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June-July '96 - Top 100 - VIV's Choice

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Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
Datamation Link Your Help Desk to the Web By Sarah Varney Linking your help desk to the Web can cut down on the number of support calls and help you provide better customer service. Here are five companies that succeeded.
Data Communications Magazine Token Ring Switches: Double Indemnity By Steven J. Toce Here's a tip to anyone who's interested in a policy that will really pay off: Invest in token ring switching. Not only does it give much-needed bandwidth to overloaded networks, but with a little fine-tuning it also can lead to big reductions in WAN costs.
DBMS Magazine 1996 Buyer's Guide and Client/Server Sourcebook Your guide to over 640 client/server database management and applications development products. You can now download the DBMS 1996 Buyer's Guide and Client/Server Sourcebook!
develop, The Apple Technical Journal Planning for Mac OS 8 Compatibility "Copland" compatibility: what will and won't be compatible -- a road map for ensuring compatibility with the Mac OS(formerly known by the development name "Copland") 8 release.
Dr. Dobb's Journal 3-D Surface Contours by Will Schroeder and Bill Lorensen Transforming complex information into visual form ... the powerful yet simple contouring algorithms employed by visualization practitioners. Contouring is used to visualize scalar data--single-valued data located at discrete points in space.


Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
EDN Access Putting your money on Windows-based tools by Jim Lipman ...some of the products that ... showcased at the June Design Automation Conference in Las Vegas.
Edupage "ORAL HISTORY" OF THE INTERNET Journalist David Bennahum has taken on the task of oral history archivist of the Internet, through his "Community Memory" list. His goal is to collect first-hand accounts by early users, and to document the origin of terms such as "hypertext" and "hackers."
EE Times IBM hopes Merlin OS is magical By Alexander Wolfe A source close to the company said that the OS will be positioned as a direct competitor to Microsoft's Windows NT and that IBM will spotlight Merlin's ability to natively run Java applets and applications independent of a Web browser.
Electronic Buyers' News Japan, U.S. To Meet On Chip-Trade Pact The United States and Japan are still no closer to signing a new bilateral semiconductor trade pact, but at least the two governments are about to start talking about it again.
Entropy Gradient Reversals The Official Email Invitation From time to time we offer to share our list of subscribers with door-to-door aromatherapy salespersons and ritual axe-murderers...
Embedded Systems Programming Java: Virtual Machine for Virtually Any Platform by Simon Waddington and Stephen Li This overview describes Java's applicability in embedded systems.


Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
Family PC A Marriage of Convenience by Robin Raskin The union of the CD-ROM and the Web. Hybrid CDs bring together CD-ROMs and online resources
Federal Computer Week Web links lawmakers with constituents BY ELIZABETH SIKOROVSKY If you want to know how your representative voted on a particular issue, the Library of Congress has it covered...


Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
Government Technology Magazine Best of the Web The America's Job Bank (AJB)... is a Web-delivered job service directory that is also redefining government Web sites. many as 30 states linked and over 400,000 job listings online per day...


Magazine MIPS** Outline/Quotes
Home Computing & Entertainment The Multimedia Muse by Gerry Blackwell Can home-made multimedia be the creative hobby of the near future? You probably use your PC to look at multimedia CD-ROMs. Here's how to create your own title. Can home-made multimedia be the creative hobby of the near future?
homepage.journal The Smalltalk Manifesto... by Jeff Sutherland ... Avoiding RoadKill on the InfoBahn... Will Java kill Smalltalk? The Smalltalk community must take immediate, aggressive action to respond to the challenges posed by Java and the Web.
Home PC 10 tips for making the most of Quicken and Money By Wayne Harris Even if you've been using one of these sophisticated programs for years, it's unlikely you've discovered all the ways it can make handling your money easier--not to mention the tricks in the most recent releases, Quicken 5.0 (6.0 for the Mac) and Money for Windows 95
HotWired Sweet Words of Freedom CDA Special by Todd Lappin When the trial began in March, Judges ... were online newbies. But by the time they handed down their unanimous decision on 12 June, the judges showed that they had figured out what the Internet is all about...
HUM - Canada's Government Computer Magazine Strategis: Industry Canada's on-line database By Christopher Guly In late March, Industry Canada launched a new, on-line business information service called Strategis.

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