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October 1998

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Australian Personal Computer  Stephen Withers

The Right Stuff

.Suites have advanced considerably over the past five years, though not as much as you might have imagined. APC examines three of the top suites - Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 with Dragon Naturally Speaking, Lotus Smart Suite Millennium Edition, and Microsoft Office 2000
ACM Publications  Computer Research Repository Finally, a repository to which researchers from the whole field of computing can submit reports. Currently the Repository has been integrated into 20,000 computer science research reports all available from ACM's Digital Library.
Adobe Mag Glenn Fleishman

Getting to the Top

There are some tricks to getting your Web site from the bottom of the search engine lists to the top. The key to effectiveness is knowing how search engines find and rank Web sites


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Beta Magazine Michele Beltrame

Phantom of the Opera

As we all know, a "browser war" is being fought between Netscape Navigator/Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Opera 3.0 is another browser, which does not attempt to become the world ruler... it just wants to be a good browser.
Boardwatch Magazine Jack Rickard

Backbone Performance Measurements

The frenzy to get a Web site up and become part of the e-commerce world before your competitor does is beginning to resemble a panic in some respects. There are now some 39 major backbone companies, and nearly 5,000 local and regional Internet service providers who will most willingly provide a connection. Choosing between them is non-trivial.
Byte Rick Grehan

TopLink Bridges Two Worlds

Sometimes you can't get from one place to another without crossing a bridge. The same is true if you want to reap the benefits of Java object programming but need to work with data that's stored in a relational database. TopLink for Java provides that bridge.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
CADALYST  Autodesk Announces Actrix Techinical Autodesk announced Actrix Technical in mid-September, the first product in a family of easy-to-use technical drawing and diagramming software. The program works with AutoCAD and Microsoft Office applications. With an estimated street price of $349, Actrix Technical runs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0.
Chips Jon Fulford

Fighting Y2K with Questions and a New Approach

One of the major problems affecting users of information technology (IT), ranging from the inexperienced to the most knowledgeable expert, is that no one KNOWS how badly they will be afflicted by Y2K. The only thing certain about Y2K is that it will happen

CIO Lynda Radosevich

Smells like Team Spirit

More and more companies try to blend in-house with outside contractors. In fact, technology managers who aren't managing a mix of independent and permanent staff are becoming increasingly rare. Here's what to do when part of your team doesn't really feel like part of the team

CLiCK Mind Currents

A recent unique design collaboratorium has inspired Canadian media intellectual Derrick de Kerckhove to define the conditions which might give rise to, or manage the process of collective intelligence amongst a group of people. The resulting "12-point plan" could be a radical new approach to creativity by committee.

CMC Magazine Robley Curtice

Java in Focus

How is Java doing? Consensus about the overall development of Java is that not much is happening in the desktop environment, but the enterprise/server area and the smaller systems (Internet-enabled consumer devices, Internet appliances, and embedded systems) is on fire, reports Robley Curtice from JavaOne.

c|net  Cormac Foster

Netscape's Communicator Takes Aim at Microsoft

Netscape wants to prove that the browser wars aren't over yet and takes direct aim at Microsoft's Internet Explorer with its new Netscape Communicator 4.5. The new "Windows-friendly" installation makes it easy to set Netscape products and services as the defaults on your system. This same installation will change your defaults on your IE browser and has got Microsoft up in arms. Just goes to show, that all's fair in browser wars!

Communication Arts  Mark Eastman

Type on the Web

Given the constraints that HTML imposes on web typesetting, the term, "type on the web," might seem like an oxymoron. Despite this, the web offers an incredible amount of information and resources on digital type.

Computer Bits Don Limbaugh

The Rexx Language - A Simple Alternative for Programming

Now that you are ready to program, how do you go about it? Being a 32-bit, hip, Windows kind of person, you are now too advanced to use Qbasic. Qbasic died with DOS, and the standard programming tool of DOS users the world over has been innovated out of your operating system (OS). An alternative to the "Big Name" languages in use today, Rexx is intended to be a simple, powerful language to accomplish tasks on a computer. Rexx is available on just about every operating system with one very notable exception: the Apple Macintosh.
Computer Currents  Bob Weibel

Bigger is Better

If your 17 inch (or less) monitor seems to be getting a little too cramped these days, there is a better alternative. Check out some of the available 19-inch CRTs that are selling for the price of last year's 17 inch models. Computer currents found 30 different monitors that sell for under $700 and some that were under $500.
Computer Dealer News Robert Thompson

Mergers Will Reshape the World's LAN Industry

Though mergers in the networking industry will likely create several dominant players, a second tier of companies will also develop to supply niche markets, according to a report by Forrester Research. The report, entitled Network Industry Convergence and written by analyst Brendan Hannigan, says a few giant generalists will develop out of mergers in the industry.
Computer Edge Robin Schreier Hohman

Safe Downloads

There are various ways you can get burned by downloading e-mail, data, text, or any other content from the Internet, or even a paid online service. Your risks increase when downloading shareware and freeware, because the programs are usually distributed without the rigorous controls imposed by a for-profit software company, and the programs come from many, many sources. There are many precautions you can take to lessen the chances you will be the unwitting player in some cracker's dreams.
Computer Gaming World  Loyd Case

Building a Cheap Lean Machine

Motivated by requests to keep building lower cost systems, this edition of the PC workshop sets out to configure the cheapest possible "Ultimate Game Machine." Case uses four or five sources on the net and several sources near his home in Silicon Valley and says be prepared to do some hunting for the best value for your money.
Computer News Daily  Mary Beth Regan
New Unit to Manage Internet's Growth

In the coming weeks, Networks Solutions will lose its exclusive agreement with the U.S. government to register top-level domain names, those catchy Web addresses ending in .com, .org or .net that are popping up on everything from shirts to billboards. This marks a much larger change.

Computer Paper Jean Allen-Ikeson

Colleges Untangle Strings on IT Funding

A new program, called Access to Opportunities, is expected to start this fall. It developed out of conferences between the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto and a major industrial partner. While it provides major government funding in an effort o keep Canada competitive in the high-tech industry, the Colleges involved are scrambling to comply.
Computer Post Maggie Troonst

Apple's New iMac and G3 Share Spotlight

The latest chapter in the Apple renaissance story was written just last month as the much-ballyhooed iMac was finally shipped worldwide. Apple imperator Steve Jobs pretty much made the new all-in-one PC his personal project and the company's new marketing icon. The iMac, Jobs declared at its unveiling this past May, brings, "romance and innovation back into the industry. iMac reminds everyone of what Apple stands for."

Computer Reseller News  Margie Semilof

Adobe Demos PGML Application

Adobe has unveiled a new technology that displays Web graphics in a far richer way than is currently available using html. Adobe chief executive John Warnock chief executive demonstrated the technology (Precision Graphics Mark-up Language) which allows users to the ability to collect an entire Web site or collection of sites, and convert and compress the information into a single PDF file. Users can then view the site laid out in a sequence of pages.

Computer Retail Week Paula Rooney

Microsoft Graphics Studio Home Publishing99 Launched

Trying to grab a stronger foothold on the desktop publishing market, Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Graphics Studio Home Publishing 99 designed for home consumers. Microsoft also plans to ship Publisher 2000 in the first quarter of 1999 targeted toward small businesses. Home publishing 99 is selling for $49.95 with a $20 mail-in rebate. With the release of the two new products, Microsoft hopes to cut into TLC's hefty market-share in desktop publishing sales.
Computer Shopper  Jim O'Brien

CIS Promises Cheaper Scanners

Vendors experiment with contact image sensors (CIS) to create affordable, compact flatbeds, but the new models aren't for everyone. Scanners based on traditional charge-coupled devices (CCDs) are available in the same price range, so you need to be aware of the pros and cons of early CIS implementations before you buy.

Computer Times
Ong Boon Kiat

Never a Better Time for Personal Computing

It was almost unthinkable six months ago that a 300MHz PC could cost below $1500. Now even the biggest name brands are selling for under $2000. One reason for this is that the PCs now feature AMD's latest K6-2 MMX - a processor touted to deliver Pentium II-class performance but at a much lower cost. The K6-2/300 MMX processor is nearly identical to an Intel Pentium II/300 one in terms of application performance. So naturally, the competition drove Intel to introduce a cheaper processor.

Computer Underground Digest Richard Thieme

Islands on the Clickstream: Getting Real

The themes of the digital world often involve fantasy and reality, illusions and truths, game-playing and "getting real." These images become as fixed in our memory as photographs once were "fixed" in a chemical solution. We mistake our representations for the "real thing," the truth of our own experience, which devolves into an elusive, mythical being like a unicorn or the firebird.

Computerworld  Paul A. Strassmann

The Buzz on Buzzwords

The rapid pace of technological innovation has spawned an outburst of verbal gymnastics on how to cope with rapid changes. The time has come to inoculate IT managers against buzzword-itis. When it becomes a chronic condition, manifested by frequent attendance at conferences that peddle such emanations, buzzword-itis can cause permanent damage to a person's capacity…

Computing Japan  Noriko Takezaki

Taking the Net Beyond the PC

Mobile devices could propel the next wave of Internet use, but a standard protocol that ensures interoperability among Internet appliances is essential. A group of Japanese companies has proposed just such a protocol, known as Compact HTML. The Internet and mobile communications devices are set to play starring roles on the global telecommunications stage, thanks to an astute prompter named the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The ACM Student Magazine 
Hope D. Harley et al

An Evaluation of Tools for Learning Object Oriented Design

Education is a growing application area for computing technologies. Advances in the power and sophistication of interactive computing have awakened a century old teaching philosophy: learner-centered education. This philosophy is founded on the premise that people learn best when engrossed in the topic, participating in activities that motivate learning and enable them to synthesize their own understanding. In this paper, we examine the learning process entailed in developing an understanding of object-oriented design (OOD).

CyberWire Dispatch  Declan McCullagh

Shadow Cryptocrats

What happens when the irresistible force of American business collides with the immovable object of the U.S. Federal Government? (a) A committee is formed; (b) corporations find out they're not so irresistible after all; (c) all of the above.
Answer: (c). A new presidential advisory panel met…

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