter PC, calls the practice "rude and arrogant."

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