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January 1999
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You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.
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Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Adobe Mag 89  

Glenn Fleishman

Nowhere to Hide

Before the Internet, it was pretty easy for a thief to lift the work of a writer, photographer or illustrator and be pretty sure they'd never be found. But the Internet is changing that. While the Web makes it easier to plagiarize, it also provides tools that make tracking down plagiarism possible as well.

Ed. - Isn't there a cliché about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?

Advisor Magazines 64 Terrance A. Crow

Which is "Better:" Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange?

Ignore the misinformation surrounding the marketing war between Lotus and Microsoft. Keep your eye on what's really important: the products. So how do they compare? Exchange and Notes offer comparable mail solutions. In the end, you'll probably end up using both platforms together. Who says we should choose one or the other?
Australian Personal Computer  76 Phone Talk Voice will become just one option in the multimedia-enabled mobile communications devices of the near future. Technologies for the convergence of high-speed data services and voice are on the way. So are new players in the market which, it is hoped, will provide competition and the long-awaited reductions in costs for voice calls. The newer technologies and services will initially be expensive -- and to benefit from the expected incremental enhancements to digital networks, you may have to keep purchasing new handsets.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Boardwatch Magazine 47 Bill McCarthy

Jon Postel: Death of Internet CTO

The Internet’s Chief Technical Officer died in October of 1998. Jon Postel kept the list that empowers the network of networks for nearly 30 years, since he first scribbled the first IP numbers on a piece of notebook paper in 1969. He was also the Internet’s chief librarian and editor of its developmental documents and among the three people who thought of putting the slash in TCP/IP. Without Postel's work, the Internet would have turned out very differently, if it would have worked at all.


Magazine Jan 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

c|net 2 Cormac Foster

Talk is Cheap

Everyone likes a bargain, and where better to save money than on your phone bill? That's the appeal of a Net phone--a software application that lets your computer call other computers over the Internet for free. Net phones have been around for years, but only recently have they become easy enough to use and offered good enough sound quality to appeal to the mainstream. C/net rates the top competitors on a variety of criteria.

CADALYST 60 Art Liddle

Not Just Another NT Box

Silicon Graphics Inc. is best known for high-end UNIX workstations optimized for visual computing—many of the computer-generated special effects seen in movies are produced with SGI’s Onyx2 workstations. With the introduction of the Silicon Graphics 320, SGI not only enters the NT workstation market, it blows away the competition in the process.

CIO 19 Art Jahnke


Bran Ferren's Title is executive vice president for creative technology and R&D at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, Calif., but his occupation appears to be full-time thinker, dreamer and philosopher. Ferren has won numerous awards for his work in theater, film and photography and was nominated for an Academy Award for the visual effects he helped produce for the 1986 movie Little Shop of Horrors. We talked to Ferren about the role of the Web—and the CIO—in the future of business.

CMC Magazine 21 Arthur R. Murphy

Web Usability and Technology

Usability implies purpose and audience. Part of the difficulty of defining "Web Usability" is the diversity of purposes and audiences within the Internet community. The original audiences were heavily weighted in favor of academics with high levels of computer savvy. Early users were fault tolerant of unsophisticated interface design, satisfied with an absence of pictures, and happy in a world of keystrokes that could flow between the Internet and simple text editors. How things have changed.

Ed. - After 57 issues, CMC Magazine will cease publishing though all articles will remain archived online.

Communication Arts  40 Rita Sue Siegel

Beyond Design Management

Close your eyes. Now tell me what kind of personality Nike has. Now Apple. How about the NFL? The personalities of these companies have been created and communicated to us primarily through the look and feel of key messages in their marketing materials: print advertising, television, radio, product catalogs, point of sale and retail environments. The personalities of these companies are strategic and valuable corporate assets and provide a competitive advantage.

Computer Bits 61 Mike Pritchard

Sharing Internet Access

While the  time-share approach to using a phone line for an Internet connection has the benefit of being cheap, it has its limitations. Performance is perhaps the most obvious limitation, but not necessarily the worst. Frustrated with only being able to complete one task at a time with this approach, the author looks into two classes of software to help him solve his dilemma: the network address translator (NAT) and the proxy.

Computer Currents 36 Fran Quittel

Learning Internet Recruiting

Internet recruiting is fast becoming the principal way businesses pull in new candidates. Smart, proactive firms are training their in-house recruiters to work the Web to find new employees. According to Gerry Crispin, co-author of the highly regarded Internet career site directory, Career Xroads (MMC Group), Internet recruiting has increased by 100 percent since last January. In fact, there are at least 1 million sites listing jobs you can search and about 1,000 résumé data bases on the Internet, half of which are public. Thousands of additional résumés reside on personal pages.

Computer Dealer News 78 Paul Ferriss

Banks Backing off Smart Cards

North American banks are no longer all that keen on smart cards, choosing instead to back credit and debit cards as the payment solution for the digital age, says one industry watcher. Mondex Canada's cash card experiment finished its much-publicized pilot project in Guelph, Ont., late last year without gaining much acceptance among consumers.

Computer Edge 74 Julie L. Favetti

No More PC Headaches with Windows 98

Windows 98 added some unique features to the desktop world of personal computers and it is designed to make your computing experiences more enjoyable. Upgrading from Windows 95 to 98 will give you better performance and fewer headaches when using your PC. Computer Edge takes a look at the new features, a few potential problems you will want to avoid, and the tools available to keep your computer running smoothly.

Ed. - A fine article, but perhaps Favetti can have a Windows 2000 update the year of its release.

Computer Gaming World  53 Denny Atkin

Windows 98: The Gamer's View

When it comes to Windows 98, the best news for most gamers will be that Microsoft's controversial new operating system does very little to change the PC gaming landscape. Win 98 is more or less "Windows 95.1," a fine-tuned version of the older operating system with updates to support newer hardware.

Computer Link Magazine 99 Brian Pitre

The Business of Internet Auctions

Auction sites are the darlings of the Internet lately; as demonstrated by the wildly successful initial public offering of eBay last November. Auctions can be fun and provide new and used products – often at significant savings. This new branch of e-commerce exemplifies and optimizes the frictionless free-market system offered by the Internet.

Computer News Daily 73  

Andrew J. Glass

At Half-Time, Who's Ahead in the Microsoft Trial?

According to one view, Microsoft operates in a highly competitive, fast-moving, technology-driven business climate that requires the software giant to grapple with competitors and to strike deals with partners.

Under the opposing view, Microsoft is driven by a perceived need to protect at all costs its Windows-based monopoly in operating systems for personal computers. Under this scenario, it misuses the power of Windows to seek control of electronic commerce through its bid to monopolize the market for Internet browsers.

Ed. - According to Internet Valley's studies into the world of Web Influence, Microsoft has claimed the #1 position, enviable in the area of electronic commerce control.

Computer Paper 46 Graeme Bennett

Office 2000: to the Web and Back

In each case, Office 2000 also includes Internet Explorer 5.0 (Netscape fans, don't despair -- you don't have to install it) and therein lies one of the most notable design changes in Office 2000: the applications now allow you to save a document as a web page, for posting on the Internet (or an in-house intranet) and then later draw the web page and/or graphic image back into the respective application, with all of its original data and formatting intact – a capability Microsoft calls “round tripping."

Computer Post 84 Myles White

Banner Ads Often Overlooked

A study by Massachusetts-based Forrester Research Inc. concludes that banner ads are both more popular and less effective among experienced Internet users. While the study found that experienced Web users are more likely to click on a banner ad, they are less likely to make a purchase based on the ad. There are several possible reasons. One may be the sheer number of banners — we just don’t bother to read them anymore.

Computer Reseller News  45 Darryl K. Taft

Compaq Moves to Acquire Shopping.Com

Subject to shareholder approval, each outstanding share of will be acquired by Compaq for $19. Upon completion of the deal, will be run as a wholly owned subsidiary of Compaq. supports online transactions, letting consumers using Compaq's AltaVista search engine to link to commerce sites and purchase goods.

Ed. - It looks like Compaq is finally getting ready to utilize Alta Vista's superior level of Web influence for its own purposes -- something Internet Valley advised months ago.

Computer Retail Week 48 Todd Wasserman

PC, Phone Together Again

Several companies are targeting small- and home-office users with new phone products in which Web browsing and e-mail capabilities are downplayed in favor of USB and PC-to-telephone synergy. Meanwhile, some observers claim that home networking will make the telephone an appendage to PCs.

Computer Shopper 28 Jim O'Brien

Shove Over Pentium II;
the New Celerons are

It's time to give all those "celery" jokes a rest. The 300MHz and 333MHz Celerons with cache proved that the CPU had some guts to it, and Intel's release of the 366MHz and 400MHz Celeron CPUs with 128K of on-chip cache last week has put the oft-maligned CPU in direct competition with all but the highest-speed Pentium IIs for the first time.

Ed. - What we just don't understand is why customers would intentionally purchase machines that are it not the best. It's like Intel is offering leftovers and calling it cake.

Computer Times
77 T. C. Seow

Are the Desktop's Days Numbered?

The desktop computer as we know it may be transformed into a device that is as easy to use as home electrical appliances, said Mr. Bill Buxton, chief scientist at Alias/Wavefront, a subsidiary of workstation maker Silicon Graphics Inc. In an interview with Computer Times, he said that the computer user interface typified by Microsoft Windows and the Apple Macintosh operating system is due for a major change.

Ed. - Every year we hear about the next big thing that promotes its ease of use. Wasn't the Mac supposed to be the computer 'for the rest of us'? Now the Palm Pilot is the standard. What is to come next?

Computerworld 16 Patrick Thibodeau

Windows Pricing on Tap in
Microsoft case

(The Consumer Federation of America), which represents 260
consumer groups, said in a report released today that
consumers have been overcharged by about $10 billion
during the past several years for operating system software.

Buyers pay a per-system cost that is $35 to $45 more than
it should be because of Microsoft's monopoly, the report
said. Microsoft operating system software is used on more
than 90% of all PCs.

Ed. - Sure, Windows98 was expensive, but even Apple's Mac OS 8.5 cost $99. Can it be argued that this is a case of overpricing due to a monopoly as well?

Computing Japan 83 Jim Weisser

What Those Domains Really Mean

During the time I have spent working in the Internet business here in Japan, I have encountered a large number of misconceptions and/or misinformation about registration of names in the '.jp' domain, particularly the '' suffix.

Unlike '.com' domains, companies in Japan are limited to one domain name per company. This is not uncommon for country specific domains. Of the domains listed above, only the UK allows for multiple registrations by one company.

The ACM Student Magazine 
63 Peggy Wright

Knowledge Discovery In Databases

The amount of data being collected in databases today far exceeds our ability to reduce and analyze data without the use of automated analysis techniques. Many scientific and transactional business databases grow at a phenomenal rate.

Ed. - Modern database programs that can store vast amounts of information are infinitely more user-friendly than many neighborhood accountants and their old-fashioned ideas.

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