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January 1999

Top 100 Mag: S-T-U

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Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


SCO World:

UNIX Business Solutions

92 Ernest H. Rice III

Leveling the Playing Field

I have been using Iomega's devices for quite some time, and I really like the company's product line. The flexibility and portability features are big winners with me. And the pricing, because it's quite reasonable, allows users to have devices in multiple locations. Then they can just take the media with them when needed.
Service News 70 Ann Harrison

When Assets Go Mobile

Mobile assets, such as laptops, present a particular management challenge because their users are more likely to add software or deviate from the company's standard configuration.
The fear of violating licensing requirements is one of the factors driving companies to institute asset management programs.
Shift 65 Chris Turner

E-Shrine: The Simpsons

Simpsons fandom differs from most other kinds of popcult worship, that is, it's not that Simpsons fans are more obsessive in their documentation, it's just that there's so much more to document. In addition to the Archive, there are a handful of other unique and exemplary fan sites.

Ed. - After seeing the show's online influence, Simpsons writers penned an original episode based on their fans' devotion to the show, even creating a spin-off cartoon called 'Itchy, Scratchy and Pooch." Get it? ISP!

SunWorld Online 20 Rick Cook

Solaris and Windows NT: The Odd Couple Gets Cozy

Recent moves by Sun and Microsoft to make Solaris and Windows NT work together more smoothly in the enterprise aren't an indication that the two companies have suddenly decided to make friends. Nonetheless, these compatibility maneuvers should make things easier for IT types tasked with handling mixed NT-Solaris environments.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Technology Review 75 Charles C. Mann

Programs to the People

Could an insurgent band of programmers, motivated not by profit but by the ideal of “free software,” undermine Microsoft’s control of the computer desktop?

The GNOME desktop, its programmers say, will be faster, more powerful and less likely to crash than anything from Redmond, Wash. And GNOME will be free: downloadable from the Internet without charge.

Ed. - This all sounds great, but software is what makes an OS successful. How can a bunch of developers prompt programmers to create free software and give away their source of revenue?

Tech Web 4 Malcolm Maclachlan

Linux Makes Macworld Debut

Linux has finally crashed the Mac's biggest party.
Linux is widely known as an OS by geeks and for geeks, but at Macworld Expo '99, a company called LinuxPPC is debuting a version of the OS for PowerPC with features meant to give it greater mass market appeal.

Ed. - Coming at MacWorld, it looks like more than one OS is reaching for a claim to the Windows-dominated marketplace. 58 John Blau

Microsoft Owns a Piece of SkyTel

Microsoft's minor investment in SkyTel, disclosed January 7, may be one avenue for the software giant to add value to Windows CE-based devices.
Microsoft's investment amounts to a 5.7 stake in the Jackson, Miss.-based alphanumeric paging company. The investment may be tied to Microsoft's interest in making CE devices richer down the road by linking them more closely with the communications architecture.

Ed. - As Palm Computing sets to launch their Internet-ready Palm Pilot in the next few months, Microsoft can see one area that their 2nd-place position may be a permanent one.

Think Leadership (IBM) 98 Europe Charts Its Course The European Union (EU) has issued an ultimatum regarding personal privacy: Play by our rules or don't play with our data. The EU directive, which took effect on October 25 of this year, prohibits the flow of personal data to any destination that doesn't have privacy policies in place similar to its own – and few countries or companies outside Europe do.
ThinWorld 93 Dr. David McAughtry

The New Challenger to Desktop PCs

Let's see a show of hands: Just one year ago, who thought that PCs were sometimes expensive, under-used, complex and prone to obsolescence?

You weren't alone. These issues were also bothering businesses. Too many of your co-workers had developed a disturbing obsession with their computers.
TidBITS 26 Adam C. Engst

Jobs Introduces New iMacs and G3 Systems

The new iMac systems feature 266 MHz G3 processors and a selection of new colors - grape, strawberry, lime, blueberry, and tangerine - at a new $1,200 price. The original 233 MHz Bondi blue iMacs now cost $1,049, improving Apple's offerings in the consumer market.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

UGeek 97 $1.2 billion shows that people DO buy online Well, there are tons of people out there who still say that it isn't safe to buy merchandise online. Apparently, that isn't the case with AOL subscribers. I think that online shopping is definitely the wave of the future. You have to wonder what the future holds for physical department stores, though. I guess they can all move to a "catalog showroom" model.

Ed. - While e-commerce is increasing at an almost unheard of rate, don't expect stores (except Egghead) to disappear as a result.

Upside 24 Rochelle Garner

Inktomi's Search for Treasure

At last count, 16 portal and service providers had licensed Inktomi's search-engine technology, and many of the world's largest Internet carriers--including America Online Inc., Ameritech Corp., BellSouth Corp. and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.--had purchased Inktomi's pricey Traffic Server software for caching Internet traffic.

Ed. - Inktomi's search technology apparently speaks for itself. Industry dominant Yahoo snapped it up at the first chance it got.

User Friendly Online 91 Gordon Missimer

A Sign of Things to Come

When Microsoft acquired WebTV, the Internet access set-top device, I assumed they'd sooner kill WebTV than expand its reach. After all, WebTV seems to fly in the face of every other Microsoft product: It's simple to use, simple to configure, and, most importantly, there is no upgrade potential. But low and behold, Microsoft hasn't killed WebTV. If anything, they have reluctantly embraced the technology, updating the interface and bombarding us with a new round of TV commercials.

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