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History of Internet and World Wide Web:
The Roads and Crossroads
of Internet  History
by  Gregory R. Gromov

    The Next Crossroad of World Wide Web History






The first web client and server -- built with NEXTSTEP.

The WWW project was originally developed to provide a distributed hypermedia system which could easily access -- from any desktop computer -- information spread across the world.

The web includes standard formats for text, graphics, sound, and video which can be indexed easily and searched by all networked machines.

Using NeXT's object-oriented technology, the first Web server and client machines were built by CERN -- the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in November 1990. Since then the Web has truly encompassed the globe and access has proliferated across all computer platforms in both the corporate and home markets.

      Source: NeXT Software, Inc., 1996


The Web as a NextStep of PC Revolution 


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The Index:

  • Prehistory of the Internet
  • Internet Before World Wide Web
  • World Wide Web as a Side Effect of Particle Physics Experiments.
  • Next Crossroad of World Wide Web History
  • Birth of the World Wide Web
  • Early History of Hypertext
  • "Living History" of Hypertext.
  • Xanadu Plan
  • Growth of the Internet: Statistics
  • Conclusion

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