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Internet Valley WWW Links  Community
History of the Internet and WWW

Some   of the useful Web sites and extensive Lists that provide  references, links  to the Internet Valley's: History of the Internet & WWW

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All About The Internet by Internet Society (ISOC)

Libraries & Government Info Agencies

History of the Internet Library of Congress
Computer Science by Oregon State Library
Internet by Utah State Library Division
History of the Internet   by Michigan Electronic Library
The Internet and the Web , Washington State Department of Information Services
Introduction to the Internet by Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
History Of The Internet by Monroe County Public Library
History of Computers and The Internet by  Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, NC

National Publications & Broadcasting Systems
History of the Internet by Matthew Holt, Network World, IDG Communications
The Origin of PCs   by David Noack,  Internet World, Mecklermedia Corp.
Further Information About The Internet by Web Developer's Virtual Library, Mecklermedia Corp.
"A Cookbook for Serving the Internet UNIX Version"   by Phil Bourne of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), Prentice Hall.

Next Generation Internet by National Public Radio, Washington, D.C
Using and Understanding the Internet: Overview by  PBS online,  Cochran Interactive

Educational Organisations:
University, Colleges, School Districts

Brief History of the Internet and the WorldWideWeb  by Student Online Companion
Information about and Guides to the Internet by  Libraries of the University of Houston
History of Internet: History of Physics and Allied Sciences: by  American Institute of Physics
Mathematics and the WWW: Beyond the Web   by Online Math Education Community Center, Funded by the National Science Foundation
 Science and Technology by American Studies & University of Virginia
Web Basics and History by The Maine Science & Technology Foundation, University of Southern Maine
Use of the WWW in Education by National Center for Community College Education, Graduate School of Education - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
Internet, Web, and Multimedia Resources:   by University of Tennesse at Martin
Introduction to the Internet, World Wide Web and HTML by Eileen Head,  State University of New York at Binghamton.
History of the Internet by M. Firebaugh, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Computer Science & Engineering Department
Computer and Its History by Western Carolina University, the College of Education and Allied Professions
Information Literacy: Required Readings: Internet History & Development by  Susan E. Beck, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
This Week in Physics by IUPUI, Indiana University
Net History and more... by  John Sklar Cardinal Strich  University
The Origins of the Internet   by M. Epley and D. Behrens, Doane College, Crete, Nebraska
Monasticism and Technology... by Richard Oliver OSB The Monastic Forum, Saint John's Abbey Collegeville, Minnesota
Communications Beyond the Basics by Schreiner College, Kerrville, Texas
Introduction to the Internet by Irvine Valley College
Internet History -- The Formation of Our Electronic World bySteve Nelson, Penstate College  
Computer News and Resources by Information Services Division, Medical College of Georgia
Introduction to the World Wide Web  by Jim Parsons, The College of St. Benedict Clemens Library, St. John's University Alcuin Library
Teachers and the Internet Outline by  Domonic Salce, A Teacher's Guide for using the Internet as a Professional Tool, Gilbert Unified School District
History of the Internet by Kent School District
Roads of the Superhighway! by "Links to MORE Fun Facts!!", The Missisipi School for Matematics and Science 
History of the Internet Project by Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 -- 22 school districts of Pennsylvania's Lancaster and Lebanon counties

International Universities,
Informational  & Educational Centers

Information Engineering: Educational Publishing & the Academic  by Oxford University, UK
Want to know more about the History Of the Internet??? by Ian Beckwith, Computing Society of the University of Central Lancashire, UK
Centreline 2000 - web by Centreline 2000, Worcester, UK
Internet History by Christian Feichtner, Internet Information Center, Austria
History of Science  by Peter Brosche and Wolfgang R. Dick, Astronomical Institutes of Bonn University, Germany
Multimedia im Internet: Grundlagen WWW und HTML by National Research Center for Information Technology, Germany
Links zu ARPA Kadabra by Katie Hafner und Matthew Lyon, dpunkt.verlag, Germany
History of the Internet and WWW by University of Calgary , Canada
Guides to the Internet by Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto
Guide de l'internaute 1998 - Internet   by Danny J. Sohier, Les Editions Logiques, France
Some Internet History   by UCD Internet Society, Belfield, Ireland
INTERNETTETS HISTORIE by AOF i Norge: Internettet som faglig verktøy - internettets historie, Norway
Internet Reference Sites on the Net  by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, Mumbai, India
Ted Nelson’s Conception of "Hypermedia"  by Truong Son Nguyen, University of Technology, Sydney Australia
Is Hypermedia just a fancy form of Database?  by  Oliver Michael Baasch, University of Technology, Sydney  Australia
A Guide to the Internet and the World Wide Web by Sara Voysey University of South Australia
Using the Internet in Educational Settings   by Phil Nanlohy, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Internet by The Master of Library & Information Studies, School of Communications and Information Managemen, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Net Culture & Paradigm Shift

The effect of Technology on Culture  by Gleason Sackman, Net-happeningsDigest
Netculture: History & Information by Netculture Guide, Mining, Co.
Recommended Computer & Internet History Sites  by The WebMuseum CyberCulture Researcher Library, Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart, Honolulu, Hawaii


Education Resource Center by 3Com Corporation
History of the WWW  by International Webmasters Association
Net History by Silicon Valley GeoCity
Internet History by US WEST Foundation
Internet History by CADVision Development Corporation
Internet Basics Rocky Mountain Direct Broadcast Satellite Internet Access
Executive Summary of "Using the Internet as a Business Tool"  by Clearly Internet
Background Information on the Internet  by PanAmSat Corporation
Internet Facts  by Selective Learning Network, Inc
Internet Guides and Tutorials, History  by American Computer Resources, Inc.
What's Cool This Week   by GTE Intelligent Network Services Incorporated
Internet History by Ads-Online
*HOT* Web Sites  by   Bob Drudge, My Virtual Reference Desk
Mental Health Internet Handbook by CME, Incorporated
What is the Internet? by Our Mission Strategic Interactive, Inc.
Artificial Intelligence Jump List by Seth Russell, ClickShop Com
E-media by Mary Hopper, Studio-E Production
Internet Tutorials and References by NexTek Designs
Links to Learning about the Internet  by Critical Mass Linkaway2
The Virtual Reference Desk > by Christopher C. Brown, V. R. D. Abstract
Internet: FAQ by Connecticut-Web
The Internet by HealthFAQ Internet Guide
Computers/History by Taxwright, Inc.
History of Internet & WWW by Kenneth R. Churilla,  Elsop
Web Site Review by Lynda Goodman, Dandelion Innovations
What Is the Internet?   by CenterSpan
Internet Security by Xtream
Entries for INTERNET by The Virtual Reference Desk
REWIRED by David Hudson, Journal of a Straned Net
Internet INFORMATION INDEX by CyberWeb, Chatsworth, CA
Business Guide to the Internet : Brief History  by Paul Freeman, Architek Ltd., UK
Computers & Computer Science    by Phil Hughes "The Way of the Machine",    Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
Guides & Directories
Computers and Internet: Internet: History by Yahoo!
Computers & Internet > WebSite Gide >Internet by Excite
Internet > Beginner's Guides by Excite

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