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The Silicon Valley

Don Hoefler is credited with coining the phrase: "Silicon Valley"

Silicon Valley History  by Gregory Gromov  

A Legal Bridge Spanning 100 Years: From the Gold Mines of El Dorado to the “Golden” Startups of Silicon Valley  by Gregory Gromov  

NDA Experiment Set up by Mark Hurd  by Gregory Gromov

Silicon Valley to Internet Valley  by Gregory Gromov  

How I ended up working for a big corporation...  by Gregory Gromov  

The Birth of Silicon Valley:  by Carolyne Tajina
... to the early 1930's during the Great Depression. Santa Clara County, California, known as the Valley of Heart's Delight, was a tranquil expanse of apricot, plum, and cherry orchards. Professor Frederick Terman of Stanford University's Department of Electrical Engineering enjoyed the tranquillity, but he was concerned with the great lack of opportunities for Stanford Engineering graduates to find jobs in the area. His graduates had to go 3000 miles to the east coast because there were few jobs for them locally. He began to encourage some of his students to start companies near the university.

Fred Terman Father of Silicon Valley:  by Carolyne Tajina
In has been said that an institution is but the lengthened shadow of one great man. In as much as Silicon Valley is an institution, Fred Terman was such a man. One of his first steps was to bring together two of his former students, William Hewlett and David Packard, founders of the Hewlett-Packard Company.

Founding Fathers  by David Jacobson, Stanford Magazine, July/August 1998
In the midst of the depresssion, two sons of Stanford started a company in a Palo Alto garage.  How Did Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard end up launching the high-tech revolution?

Silicon Valley and Route 128  by Paul Mackun
Two main areas of the  American hi-tech kitchen:
West Coast - Silicon Valley , East Coast - Route 128


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