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April 1998

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
SMG Computers Australia: Sydney Morning Gerald KIRSTY NEEDHAM

Surfing, according to the laws of physics

By applying the laws of physics, Xerox's famed Palo Alto Research Centre in Silicon Valley believes it has found logic in the seemingly chaotic World Wide Web. And the message for business is that most surfers will only click once on their Web site...PARC has found that 40 per cent of the total number of clicks made on the Web are the first click onto a takes a lot of money to attract attention on the Web - PARC has found 50 per cent of clicks on the Web were generated by 1,554 sites  out of the 200 million-plus (documents-T100 ed.)that exist

SCO World:

UNIX Business Solutions


SCO's Creativeness With /dev/marry

Enhancing a truly mature OS like Unix can be a challenge. But SCO comes through with the marriage device driver...When a system has existed for a long time, it is often difficult to develop exciting innovations. Unix is no exception, since it is one of the most mature operating systems in use today. Thus, it is imperative for Unix software vendors to have top-notch personnel on staff. Well, SCO certainly does. The caliber of its staff is exemplified by one of the new features appearing in SCO... OpenServer 5: /dev/marry, the marriage driver. This month we (ERNEST H. RICE III) discuss how to use /dev/marry and why it is so valuable...The marriage driver is a facility within OpenServer allowing a regular file to be treated as a device. ...

Shift Clive Thompson


why antispammers just might save American Society

..the year anti-spammers began lobbying for laws to make spam illegal. It was the year they started demanding ISPs kick spammers off-line. And for their efforts, they got hammered with guerilla attacks by spammers -- including forged mailings that, as I've written before, knocked out antispammers like Jim Youll and the Coalition Against Unsolicited Email. When antispam activists got sick of the harassment, they showed they could dish it out as well as take it, helping to knock über-spammer Stanford Wallace offline. The pyrotechnics are interesting in and of themselves, to be sure. But beneath those battles lurk some age-old social issues. Like the frog in the pan of hot water.

Service News Adrienne Baughman

Going global:
The new manifest destiny for IT support centers

Technology holds the promise of opening new doors to foreign markets for big and small businesses alike-and IT support is responsible for keeping those doors open. As support goes "glocal"-locally based, with world-wide range-support centers must learn to balance language, culture, and technology issues..Technology has made it possible for small companies to launch into an international market immediately, whereas historically, companies had to grow provincially before reaching the international marketplace.

Software Quarterly: IBM Magazine Todd L. Watson Network-Centric Computing

In the first wave of computing large systems were relegated to "glass houses," isolated from those who needed access to their power. The second wave of computing saw PCs on users' desks and the first, tentative steps to link users to distant data. The third wave, characterized by network-centric computing (NCC), is taking on tsunami proportions...

SunWorld Online Amy Finley

Untangling the next Internet

The Next Generation Internet and Internet2 are dissected ...In fact, there are two separate blueprints being developed to do this: the Washington-sponsored Next Generation Internet, as well as the education community's Internet2. ... Much of what has been written about two buzzword initiatives, "Internet2" (I2) and the "Next Generation Internet" (NGI), would lead one to believe that these scenarios are just around the corner...I2 and NGI are separate and distinctly different initiatives...

Sys Admin Christopher A. Jones

Shell Objects

Maintaining UNIX systems often involves programming. Unlike programming for
application development, a compiled language usually isn't appropriate to perform routine system tasks. The usual tool for such tasks is a scripting language such as the Korn shell, which can help automate the countless configurations, updates, file distributions, and statistic gathering that's required in system administration. It is rarely the case that a UNIX machine is alone, and as a result, network-wide shell programming definitely has its complications. Every flavor of UNIX varies slightly in its architecture.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
ThinWorld Mark Templeton

The Thin-Client/Server Approach to "Thin" Computing

"Thin" is in. However, as it has soared in popularity, "thin" has become a catch-all phrase for anything that suggests simpler and less-expensive computing – thin servers, thin clients, thin management ...  Some people call it "Computing Anti-gravity Paint or a Client/Server Perpetual Motion Machine" because it opens up a broad range of new possibilities for deeper business knowledge, faster business decisions, closer ties to customers and most of all – a competitive edge... Meg McGinity

How to Get A Head

Executive recruiters--please, don't call them headhunters--can be a telecom executive's ticket to untold riches. And vice versa. ... Some 78 percent of recently polled telecommunications executives report there's a "critical" need for talent at middle- and upper-management levels,

TidBITS Matt Neuburg

Lives of a Cell: Excel 98

To call Microsoft Excel a spreadsheet program is rather like calling the Grand Canyon a gully. Like the Grand Canyon, Excel is huge; it seems a rugged and forbidding place, but in reality it's full of power and beauty, much of which is concealed, and accessible only with a certain amount of labor. That's why it's no bad thing that most of the ways in which Excel 98 improves upon Excel 5 have to do with its interface.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Unix & NT News

UK based Magazine

Dennis Howlett


...reckons the emergence of NT onto the mid-range accounting software market is throwing buyers into confusion The mid-range accounting market is a strange beast, because different people have different perceptions as to what 'mid-range' or 'medium sized' means. clearly a man with a mission. But he is not alone in evangelising the NT/SQL Server platform. Access Accounting, which started life as a Mac product has been ported to both Oracle and SQL Server. ...

UnixWorld Online Charles Fisher

Linux, SQL, and the Web

A guide to developing a portable, Web server-side HTML-embedded, script interface to a SQL-database under Red Hat Linux using a case study employing Apache, PHP, and PostgreSQL. A short SQL tutorial is also included.

Upside William Burnham

Investment Plays in E-Commerce?

It's hard to find an industry that has generated more hype and excitement in the past few months than electronic commerce. Everyone--from President Clinton to Playboy--is singing the praises of e-commerce and its potential to change the way society does almost everything... Forget price-to-earnings ratios; some e-commerce companies are trading at 10 to 20 times revenues, often with no profitability in sight. And almost every company with an Internet connection is claiming to be involved in e-commerce in the hope that investors will grant it a lofty valuation. 

User Friendly Online John J. Kotcher

Michael Dell equation: Youth + wisdom = dollar signs

Ever since the 20-year-old Michael Dell started his computer company with a $1000 investment, his company’s objectives, and business model, has remained constant: direct sales aimed at corporate customers. ... Steve Jobs has fingered Dell as Apple’s new punching bag, replacing long time rival and new investor Microsoft as the most hated Apple foe.

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