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January 1999

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 Top 100*100 Digest

"In the beginning was the WORD..."  

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Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


D-Lib Program 34 Thomas Baker

Languages for Dublin Core

Over the past three years, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative has achieved a broad international consensus on the semantics of a simple element set for describing electronic resources. Originally intended to be simple and intuitive enough for authors to tag Web pages without special training, Dublin Core is being adapted now for more specialized uses, from government information and legal deposit to museum informatics and electronic commerce.
Data Communications Magazine 30 Lee Bruno

Containing E-Commerce

When it comes to proprietary Web data, it's important to set limits. Intertrust agrees: Its Metatrust software helps net managers decide just who can do what with specific text, music, video, and animation files.

Ed. - When it comes to e-commerce, you just can't be too safe.

Datamation 17 Larry Marion

It's time to think outside of the Y2K box

With the obvious areas of Y2K vulnerability under control, start looking for the hidden Y2K gotchas. Thinking about the availability and reliability of telephone service should be part of the job description of an IT manager in a large company these days.Given some of the gossip I've heard and reports filed by various telephone companies to government agencies, there is a chance that some of our telecommunications services will be disrupted in 12 months.
Dr. Dobb's Journal 32 S. Balamurugan

Jperl: Accessing Perl from Java

Jperl provides an interface to Perl from Java. The Jperl interface was written in C++ using Perl APIs and integrated into Java using the Java Native Interface (JNI). The APIs in Jperl also make accessing Perl from C++ simple, with a single overloaded function that masks argument ordering, stack manipulation, and data structure conversion.



Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

EDN Access 54 Dan Strassberg

Customized Processors: Have it Your Way

Hold the pickles and the lettuce and throw in a multiply-accumulate (MAC) instruction, a barrel shifter, and a communications coprocessor. Just like the famous fast-food restaurant, processor vendors are making it easier for you to have it your way. In the embedded industry, customization at the processor level plays a critical role in allowing you to differentiate your product and hit the necessary performance/price points to be successful.
EE Times 49 Adam Marcus

Silicon Valley Hosts Heavy Hiring Scene

Job hunters looking West shouldn't have much trouble in the old standby, Silicon Valley.

Cathy Mickelson, an editor at High Technology Careers, a magazine in Santa Clara, Calif., said the market continues to be robust for engineers, even if the last year has seen a slight downturn.

Ed. - With the nation's robust economy, Silicon Valley business is leading the way to the top.

Embedded Systems Programming 50 Jack Ganssle

The State of the Art of Debuggers

The only known way to write totally bug-free programs: find the smartest programmer around, and stick him in an auditorium with a computer and projection screen. Fill the other seats with a hundred or so of the second-best programmers you can find and let them kibitz about the guru’s work. As long as this option remains unavailable, we’ll continue to write defect-laden code demanding long, painful sessions with our debugging tools.
Entropy Gradient Reversals 85 Chris Worth

The Comedy of the Commons

In the past decade, the equipment needed to record CDs has fallen precipitously from $100,000-plus cabinets the size of a washing machine down to street level prices below $300 for units that fit comfortably in the hand.
Thanks to the miracle of software, some devices for replicating CD-quality audio have no physical dimensions whatsoever, unless you count the footprint of the already near-ubiquitous multimedia computer.

Ed. - The major music media mavens are not happy about MP3.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Fairfax Information Technology:
Sydney Morning Herald
29 Garry Barker

Jobs Makes Technicolour Splash

The Apple co-founder, who returned to save the company in 1997, used his keynote speech at Macworld Expo to unveil iMacs in five new colors - blueberry, grape, lime, tangerine and strawberry.

A research firm, PC Data, calculated Apple had doubled its market share in 1998, to 10 per cent, mainly due to the iMac.

Ed. - Barker says that some computer resellers are being strong-armed into buying the iMacs in sets of five, one in each color. What if nobody wants their computer in tangerine? What do you do?

Family PC 33 Preston Gralla

Leave the Mall Behind!

Unless you're someone who actually likes fighting through the traffic at shopping malls, looks forward to surly shopkeepers, and enjoys haggling with car salesmen, you'll want to give online shopping a try. I guarantee, you'll find that online shopping will simplify your life, freeing up more time for your family by cutting down on the amount of time you spend cruising miles of aisles at the mall, store, and shopping center.

Ed. -Gralla himself tried to go shopping on the Web exclusively for a few weeks. See what happened, and how he fared.

Federal Computer Week 44 Jennifer Jones

FEMA Embarks on Y2K Roadshow

Concerned that local emergency preparedness offices have not sufficiently tested Year 2000 fixes, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced last week that it will soon begin an effort to educate state emergency management, fire and emergency services communities on Year 2000
planning and preparedness.

Ed. - Good luck government. The clock, as always, is ticking...

FEED 23 Paul Kedrosky

Beyond eBay

While commentators and analysts alternately cooed and worried about the technical hurdles behind running a major auction site, the public reaction to eBay's outage points to a fundamental problem with online markets, a problem that has implications far beyond eBay itself. Online markets are rarely transparent, and many are downright opaque.
Fontsite 79
Writing and Style
There are very few tasks for which English majors are technically trained. This is not to say that a good many English majors aren't technically proficient, only that technical proficiency is not generally a requirement for studying topics such as Women in Literature, 17th Century Drama, or English Romantic Poetry, for example. There is an exception to this, however. Irony.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Government Computer
95 James Careless

Internet Plays Supporting Role in Quebec Election

The Internet has been hailed by many pundits as the medium of the future, replacing television and radio as a source of news and entertainment. People are buying new cars online, ordering their groceries, even reading novels. So it should come as no surprise that Quebec’s political parties took a “byte” out of the World Wide Web.
Government Technology Magazine 52 Blake Harris

Electronic Commerce and Sovereignty

There are many ideas of what effects information technology will have on the future, on society and on government. But in October in Ottawa, one thing became perfectly clear -- these changes are already afoot, and some of the basic agreements between countries are already in place.

For example, while local governments worried about Internet tax moratoriums put into effect by some states and the federal government, Ira Magaziner, President Clinton's Internet adviser, was floating a plan to track and tax Internet commerce using digital cash identifiable by country.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


homepage.journal 87 Jeff Sutherland

Microsoft and the Internet Fighters

Time Magazine reported it when Bill Gates declared war on December 7, 1995. The Axis forces spearheaded by the Netscape/Sun alliance had launched a lightning attack on the PC desktops of the world gaining over 70% of the market for Internet browsers and penetrating the Windows shell everywhere with Java applets.

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