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March 1999
Top 100 Mag: 41-60
Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals 

You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.
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Web Influence List List in Alphabetical order

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Top 100 Magazines in Order of Web Influence: 41-50

March 99
Web Influence Rank


Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

41 Data Communications Magazine


Lee Bruno

Secure Messaging: How Safe Are Your Business Secrets?

These days business depends on e-mail, but e-mail systems can't depend on any protection. But there's a way to keep those business secrets safe. More than a dozen vendors are shipping secure messaging systems, server and groupware packages that make use of encryption and authentication to make sure the mail gets through - safe from prying eyes and mischievous minds.
42 Boardwatch Magazine


Dana Blankenhorn

ISPs Ordered to "Protect the Children" (And Copyrights)

It may be time to take a second look at your attitude concerning the content on your servers. New laws and aggressive law enforcement make it clear the hands-off attitude you’ve traditionally taken could lead to big legal bills going forward, even (believe it) jail. Four new federal laws, all passed in 1998, are putting new pressure on ISPs, and their lawyers.

43 D-Lib Program


Barbara McFadden Allen

Using Collaboration to Advance High Technology Initiatives

What would happen if a dozen independent, successful, competing corporations aligned themselves to leverage the strengths of each in order to enhance and strengthen each individual corporation? What would happen if they organized teams of experts from each of their corporations to address common concerns, build on areas of expertise, and identify short and long term goals for enhancing the ability of the individual corporations to better serve their primary customer base? Doubtless such pre-competitive cooperation would result in advances for each entity, as the group built upon the strengths and successes of the individuals.
44 Computer Paper


Sean Carruthers

Road Tests: High-End Notebook PCs

These days, people are becoming more mobile. Some are traveling between cities to attend conferences, or to check in on other branches in a chain. Others are more interested in taking work back and forth between home and the office. Either way, people are looking for better ways to use their time and resources, and a notebook computer can be the perfect answer for busy people on the move. It's true that notebooks still lag behind the desktop field in terms of performance--hey, it takes a bit of time to shrink components down into a form notebooks can handle. Still, many notebooks now carry a performance punch that's more than enough to meet many users' needs.

45 Windows NT Magazine


Debra B. Diehl

Creating an Online Store

Building a comprehensive, powerful, and cost-effective Web site so your business can conduct commerce over the Internet requires careful planning and foresight. But before you set out to build an e-commerce solution, you need to ask yourself four questions: How do you engage the customer? How do you transact the business at hand? How can you analyze your e-commerce site? How do you build your e-commerce site? Knowing the answers to these questions will help ensure that your customers keep coming back to your site.

Ed. -They seem to ignore the question of how do you bring potential customers to your site in the first place.

46 Win98 Magazine


Adrian Sellers

Tuning Your PC Into TV

If you're reading this, you could be watching TV. That is, if you have a tuner card in your PC. If you don't have a tuner card, consider one of the following. You'll be glad you did. Prolink Multimedia ... Hauppauge Computer Works.
47 Computer Gaming World 


Michael Hawash

How to Start Your Own Game Company

There are two ways to realize your dream of designing games. First, you can try to get a job with an established game development company or publisher that designs games in-house. The competition for these jobs is stiff, and the salaries for entry-level positions usually border on indentured servitude. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic way to get some vital experience for grander projects down the road. The second and far more difficult (but potentially more rewarding) route- is to go it alone or with a few friends and create your own independent game development company.

48 Communication Arts 


Wendy Richmond

Communication Spaces

Harvard professor and Design Technology columnist Wendy Richmond reflects on the need for innovation in the design of computer interfaces: Computers will soon be our primary communication medium, and today’s design students will be the visual architects of the information highway. My biggest fear is that the students will be literal, and that they will build on today’s models, which are unappetizing and passť.

49 MacOSRumors


The Future of Apple Voice Technology Most readers that we've had the opportunity to talk to on MOSR's IRC channel have expressed the same sentiment when asked about the future of Apple's speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies. "Maybe we'll see some changes at some point, but I'm not holding my breath," said one reader.
50 Computer Reseller News 


Kimberly Caisse

Cisco To Use Web To Reach Resellers

Cisco Systems Inc. is expected to launch its Web-based service-contract center this week in an effort to get VARs to renew more service contracts.

Top 100 Magazines in Order of Web Influence: 51-60

March 99
Web Influence Rank


Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

51 Internet Week


Saroja Girishankar

Sizzling Start-ups: 10 E-Commerce Companies To Watch

What makes some start-ups sizzle while others merely do a slow burn? The key is their ability to tap into a market need and fill it with the right products and services at the right time. In choosing these 10 e-commerce start-ups, InternetWeek editors focused on companies that offer products critical to conducting business on the Internet.
52 Computer Retail Week


David Hafke

Options Abound for Joining the E-Commerce Revolution

CRW Labs Examines Six E-Commerce Software Options: As online retailers continue to report positive sales numbers for the 1998 holiday season, the dilemma for stores still contemplating their e-commerce future is how and when - not if.

53 Red Herring


Peter D. Henig

Another Internet Index?
Dow Jones & Co., which runs that other famous industrial average, has created an Internet index to measure the performance of U.S. Internet stocks. Does this mean the Internet industry has finally arrived?
54 EE Times


Robert Bellinger

Where Are the Jobs? In a Word, 'Everywhere'

The college hiring scene for engineering students is booming: Companies are swamping engineering deans with requests for interviews with junior and senior EEs, computer engineers, computer scientists and other technical graduates. Dartmouth extended its usual one-day engineering career day to three. EEs, CS and CE candidates sift through 10 interview requests, multiple offers and dream locations.
55 Embedded Systems Programming


R.C. Lacovara

Scheduling a Real-Time Program

If you’re doing manual scheduling of a mission-critical real-time program, you need a good way to obtain information from the system during run time. Here’s a methodology that requires few system resources and little effort to set up.
56 WWWiz Magazine


R. Net Fisher

New Order: Business to Business on the WWW

It is equally challenging for both large and small firms to have their sites recognized on the Web. However, deploying an electronic business-to-business catalog with an efficient ordering capability is proving especially challenging for small and medium-sized firms. It turns out that there is much more to it than simply putting a "For Sale" sign on your home page, and adding some product pictures and a shopping cart. In fact, maybe a shopping cart doesn't belong in the picture at all!

Ed. - From small companies to large sleeping giants, everyone is scrambling to gain Web Influence.

57 Government Technology Magazine


Tod Newcombe

Private Solutions for Public Commerce

Transacting business over the Internet is barely under way in state and local government, but already a number of private-sector services are cropping up that offer "end-to-end" solutions. Most of these privatization efforts have been concentrated in the business-to-business field of electronic commerce.
58 New Media News


Computer Related Aches and Pains

There's a dark side to the technology revolution, and it has to do with the fact that your computer can make you hurt. The exact numbers are hard to come by because the injuries are often subtle, but it's estimated that millions of people suffer computer-related aches and pains, and the total cost of those injuries is in the billions of dollars each year.

59 Intelligent Enterprise


David Ritter

What To Learn Next

Change brings opportunity. The growth of the Internet certainly qualifies as significant change, even by historical standards. The corporate icons of the late 20th century are the likes of Bill Gates and Jerry Yang. It may be too late for you to join the under-40 billionaire club. But it’s possible (and even important) to get current with Internet technology skills. Otherwise, the next thing you know, an 18-year-old Web guru with multiple piercings will be creating your Internet application architecture. Not that there’s anything wrong with piercing, of course.
60 Web Techniques


Ken North

Database Developer: Tool Suites, MDX, and SQLJ

Staying current as a Web database developer is no simple feat. We must stay abreast of research, emerging technologies, and new products that implement those technologies. In an article that supplements this column, "Database Research: New Solutions for Accessing Information," North explores promising information retrieval technologies still in the formative stage. Here, he discusses technologies that have evolved beyond the research stage and recently become available in shipping software.

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* IVB: The Internet Valley Benchmark (IVB) compares a company's zone of Web influence to that of its peers and across industries through the use of a standard value. The set level for the IVB is the current zone of Web influence for Internet Valley. Why Internet Valley Benchmark ?

Internet Valley was founded and coined the term Web Influence in 1995.
IV became the first company to provide the online community with full-scale Web Influence related services.
In May 1996, Internet Valley published the first Web Influence list,  rating the Top 100 Online Computer Magazines. Since that time, Internet Valley has continued to develop the hyperlink mechanics-based methods and technology to monitor and evaluate the current level of Web Influence. The basic subjects of this research have been the fastest growing sectors of iBusiness. All this time, Internet Valley has provided to the leading members of the Internet community   reliable data, trends and statistics.

Leading members of the IT community voiced their opinions regarding Internet Valley's  3-year effort to research Web Influence trends:
    - Matthew Rothenberg, director of online content at MacWeek.Com, joint venture of ZDNet and IDG, "We are thrilled by the results of the study..." January 5, 1999
    - IBM e-commerce director Scott Gannon: "I think your research is really proven right on.  I think you're focused on the right thing..." January 28, 1999

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