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March 1999
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You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.
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Editor's iView: Featured Author

Michael Hawash
Computer Gaming World

How to Start Your Own Game Company
If your dream is to design and develop games, there are two way you can go about it: work for an established company or start your own. Hawash describes the practical and legal considerations for the difficult but potentially rewarding endeavor of starting a game company. [more]

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March 99
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Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

Adobe Mag 95 0.06

Audrey Thompson

Your Dais Will Come

Not so many years ago, a presenter's standby tools were a telescoping pointer and any slide carousel that advanced without a sticky hiccup. The carousel stands silent now, and the pointer has given away to a bitmapped arrow that clicks through an on-screen slide show projected from a laptop computer.
Advisor Magazines 61 0.44 Microsoft Access Bug Corrupts Data! A serious flaw has been discovered in Microsoft Access that causes changes made to one record to be saved to another -- corrupting both records. The bug is serious and dangerous because the damage can be unnoticed by the user, and the original correct data is lost. Microsoft confirms the bug in Access 8.0/97.

Ed. - You can bet it has some bugs or you wouldn't have to buy the upgrade, right?

Australian Personal Computer  72 0.27 Nathan Taylor

Windows 2000: Does it deliver?

It's clearly going to be the most important computer product released this year -- or next year, depending on whether Microsoft can meet its deadlines. Windows 2000, formerly known as NT 5.0, is the product that will unify the Windows 9x and NT product lines. Microsoft has to get this one right.



March 99
Web Influence Rank

Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Boardwatch Magazine 42


Dana Blankenhorn

ISPs Ordered to "Protect the Children" (And Copyrights)

It may be time to take a second look at your attitude concerning the content on your servers. New laws and aggressive law enforcement make it clear the hands-off attitude you've traditionally taken could lead to big legal bills going forward, even (believe it) jail. Four new federal laws, all passed in 1998, are putting new pressure on ISPs, and their lawyers.



March 99
Web Influence Rank

Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

c|net 1


Gregg Keizer

What's the best newsreader?

To get to a newsgroup, naturally, you need some software. Sure, you can just use a plain browser to read news -- Deja News is the most notable spot to access newsgroups in a Web window -- but then you have to suffer through the bores along with the bright. Only with a news client, typically called a newsreader, can you connect to your ISP's news servers, sift out spam (or messages from morons), manage the multitude of messages, and even download and store the occasional attached image file. We tried out the seven most popular newsreaders in our Downloads section, including four freebies and three for-profit clients.



Mark Middlebrook

Sharpen Your Users

A lackadaisical attitude towards training is typical of many AutoCAD-using companies. Project deadlines and the pressure to bill as many hours as possible cause most companies to give short shrift to training. Over time, users become stuck in their old ways of doing things and ignorant of new features and techniques that might improve their work. They become, as the blind man in Cormac McCarthy's novel The Crossing says, "like the carpenter whose work went so slowly for the dullness of his tools that he had not time to sharpen them."

CIO 17


David Pearson

Five Points of Light: Enterprise Value Awards

CIO deliberated long and hard over the winners of this year's Enterprise Value Awards. Five judges argued and agonized over the merits of the 13 finalist IT organizations, raising questions about the future role and the business value of IT. One thing's for sure: Though it may be a while before most business leaders fully appreciate technology as a strategic tool, IT has become far more than a mere support function.

Communication Arts  48


Wendy Richmond

Communication Spaces

Harvard professor and Design Technology columnist Wendy Richmond reflects on the need for innovation in the design of computer interfaces: Computers will soon be our primary communication medium, and today's design students will be the visual architects of the information highway. My biggest fear is that the students will be literal, and that they will build on today’s models, which are unappetizing and passť.

Computer Bits 64


Andy Odendhal

ADSL: On the server side

In just a few years, we've gone from a majority of users having 9600 to 14400 baud modems, then 28800 and 33600 modems, to no small number having a 56K modem of some sort. The typical ADSL user will expect to be able to download data at 256K. That's roughly 20 times what one would have expected just three years ago. And higher speeds are readily available. As the kinks get worked out and more people are able to get ADSL, or some variation on that theme, Internet providers are going to faced with no small number of challenges. Actually just one challenge, providing these users with the bandwidth they will expect.

Computer Currents 39


Jon L. Jacobi

What Price Glory? Is a $638 PC all you need?

A couple of years ago, I walked into a computer store and asked what I could buy for less than $800. I was ushered into the back room by a junior employee who could barely contain his laughter and left me to sift through the computers time forgot. With this humiliating memory in mind, I recently asked six vendors to send me their least expensive, fully configured systems with a monitor--for $800 or less. Guess what? Nobody laughed.

Computer Dealer News 71


Danica Pravica and Pearl Quan

The Internet Redefines Enterprise Computing

The Web is defining the growth of enterprise computing. Encouraged by the introduction of Web-enabled databases and easy-to-use application tools, information resources are being migrated from isolated network environments to the Internet.

Computer Edge 80


Linda Dailey Paulson

E-Books Are on the Way!

For years we've been hearing neo-Luddite pundits decry the digital age as sounding the death knell for the printed book. They've been vilifying technology for fear electronic books would displace thick, lovingly bound volumes with comforting vellum and gilt-edged pages. (Forget about eau de library paste. Never did it for me.) Bibliophiles comfortable with technology have been sparring with these individuals, comfortable in their convictions that books will always be books and trees will continue to be sacrificed for more books, good and bad, even with electronic books available.

Ed. - Worth a read if you can get past the slew of "big words," which Paulson indiscriminately brandishes like they're talismans against the new technology.

Computer Gaming World  47


Michael Hawash

How to Start Your Own Game Company

There are two ways to realize your dream of designing games. First, you can try to get a job with an established game development company or publisher that designs games in-house. The competition for these jobs is stiff, and the salaries for entry-level positions usually border on indentured servitude. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic way to get some vital experience for grander projects down the road. The second and far more difficult (but potentially more rewarding) route- is to go it alone or with a few friends and create your own independent game development company.

Computer News Daily 75


Hiawatha Bray

Electronic Banking Grows Despite Low-tech Glitches

According to the American Bankers Association, about 625 of the nation's 9,000 consumer banks presently offer some form of on-line banking, which allows customers to carry out many common transactions over the Internet, or by dialing into the bank's private network.

Computer Paper 44


Sean Carruthers

Road Tests: High-End Notebook PCs

These days, people are becoming more mobile. Some are traveling between cities to attend conferences, or to check in on other branches in a chain. Others are more interested in taking work back and forth between home and the office. Either way, people are looking for better ways to use their time and resources, and a notebook computer can be the perfect answer for busy people on the move. It's true that notebooks still lag behind the desktop field in terms of performance--hey, it takes a bit of time to shrink components down into a form notebooks can handle. Still, many notebooks now carry a performance punch that's more than enough to meet many users' needs.

Computer Post 93


Ron Close

Achieving Cost Effective Internet Service

A new Internet service has been looming on the horizon for those businesses that require dependable, high bandwidth Internet connectivity, but do not wish to take on the cost and complexity of managing their own Internet servers on their premises. Referred to as Server Co-location Services, these are services designed for those business that have wanted to receive increased Web hosting capacity but haven’t had the money to acquire it.

Computer Reseller News  50


Kimberly Caisse

Cisco To Use Web To Reach Resellers

Cisco Systems Inc. is expected to launch its Web-based service-contract center this week in an effort to get VARs to renew more service contracts.

Computer Retail Week 52


David Hafke

Options Abound for Joining the E-Commerce Revolution

CRW Labs Examines Six E-Commerce Software Options: As online retailers continue to report positive sales numbers for the 1998 holiday season, the dilemma for stores still contemplating their e-commerce future is how and when - not if.

Computer Shopper 29


Craig Hamrick

How to Balance Features, Price, and Performance When Shopping for a Super-Light Notebook

Since first hitting the market a few years back, super-light subnotebooks have traditionally involved some pretty serious sacrifices and trade-offs in terms of feature set and performance. Recently, however, new slim systems from companies such as Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba are coming to market packed with powerful processors, plenty of storage space, and brilliant displays.

Computer Times


Cheng Chee Seng

Pocket Office

According to California-based market research firm Dataquest, 2.4 million handheld PCs were shipped in 1997, a 65 percent increase from 1996. By the third quarter of 1998, the firm was already predicting another 47 percent increase, taking into account devices with broad third-party support, such as the PalmPilot, Psion and Windows CE models. By 2002, worldwide shipments will reach 20 million units.

Computerworld 19


Tom Diederich

Survey Cites Bandwidth, Convergence as Top Issues

As the Internet's "next generation" comes of age, the most important issues facing IT and telecommunications companies concern bandwidth and the merging of voice and data traffic, according to a new Frost & Sullivan survey.

Computing Japan 84


John Boyd

Bilingual Communications & the Personal Computer

Writing up basic documentation, invoices, taxes and e-mail can be nightmarish when dealing with more than one language. Computing Japan talks to foreign companies to see how they cope with the problems of bilingual computing.

The ACM Student Magazine 


Robert Schlaff

Confidentiality Using Authentication

Within the next ten years, the use of the Internet in both communication and commerce will greatly increase. As a result, the U.S. Government has begun to regulate these activities online. The government wants to regulate communication by decreasing the number of confidential (secret) messages sent so that the government can eavesdrop on illegal activities to prevent crime. Therefore, it has passed regulations on the use (mainly the export) of encryption, the most common method of creating confidentiality. But the government has not regulated ''authentication'', and here's why.

* IVB: The Internet Valley Benchmark (IVB) compares a company’s zone of Web influence to that of its peers and across industries through the use of a standard value. The set level for the IVB is the current zone of Web influence for Internet Valley. Why Internet Valley Benchmark ?

Internet Valley was founded and coined the term Web Influence in 1995.
IV became the first company to provide the online community with full-scale Web Influence related services.
In May 1996, Internet Valley published the first Web Influence list,  rating the Top 100 Online Computer Magazines. Since that time, Internet Valley has continued to develop the hyperlink mechanics-based methods and technology to monitor and evaluate the current level of Web Influence. The basic subjects of this research have been the fastest growing sectors of iBusiness. All this time, Internet Valley has provided to the leading members of the Internet community   reliable data, trends and statistics.

Leading members of the IT community voiced their opinions regarding Internet Valley's  3-year effort to research Web Influence trends:
    - Matthew Rothenberg, director of online content at MacWeek.Com, joint venture of ZDNet and IDG, "We are thrilled by the results of the study..." January 5, 1999
    - IBM e-commerce director Scott Gannon: "I think your research is really proven right on.  I think you're focused on the right thing..." January 28, 1999

** MIPS - Most Interesting Page of Site

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