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January 1999

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Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

VAR Business 94 The Best Of The Best This was a year in which the computer industry outdid itself selling and installing products in customer sites. Resellers found themselves busy trying to keep up with the needs of their customers' infrastructures. Products moved like never before.

Ed. - VAR Business will be surprised to note that sellers IN EVERY YEAR have to kowtow to their customers...

Visual C++ Developers Journal 57 Mark Davis

ATL 3.0 Simplifies COM Development

Think ATL was useful? It just got better—and easier. But I’m getting ahead of myself. ATL is a C++ template library with which you can create COM components or objects. Through the use of templates, COM objects developed using ATL are compact and efficient.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

WebBusiness Magazine 71

Anne Stuart

Next-Generation Leader

David Koretz doesn't believe in thinking small. He's shooting to be a billionaire, or at least a multimillionaire, by his 25th birthday. He's got some wiggle room: He's just 19 now. Koretz is betting that, over the next six years, his emerging Web-based business will at least push him in the general direction of seven-digit Nirvana

Ed. - Some of the most successful Computer industry leaders never even attended college. Who knows, maybe Koretz will pull it off.

Web Developer 31

Scott Clark

Web Media Publisher Pro 2.3.9

Psst! Want the skinny on an HTML editor that's so good, it's used by companies like Microsoft, Intuit, Citibank, Corel, Chevron, NASA, Novell, HP, FedEx, Lucent, Prodigy, Ogilvy, Cisco, Bay Networks, Qualcomm, The World Bank, the Pentagon, and The Smithsonian Institute? What if we told you it cost all of $40?
Web Developer's Journal 81

Charlie Morris

Building Lame Websites

How-to-do-it books abound in the Web world. There are books on building "successful" Web sites, "Web sites that work," and even "killer" Web sites (are these sites for murderers, or perhaps places you can find hit men for hire?). So far, however, I have not seen a book that explains how to build crummy, dysfunctional Web sites that chase away customers and produce no useful results. Of course, there is no shortage of sites of this kind out there, but until now there has never been a systematic, comprehensive guide to how to create and maintain them.

Web Marketing Today


Muhammad Lee

Perseverance: the Web Marketer's Greatest Asset

Perseverant Internet business people: When they see they are losing money or not making as much money as they had hoped, they respond by increasing marketing efforts, refining their websites, and creating new ways to market their businesses. They see the long-term potential.

Ed. - In a new business world, Lee reminds us that as in the old  business world, it takes hard work to succeed. Not everyone gets rich overnight.

Web Reference 13

Prediction : 1999: The Year of E-Business

Forrester Research estimates that US Internet Commerce will grow from $48 billion in 1998 to as high as $1.3 trillion by the year 2003, representing over 9% of all US sales. Global iCommerce will surpass $3.2 trillion representing almost 5% of all global sales.

Ed. - With all of these mind-boggling statistics, how do you get your business in front of customers' eyeballs? Web influence.

Web Review 43

Peter Morville

Virtual Documents

Tired of entering in the same logos, copyrights and table of contents? Web Review tells you how to "chunk" your HTML code to "virtually" add these important bits of information.

Ed. - Yeah, we had those once. They're called TEMPLATES.

Webserver Online 80 Patrick T. Coleman

The Morse Code of Data: XML

The integration of data from disparate sources with enterprise and, more recently, Web applications is a daunting task for any IT organization. In an attempt to find a solution to this problem, several industry vendors are turning to XML as a modern-day Morse code for data. Short for eXtensible Markup Language, XML offers a means to convert data into an understandable format for disparate systems, much the same way Morse code is a means for disparate telegraph operators to convert their messages into an easily understood format.

Web Techniques 55

Dale Dougherty

The Last Page:
Closing Out the Web Year

We may remember 1998 as the year in which we stopped using the term "Web year" to describe new Web developments and trends that have a three-month life cycle. The Web year and the calendar year are converging now that the Web is starting to mature and the pace of change is slowing.
Win98 Magazine 42 Adrian Sellers

Net Raptor

Larry Ellison's dream of Network Computers sweeping the nation doesn't look like it is coming, but Win98 Magazine shows a way that multiple users could share identical hard drives without the installation of a file server, with JES Hardware Solutions' Net Raptor.
Windows Magazine 9

Browser Wars Heat Up--Again

Sources estimate that the entire Netscape Communicator 5.0 suite (with browser, HTML editor, e-mail and news), which goes into public beta this spring, could be as small as 5MB. Netscape drove home the point by distributing the code to reviewers on a floppy disk.

Ed. - Currently, Netscape Communicator 4.5 can take from 10MB for the application alone to 30-50 MB for all its various pieces. A slim-down would definitely be an improvement.

Windows NT Magazine 39

Frank Gladysz

Optimize Outlook on Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 has several components you can use to improve client, server, and networking performance. You can optimally configure Microsoft Outlook 8.03 to interact with Exchange by using the same techniques you used to optimize previous versions of Outlook and the Exchange client.
Wired 5

James Glave

iMacs Spell Death to Beige Boxes

The unveiling of grape, lime, tangerine, blueberry, and strawberry flavored iMacs means, at least to some designers, Apple Computer's interim CEO Steve Jobs has declared computers are a consumer commodity closely tied to a vivid universe of information.
WWWiz Magazine 51

Kathy LaFollett

Why should I get in my car and drive all over Peoria, shopping? Braving the dangers of crashing shopping carts, angry grandmas who can't find Furby, and the rapid aging effects of long lines?? I have the Internet!


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments



Ben Elgin

Is The Linux Desktop DOA?

Despite Corel's gusto surrounding the Linux desktop, it has been very slow getting off the ground. According to International Data Corp.'s preliminary 1998 numbers, Linux captured only 2.5 percent of the worldwide desktop market, positioning itself between Macintosh and IBM's OS/2 in the OS pecking order.

Ed. -If a freeware product has overtaken industry leader IBM already, how can anyone complain?

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