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"Influence. It's a good thing." --MacAddict


iFactor: A quotient comparing a company's current state of Web influence to its current state of sales, for an estimate of future sales growth in the global e-commerce market.

Those companies with an iFactor of more than 1.0 are expected to perform better in the future market, whereas those with an iFactor of less than 1.0 may possibly decline.

.Why Is iFactor Important if My Business Wants to Use E-commerce?

Internet Trends: The Internet is growing at a rate never seen in the history of media. Since 1995, the number of Web sites with unique domain names has quadrupled every year, and some have estimated that the amount of traffic doubles every 100 days. This, only one year after a growth rate of more than 100% per year was considered high.

Growth of the Internet: Statistics

Can't My Business Simply Use Television Ads to Attract Buyers?

"The essence of information, then, is not its content but its resonance."

-- Mayan Factor
by Jose Arguelles

Web Influence: Television ads may show a spurt in users of your site for a short time, but your Web site must gain a steady traffic of consumers in order to maintain significant, long-term business. This can be best achieved  through Web Influence, where your business is known by a wide audience who considers it a valuable tool.

Web Influence

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