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November - December 1996

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Australian Personal Computer Network computer: PC checkmate By Angus Kidman Will the NC take the crown? ... The concept of the NC isn't even a year old yet (Oracle CEO Larry Ellison debuted it on September 4 last year), and is a lot longer on visionary zealotry than shipped products.
ACM Publications ACM: Classic per Month:Niklaus Wirth Program Development by Stepwise Refinement Computer Networks. Reprinted from Communications of the ACM, Vol. 14, No. 4, April 1971, pp. 221-227.
AIXtra Online AIX and Windows NT: An OS Comparison By Marc Miller ... article looks at the evolution of AIX and NT and discusses some of the strengths and weaknesses of the two operating systems in five key enterprise computing areas: the kernel, storage, systems management, scalability, and availability.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Byte Your Business Needs the Web by Jon Udell .... Last year the World Wide Web looked like a great platform for electronic publishing. This year it became something far more profound: a planetary operating system.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
CADALYST AutoCAD Release 13c4: Is It Soap Yet Michael Dakan With Release 13, pioneers have been slow in sending back word that it is safe to proceed, but the word may have finally arrived in the form of Release 13c4.
CD-ROM Magazine The Guide This searchable database contains almost 1,000 text and image reviews taken from the pages of CD-ROM Magazine.
Chips Firewalls Should Make Your Network Too Hot to Touch! By: David Rook The intent of this article is to: Explain why firewalls are needed. Give a nontechnical overview of how they work. Provide a perspective on how effective they are at reducing some common security risks.
CLiCK - Australian Interactive Magazine Home Page Beautiful by Scott Rodgers and Amanda Wise HTML handypersons offer website decorating tips for beginner and expert designers alike.
CMC Lessons Learned From Becoming a Self-Publisher on the Web by David Strom Journalist ... gives an account of his experience in creating his own Web site. He's found some differences and similarities with traditional publishing and the Web.
CIO CIOs in the Public Sector: IS G-Men By Peter Fabris ... there is a grassroots movement to coordinate and reinvent all levels of government so citizens will be able to interact with local, county, state and federal agencies seamlesslya one-stop shopping model.
c|net Essential Netscape tips by Kathy Yakal 55 ways to make Navigator 2.0 smarter, faster, and stronger.
Communications Week Q & A with Microsoft Senior Vice President Jim Allchin by Marcia A. Jacobs Jim Allchin, senior vice president of the desktop and business systems division at Microsoft, widely viewed as the company's networking guru, ...
Communication Arts The Computer is Not a Tool By Wendy Richmond ...often thought of the car as analogous to the computer,... Think about the aura that surrounds the car: power, independence, prestige, freedom and sexiness.
Computer Currents Top 10 Email Tips Here are 10 tips to get you from novice to expert ASAP.
Computer Gaming World Game Track A look at what's cool coming your way
Computer Life 201 Powerful Tips and Tricks Guide to Smart Computing
Computer News Daily
New York Times
Latest columns The greatest collection of daily updated computer industry's related news and columns ...
Computer Paper Canada's largest monthly computer magazine The virtual bureaucrat by Geof Wheelwright Bureaucrats worldwide should beware the growing popularity of the Internet... One keen example of how all this might operate has been under development in the state of Utah, where the state government has worked with high-technology firms, ... and technology management services specialists ..., to develop something call the SmartUTAH Intranet.
Computer Reseller News IBM Launches Web Affiliates Program By Charlotte Dunlap IBM is looking for VARs with experience in HTML, graphics and multimedia, programming such as CGI and Java, and integration of Web pages with company applications.
Computer Retail Week SPIF! News from, and about, the sales floor.
Computer Shopper Plug & Display by Michael J. Zulich Designed for Windows 95 and decked out with advanced controls, new 17-inch monitors are bound to expand your views
Computer Times Singapore Score a higher grade with a professionally By Dr Robert Kelly ... a professionally laid-out, pleasing-to-the-eye report could immediately win you some points or put your examiner in a better mood when he evaluates your submission... Here,... some tips on how to lay out your thesis.
Computerworld The Future of Moore's Law
By Gordon E. Moore
Can Moore's Law continue indefinitely? Probably not, says Intel Chairman and Co-founder Gordon Moore...
Computing Japan Sales and Support by Wm. Auckerman The 2S Strategy for Success. An interview with Fumitaka Tezuka, President of Bay Networks KK
Crossroads The ACM Student Magazine Computer Security Past and Future by Michael Neuman and Diana Moore What has the last 20 years of research and the last nine years of legal support added to the overall security of systems? ...
The French leading Cyberculture Magazine
Psycho :
Discussion with Alberto Cavicchiolo
... the network is not a computer science concept but a linguistic concept.
CyberWire Dispatch Retrospective by Brock N. Meeks What a wild ride it was, 1994... The triumphs were many, but there also were many dark days.

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