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Virtual Seminar for Teaching Literature:  Internet Teaching

  Some Basic ConceptsTIt is clear that the Internet is one of the most fashionable areas of computing. It is effecting all subjects in Higher Education, not only altering teaching opportunities because of its new perspectives on communication and dissemination, but also opening up exciting new resources for students and lecturers alike. 

For a history of the Internet readers should consult Gregory Gromov's The Roads and Crossroads of the Internet's History.

Humanities Computing Unit of Oxford University,  

Oxford University,  UK

Access the website designed by Gregory R. Gromov and published at ...  The primary document ...  is "The Roads and Crossroads of  Internets History". Study all nine (9) pages linked to... as well as:
1. Road #1 "Information Ages Milestones"
2. Road #2 "Internet at CERN: 1976 - 1990"
3. Road #3 "The 50 Years of the Hypertext Concepts Evolution"
... Write your questions based on Gromovs website.

The Individual Learner Within American Culture, 
by Larry Garrett,
Social Foundations of American Education
Troy State University

Gregory  Gromov provides an impressionistic overview in "The Roads and Crossroads of Internet's History," ... with a particular concentration on the development of
hypertext and the Web.

Current  literature of the online community   by Eron Main, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

... This is a hypertext ... It is written as a kind of mosaic rather than as a straight narrative, including email questions and answers, fragments of interviews, and the like. It focuses primarily on the Web and hypertext over the Internet.

by  M. C. Morgan  College of Arts and Letters, Bemidji State University, MN, USA

This is an entertaining (if potentially  confusing) account of Net history, part of a large on-line hyperbook ...  this site will provide some fascinating insights and connections between events and people.

Open Learning Agency : learning resources to support the K-12 education system in British Columbia, Canada

The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History by Gregory Gromov ... can be a great resource where an informed Net surfer can come and let hypertext do the walking and the inventors of the Net themselves do the talking.

by Kelly Ward, Public Health Library, University of California, Berkeley

Finally, an entertaining and eye-catching approach to Internet history is Gregory R. Gromov's History of Internet and WWW: The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History. This site is worth visiting, as much for its unorthodox approach using dazzling visuals and hypertext style as its content.

State University of New York at Buffalo
Deborah Husted Koshinsky and Rick McRae, University Libraries

The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History by Gregory Gromov  ...  possibly not the first place in the pool where a non-swimmer should take the plunge, this colorful and quirky site can be a great resource where an informed Net surfer can come and let hypertext do the walking and the inventors of the Net themselves do the talking.

Many visitors have found the eccentric choices of typeface and color to be disconcerting, but its worth clicking around here. Mr. Gromov tags the 1957 launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union as the event that jump-started the process leading to development of the Internet. Dwight Eisenhower, wanting to counter this apparent Soviet advantage in technology, launched the Advanced Research Projects Agency, thus leading to the creation of ARPANET and thus eventually to this Internet weve all come to know and love. So my thanks go to you too, Ike.

"Nettalk : A Brief History of the 'Net" by Kelly Ward

The Bulletin. Special Libraries Association, San Francisco Bay region
The School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) is a graduate program at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History
by Gregory R. Gromov . This amazing story ... explores history and the philosophy of the Internet.  Gromov by the way starts the story with the Atlantic cable of 1858.

The Australian National University, Canberra

The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History
- Gregory Gromov's comprehensive and fascinating overview of the philosophy and history of the Internet.

Cource  STS 3700B 6.0: History of Computing and Information Technolog by Luigi M Bianchi. School of Analitical Studies & Information Technology

Science and Technology Studies
York University
, Canada

The Roads and Crossroads of the Internet's History. By Gregory R. Gromov. A critically acclaimed site for a comprehensive history of the Internet.

The University of Texas, System Digital Library.


For anyone who has ever wondered how and why the Internet was created comes this extensive essay,  "The Roads and Crossroads of Internet's History." With this document, users can follow the development of the Net from its early stages as a military communication system to the multimedia extravaganza we know today.

Cource Education 2751: "Power and Communication Technology" by Bridget A. Ricketts

Prince of Wales Collegiate, Newfoundland Canada

History of the Internet
. We all need it. We all want it. But how did it happen in the first place? Gregory Gromov provides a ... comprehensive ... history of the Worldwide Web before it was the Net we all know and love...

by Matthew Holt, NetworkWorld
June, 1997

What really led up to the development of the Internet? Why is it so important to us? How did it expand from its military origins into the electronic highway we know it to be? Gregory R. Gromov provides answers to these and other questions in "The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History." Gromov presents an interesting look at the Net in the beginning, complete with timelines and milestones in not only Internet History but providing  snippets of World History as well. His approach may seem confusing, even messy at first glance, but give it a moment, you'll see how he weaves the history of the Web together. It's creative, it's informative and it's well done--it's what the Web is all about. 

by Carla Scarlett, BRIEFME.COM newsletter

This is one of the Great Classic Websites. It's a history of the Internet and what led up to it, told in hypertext, both eloquently and chaotically, as strange in its own way as the Mel Brooks movie, History of the World, Part One. But it's one [REDACTED} of a lot more accurate than the Brooks movie. All Internet users, even those of you who just signed up for Web-TV or AOL last week and are still fumbling around, should check out this site.

When you jump into this online story, make sure you have a couple of hours free. It takes that long to read. Imagine a collaborative writing  project that tells you more than you ever wanted to know (and more than probably thought there was to tell) about the Internet, starting with the laying of the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic in 1858 (which was NOT a success, BTW).

You'll learn why the WWW Consortium [W3C] is based at a physics lab in Switzerland called CERN, instead of at a computer research center where you'd logically expect it to be, and why CERN doesn't even stand for the lab's real name -- in either English or French, along with lots of other neat factoids that'll come in handy if you ever find yourself playing Trivial Pursuit: The Internet Edition.

There's also a picture of Al and Tipper Gore at their wedding, twenty years before the WWW came into existence. And I'm not going to tell you why it's there. You can find out for yourself. (And if you want to be a killjoy you can post the reason below ..

by  Robin Miller
Best High-Tech Sights on the Net

Gregory R. Gromov's version is a fun to read and thoughtful look into the history of the Internet and the WWW.

The Maine Science and Technology Foundation
USM - Professional Development Center

 ... an excellent 9-part review of the
Internet's history and its relationship with the information revolution . Very informative and quite amusing at times too!
CADVision Development Corporation.

An excellent summary of key milestones in Internet history

Gregory R. Gromovs The Roads and Crossroads of Internet History is probably the history that most students will enjoy as it is sprinkled liberally with files that illustrate his points.

Commencing with Internet pre-history work your way through 9 sections to read about the web, browser wars, and Xanadu to name a few topics.

It is a long essay but extremely interesting.
Faculty of Art, The Australian National University. Canberra

if you've ever wondered how the Internet came into being then be sure to check this site out... If you've never wondered how the Internet came into being then go anyway. You shouldn't be such a barbarian.

Hitch a lift with us on the information superhighway
by LineOne,  UK

The Roads and Crossroads of Internet 's History by Gregory R. Gromov... is an excellent history of the internet and a good example of a "web document." ... You also should experience what "hypertext" is and why this experience is more like exploring than reading...

by Robert Melczarek
Introduction for EDU 606
School of Education
Troy State University, Dothan

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