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January 1999

Top 100 Mag: N-O-P

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Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Net Guide 8 Hannah Kinnersley

Technologies For '99

Back in the early '80s when Prince’s song 1999 (pardon the reference -- we are sick of hearing the song now too) was burning up the airwaves, many of us thought of 1999 as a far-off time when we would all be driving spaceships instead of cars. Technology hasn’t exactly evolved to that point, but 1999 does hold promise as a year of technological advancement.

Ed. - Maybe so, but we would not exactly hold up Prince as an example of musical advancement either.

Network Computing 56 Christy Hudgins-Bonafield

Rushing Headlong After E-Commerce Gold

For business merchants, especially smaller companies, the competitive pricing offered by some CSPs makes them an obvious, and perhaps the only affordable, path to e-commerce. The danger is that many CSPs are little more than garage operations, without telephone listings or even rudimentary security. Even larger, well-credentialed CSPs may have primitive ideas about what constitutes good security.
Network Magazine 72 Hanna Hurley

Outsourcing E-Commerce

Remember the Riddler in the old Batman television series? The question-suited trickster bewildered the dynamic duo with enigmatic puzzles. Then, slowly, Batman and Robin would uncover the hidden clues until—KAPOW—the case was solved. If only the caped wonders could unravel the riddle of e-commerce: How can the modern company add e-commerce to its business strategy?

Ed. - E-commerce customers are increasing month by month, and to start from scratch is not easy. You must manufacture a community and an iBrand, as well as the technological underpinnings to maintain a successful move to this level.

Network World Fusion 41 Patrick Thibodeau and Margret

AOL's Case May Testify

The judge in the government's antitrust case against Microsoft wants America Online Chairman and CEO Steve Case to testify in the trial.

Microsoft has cited the AOL/Netscape merger, along with the development of the Linux operating system, network computers and the Java programming language, among other things, to prove that Microsoft faces many and potent competitive threats.

New Media News 68 Suzanne Shaw

Silicon Alley Part 1

The battle for the soul of the Internet may sound overly-dramatic, but apparently, plenty of people believe there's a real war underway to decide how the Internet will end up.

The question now is whether New York City can hang onto that role as center of the American media world, with the Internet and other new technologies changing the way we get to information. There are a lot of people in a place called Silicon Alley in New York who think the Big Apple will still be the place to go for media.

Ed. - With many major news organizations moving their headquarters to the San Francisco Bay Area, including Knight Ridder, some would argue that the war is over, and Silicon Valley won. 3 Tim Clark

Lycos CEO: Reach Will "Surpass Yahoo"

Lycos, along with its competitors in the portal space, such as Yahoo and Excite, has been adding new features to keep Internet users coming back to its sites regularly.

Lycos had 45.2 percent audience reach in November, compared with Yahoo's 48 percent. Audience reach is the percent of Internet users visiting a given Web site during a month.

Ed. - The author tries to convince the audience that Lycos has nearly caught Yahoo in terms of audience reach

Our data for the two portal sites shows Yahoo to have four to seven times more Web influence than Lycos, a lead they are unlikely to relinquish.

Do you (email us your opinion) truly believe that Lycos is likely to achieve an equal iBrand with Yahoo any time soon? We say there are three kinds of deception: lies, damn lies and statistics.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Oracle Magazine 59 Philip J. Gill 

Beyond Y2K

Come 12:00:01 a.m. Saturday, January 1, 2000, many critical systems in business, government, education, and industry may crash--putting the organizations they support on hold, at best, or out of business, at worst. Other critical systems will likely muddle along, still functioning but turning out incorrect date-related data.

It may be hard for the uninitiated to believe that something as seemingly trivial as a "00" in the year date field has the potential to cause such havoc, but everyone in IT knows it's true.

Ed. - People have known about the potential year 2000 problems for years, but little has been done. As it has been traditionally in history, only now, in the last moment, are IT professionals and consumers panicking, as 1999 has arrived, with its big brother, 2000, lurking.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

PC Computing 15 Ed Bott

Future Windows

Someday soon you'll be able to choose an operating system that configures your hardware for you. Connecting to the Internet will take three clicks, tops. Your IS staff will upgrade an entire department full of PCs overnight. And if a novice user accidentally deletes a crucial file, the system will repair itself automatically.

Oh, by the way, it's called Microsoft Windows.

PC Magazine 12 Don Willmott

Celeron Hits 400 MHz

Yet another microprocessor from Intel has gotten a speed boost. This time, it's the Celeron, Intel's chip for what it calls "basic PCs" (translation: about $1,200 or less, not including monitor). In January, new Celeron PCs running at both 366 and 400 MHz hit the market.
PC Novice & Smart Computing 88 Meredith Witulski

Exploring My Computer

You know My Computer is a window into your computer system. But do you know how you can customize displayed items and the look of your Desktop using My Computer? Customization begins by double-clicking the My Computer icon on the Desktop. Once you are in the My Computer window, select the View menu’s Options command.
PC World 7 Jennifer Peltz

What Color Would You Like
Your PC?

With the runaway success of Apple's sleek, egg-shaped and translucent iMac, staid personal computer makers are discovering they may need to move beyond beige boxes to woo customers.

Building on the iMac's success, an ebullient Apple chief Steve Jobs on Tuesday showcased new, faster iMacs in a rainbow of colors at the MacWorld in San Francisco.

Ed. - Industry analysts are saying the iMac's revolutionary design is the impetus for its high sales, not the hardware and software inside. Now it appears other companies outside of Cupertino are getting a little jealous.

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