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April 1999
Top 100 Mag: 81-100
Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals 

You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.
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Web Influence List List in Alphabetical order

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Top 100 Magazines in Order of Web Influence: 81-90

April 99
Web Influence Rank


Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

81 Network Magazine


Elizabeth Clark

The Race for the Last Mile

The last mile. In telecommunications talk, it's the home stretch that links the end user to the telco's central office. Also called the local loop, this pathway has historically been dominated by Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), but it appears that contenders from other ranks are also racing to reach the end user.
82 Computing Japan


Noriko Takezaki

The Future of Cyber Banking in Japan

Internet banking services, backed by the made-in-Japan SECE security protocol, are taking off in Japan. But whether the flight will be a smooth one for the Japanese economy depends on whether Japan's financial institutions willingly take the pilot's seat or are content to just go along for the ride.

Ed. - Banking online is growing at an impressive rate. Internet Valley surveyed the landscape, and returned with a full survey of the Web presence for the
Top 100 American Banks

83 Computer Edge


J. Daniel Jones

Desktop Video: It’s Not Just for Pro’s Anymore.

Welcome to this three-part series on desktop digital video. In the next three months, we're going to explain just what is involved in turning your raw, uncut, jumpy, jittery, four minutes of   "forgot the camera was rolling" video into something that your family and friends will actually enjoy watching.

84 The Register


Roy Taylor

Taylor Made: Bloody Tyranny

Many intelligent, influential and important people have recently been writing about some technology called ADSL and its derivatives. I first mentioned this myself in an article posted in The Register called the Big Fat Pipe. I was somewhat pleased recently to see ADSL described as a 'fat pipe' technology but I digress. ADSL is being written about because it is important, very important. It's the new technology being introduced across the world to give super fast Internet access.
85 Service News


Kym Gilhooly

Now You're In E-Business

Web sites run the quality gamut, with some no more than a snippet of text giving the owner's pedigree, and others offering the shopping experience of Pikes Place Market, Faneuil Hall, and Fifth Avenue in one snappy package. But for those firms moving from providing corporate information to actually selling goods and services online, it doesn't matter what the face looks like if the infrastructure doesn't hold up. When e-commerce is a company's primary business model-or even a secondary channel for selling products-that company's service reputation is exposed like never before. And by extension, so is its IT support operation.
86 Webserver Online


Alexandra Barrett

The Written Word on the Web

Despite all its bells and whistles, the World Wide Web is inherently about transmitting information; and nothing does this better than the written word. But seeing the same font on your computer screen day after day is akin to wearing the same clothes every day--it gets mighty boring, very quickly.

Ed. - But trying to read strange fonts also gets very frustrating for some.

87 Linux Today


LinuxStart.Com Rolls Out Linux Portal LinuxStart.Com aims to be the only portal a Linux user needs. We have a comprehensive search engine, Slashdot and Freshmeat "news", latest up-to-the minute headlines, and offer free web hosting for other Linux,OSS, and FreeBSD sites.
88 PC Novice & Smart Computing


Charles M. Kozierok

Performance Optimization: Bring Out The Best In Your Windows 95 PC

One of the most unfortunate realities of the PC world is that most systems are never properly optimized for performance. Most manufacturers churn out PCs by the thousands and are not much concerned about the details of how to tweak each machine so it runs its best. In addition, they cannot know the nuances of how you personally use your machine. This can cost you money. While a new system always seems very fast—and thus optimization unimportant—over time the apparent speed fades, and you may find yourself looking at an expensive upgrade before you really need one.
89 Web Developer's Journal


Bruce Morris

Hosting a Big Web Site

If you're build a Web site that is going to be BIG, big in size, big in features, and HUGE in traffic, where do you host the thing? How do you select a company that can handle a complicated Web server farm? I've built a couple like this including one that pulled over $1 million every day in direct, over-the-Web orders. Here's a few things I learned to look for. This is the first part of a seven-part article.
90 Entropy Gradient Reversals


Christopher Locke aka Rageboy

Adventures in Cluelessness

The Internet is changing fundamental axioms with respect to organizational dynamics, market demographics and the overall conduct of global commerce. It might be useful to examine some of the new paradigms emerging to replace traditional ways of thinking about business, career, and the pursuit of leisure. But it would be so boring!

Ed. - You can never accuse Rageboy of being short of opinions.

Top 100 Magazines in Order of Web Influence: 91-100

April 99
Web Influence Rank


Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

91 Java Pro


Ken North

Filtering with Servlets

Web forms are ideal for presenting the question and answer sessions required in a testing scenario. Thanks to ubiquitous Web browsers, users can take the test from anywhere, but the automation presented here can also grade the test and provide feedback to readers after they've answered the questions. In principle this is all very easy to do, especially if you pick the right technologies—XML and servlets.
92 UGeek


Inktomi Searches E-Commerce Inktomi, a provider of search engine technology, has announced the launch of Inktomi Shopping Engine, a new service that will let customers search multiple e-commerce sites simultaneously for products by name or keyword. Here's how the search engine works: a user types in either a product name or keyword and then receives a list of the product at different e-commerce sites with pictures of the product and an URL linking to that site directly.
93 Computer Post


Larry Geller

The Dawn of A New Age In Communications

We live at the beginning of the age of convergence. Widely predicted over a decade ago, we are now experiencing the bizarre phenomenon of the marriage, intermarriage and multiple integration of entire flocks of electronic devices. Convergence is progressing so quickly and strongly, that many analysts see the imminent melding of 10 or 20 electronic devices into one.

94 Adobe Mag 0.06

Now Playing Everywhere . . . After Effects 4.0

Adobe introduces a powerful and greatly enhanced version of After Effects(R), the award-winning motion graphics and visual effects tool. View an example of how the new Particle Playground effect can help your ideas take flight:
95 Maximum PC


Microsoft Preps MP3 Alternative? Embrace, extend, and then bear hug. Microsoft is reportedly taking aim at the growing online music market with a proprietary audio format that runs only on--you guessed it--Windows. Microsoft has been quietly preparing the format and approaching record labels for content, according to music web site MP3.Com.
96 SCO World:

UNIX Business Solutions


Jim Mohr

Nuthin But Net: Making Changes to Remote Systems

Undoubtedly, you have had to make changes to remote systems if you administer a network with more than a handful of machines. For many tasks, it is easy to use rlogin or even telnet to make changes quickly. However, the term quickly is relative. Making the changes to a single machine may be quick, but the process becomes a burden when you get to your 20th machine.
97 Think Leadership (IBM)


People Power In this age of downsizing and far-flung, virtual companies, capitalizing on what employees know is harder–and more critical to success–than ever. The editors of Think Leadership talked to with knowledge-management expert Larry Prusa in his office in Waltham, Massachusetts.
98 User Friendly Online


Gordon Missimer

A Year's Worth of Shame

I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore! I'm not sure why, but Internet-related software is the most buggy software on the planet. These bugs come in three varieties: 1) Mildly annoying; 2) Infuriating; and 3) Blood curdling. Originally, I'd planned to use this collection of Internet software bugs as fodder for my monthly "Shame on you." However, I collected so many that I decided to get them off my chest all at once, lest they crowd out more deserving offenses.
99 Government Computer


Paul Weinberg

Plugging the Brain Drain

The time for an Internet revolution isn't quite here yet, as the Quebec election demonstrates. Amid budget cuts and wage freezes, how is Ottawa trying to stem the migration of IT workers to the private sector?
100 Ebiz
(Business Week)


Peter Burrows

Beyond the PC

Think divergence instead of convergence. To become as ubiquitous as VCRs and microwave ovens, analysts say, information devices have to be much simpler than today's PCs. Rather than rolling more features into computers, newer devices need to be designed to perform only a few specific functions. After all, who needs a desktop PC that could land a spaceship on the moon if all they want to do is send E-mail? ''The PC is so general-purpose that very few of us use more than 5% of its capability,'' admits Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Lewis E. Platt.

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* IVB: The Internet Valley Benchmark (IVB) compares a company's zone of Web influence to that of its peers and across industries through the use of a standard value. The set level for the IVB is the current zone of Web influence for Internet Valley. Why Internet Valley Benchmark ?

Internet Valley was founded and coined the term Web Influence in 1995.
IV became the first company to provide the online community with full-scale Web Influence related services.
In May 1996, Internet Valley published the first Web Influence list,  rating the Top 100 Online Computer Magazines. Since that time, Internet Valley has continued to develop the hyperlink mechanics-based methods and technology to monitor and evaluate the current level of Web Influence. The basic subjects of this research have been the fastest growing sectors of iBusiness. All this time, Internet Valley has provided to the leading members of the Internet community   reliable data, trends and statistics.

Leading members of the IT community voiced their opinions regarding Internet Valley's  3-year effort to research Web Influence trends:
    - Matthew Rothenberg, director of online content at MacWeek.Com, joint venture of ZDNet and IDG, "We are thrilled by the results of the study..." January 5, 1999
    - IBM e-commerce director Scott Gannon: "I think your research is really proven right on.  I think you're focused on the right thing..." January 28, 1999

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