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April 1999
Top 100 Mag: 41-60
Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals 

You may disagree with some of the Sacramento, California, Internet consulting and publishing company's choices but you will just as likely find some you might never have heard of, perhaps even a new favorite or two. All in all, worth some browsing time.
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Web Influence List List in Alphabetical order

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Top 100 Magazines in Order of Web Influence: 41-50

April 99
Web Influence Rank


Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

41 Boardwatch Magazine


Paul Stapleton

Internet Stock Mania: the Village Idiot's View

I wrote my first column on the value of ISPs for Boardwatch Magazine two years ago, in April 1997. That’s a long time ago in dog-style Internet years. Using the tools of financial valuation I was familiar with, I felt ISPs were being undervalued in the public markets. I have learned a boatload about the ISP business; growth rates, margin potential and the economics of deploying a network, among other things. On the other hand, I don’t really know any more about financial valuation than when I started. Therefore, my criteria for valuing businesses have not changed.

Ed. - The Village Idiot doesn't mean to burst your bubble, but he questions the value of the Internet stocks.

42 Windows NT Magazine


R. Franklin Smith

Managing Service Packs and Hotfixes

Microsoft recently responded to several new security holes in Windows NT. Some of these security holes required only a configuration change to protect the system, but many required Microsoft service packs or hotfixes. Security experts estimate that patches (i.e., configuration changes, service packs, or hotfixes) are available for over 90 percent of system breaches that occur.
43 Computer Currents


Elizabeth Crowe

Net Surfer: Portals to the World

The buzzword on the Web these days is "portal." In common usage, the word means a door or gateway, from an impressive arch to a lowly back door. Similarly, in Netspeak, you can think of portals as the grand, imposing entryways through which you sashay on to the Web or the tiny openings through which you infiltrate it. It depends on your self-image, I guess. Portals are all the rage these days, but the concept is an old one.

44 Web Review


David Sims

IE5 and New Religion

How much of our choice of computing tools comes from our heads, and how much from our hearts? Microsoft is out with Internet Explorer 5.0, and it's getting decent to good reviews. It's more compliant with standards than Netscape Communicator 4.5 (although Gecko will change that score) and some are saying it's faster. Its features are different than Netscape: better on caching and offline browsing, and a slick radio bar.

Ed. - The thing we can't stand, along with the author, are the features where Redmond thinks it knows better than each user some aspect of how they like to organize or do things.

45 Computer Paper


Jeff Evans

Mac vs. PC Creativity

Which is the better computer for an artist? Ask this question to Mac owner or a PC owner, and you'll get the same answer: "My computer is the best." After all, why would someone choose one platform over the other and stick with it, unless he or she thought it was better? The truth is a bit more complicated. As Apple's worldwide market share has shriveled to less than three percent of computers sold, hasn't the PC simultaneously gained all the advantages of the Mac? Well, at the risk of becoming the latest casualty in the Mac vs. PC religious wars, here's my opinion: The Mac is noticeably superior.

46 D-Lib Program


Kurt Maly, Michael Nelson and Mohammad Zubair

Smart Objects, Dumb Archives

Currently, there exist a large number of superb digital libraries, all of which are, unfortunately, vertically integrated and all presenting a monolithic interface to their users. Ideally, a user would want to locate resources from a variety of digital libraries dealing only with one interface. A number of approaches exist to this interoperability issue exist including: defining a universal protocol for all libraries to adhere to; or developing mechanisms to translate between protocols.
47 MacOSRumors


Next-Generation Mac Architecture Open to Cloning?

If third parties created their own boot ROMs to initialize their hardware, and used components close enough to Apple's own to be compatible, along with Apple's rumored move to open-source Mac OS X, that architecture could be relatively easily cloned and released (most likely with royalties to Apple) with no outward differences between the Apple version and the clone version. Apple would be guaranteed its share of the pie, but would also save itself any work involved in the creation of clones, something that nearly killed it during the first round of cloning.
48 Internet Week


Teri Robinson

Payment Systems: The Buck Stops Here

It doesn't take a retailing genius to understand that the flurry of Internet buying--$9 billion worth in 1998, according to the U.S. Commerce Department--signals a momentous turn for e-commerce. And the numbers are only on the way up. Forrester Research Inc. predicts that Internet buying will top $3.2 trillion by 2003. Now, Web merchants need to know that the buck stops with them to get their online payment processing systems in place.
49 Win98 Magazine


Sara Townsend

Data Translation's Broadway

Broadway from Data Translation is a fantastic MPEG encoding card for great looking video capture. The Broadway is a PCI card that uses a new encoding chip from C-Cube, the CL 4110. The Broadway has S-Video and composite inputs and supports NTSC and PAL video formats.
50 Red Herring


Georgie Raik-Allen

The Naked Truth About Online Commerce
The jury is still out on whether content is key to selling goods and services on the Internet, according to a panel of e-commerce entrepreneurs and analysts at the Red Herring's Venture Market South today. They agreed that new models for the supply and distribution of products still had to be developed for business-to-consumer e-commerce to be profitable and that it was not too late for offline brands to make stake their claim in the Internet space. But the content question remained unanswered.

Top 100 Magazines in Order of Web Influence: 51-60

April 99
Web Influence Rank


Internet Valley Benchmark
I V B*



Ed. - Editorial comments

51 Computer Reseller News


David Jastrow

Full Steam Ahead For

Newly public Inc. is being buoyed by the same investor euphoria that has sent other so-called .com stocks soaring. Investors reacted positively when the Austin-based company said it will provide its portal solution to help launch an Internet reseller called The Internet-based superstore will offer a large product selection and easy-to-use tools

52 Computer Gaming World 


Lam Huynh

Take Command: A Strategy Game Feature

What will it take to relieve the strategy genre from the grip of mediocrity? Let's face it, strategy games have been plagued by a host of me-too titles, brain-dead AI, useless features for the sake of having features, and a degree of pretension on the order of calling yourself The Artist Formerly Known as Ginger Spice. Thankfully, it seems as though the coming year will feature games less concerned with following trends than with setting them.

53 Computer Retail Week


Mark Harrington

Compaq's Brisk Slap At Internet Retailers Was Cold But Needed

The brisk slap that greeted Internet retailers in the form of termination letters last month could only have been pulled off by Compaq Computer. And a necessary slap it was. Traditional retailers who have bit back their competitive instincts by maintaining Compaq's minimum advertised pricing policies and playing by other rules have been justifiably furious over the flagrant skirting of MAPs by the likes of

54 First Monday


Ted Byfield

DNS: A Short History and Short Future

This paper examines some of the basic premises that typify the rhetoric of the DNS debates. It challenges the assumption that these problems are new; instead, they reiterate the text-to-number mapping problems that plagued the national and international integration of telephony systems. The later telephonic transitions were marked by an interplay between the phasing-out of telephonic addressing systems and marketing innovations. DNS is faced with an analogous problem: DNS policies inflexibly founded on past conditions have conspired with marketing forces to create an illusory scarcity of domain names.
55 Web Techniques


Al Williams

Jini: The Universal Network?

Networks have moved from an arcane science to an everyday part of most people's computing experience. The meteoric growth of networks cried out for a way to run programs on many different machines, and Sun answered this call with Java. Java's "write once, run anywhere" philosophy was just what network users -- especially Internet users -- wanted.
56 Intelligent Enterprise


Nicholas Imparato

Strategic Knowledge: Innovation Leadership Undone

Innovation has become the operative word in business. From reengineering to corporate transformation to product “Web-izing,” the idea is the same: finding ways to make money with a new product, service, or process. Now, however, warnings about the sustainability of U.S. innovation leadership appear.
57 Network Computing


Bradley F. Shimmin

Network Computing Online Tries Psychotherapy

According to Freudian psychology, we are each driven and defined by primitive forces lurking just beneath the surface of consciousness. It seems the Web works the same way, sort of. Beneath each Web site's glossy exterior of images, scripts and HTML tags lives its unconscious, the site's driving force and reason for being--namely, its readers.
58 Government Technology Magazine


Tom Byerly

Technology Knows No Boundaries

Government trade missions have taken on a whole new meaning in the Information Age. The idea of information technology as a valuable commodity -- less tangible than widgets or crops but no less important to an economy -- has moved it to the forefront of trade discussions, leading to some interesting global partnerships.
59 EE Times


R. Colin Johnson

Neural Nets Create Natural Speech Interaction

SpeechWorks International is applying neural-network technology in a practical-speech-recognition system that achieves a new level of natural-speech interaction by letting telephone callers ask for information in ordinary, unstructured English. Federal Express Inc. is deploying the approach in a shipping-rate information system in cooperation with NextLink Interactive.
60 WWWiz Magazine


Ken Conklin

Genealogy: Is Great-Grandpa on the Internet?

Do you know where your ancestors are -- or were? Was Great-Grandpa's brother a horse thief? Or was he a state senator? Diving into the Internet is a good way to begin your search for those long-lost in-laws and outlaws. After spending years corresponding with other genealogical researchers by snail mail and telephone, I was really glad to see the Internet come along. While I was able to gather a lot of information via prehistoric methods, it was slow and tedious at best. Now I switch on my trusty PC, click on my Internet icon, and away I go.

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* IVB: The Internet Valley Benchmark (IVB) compares a company's zone of Web influence to that of its peers and across industries through the use of a standard value. The set level for the IVB is the current zone of Web influence for Internet Valley. Why Internet Valley Benchmark ?

Internet Valley was founded and coined the term Web Influence in 1995.
IV became the first company to provide the online community with full-scale Web Influence related services.
In May 1996, Internet Valley published the first Web Influence list,  rating the Top 100 Online Computer Magazines. Since that time, Internet Valley has continued to develop the hyperlink mechanics-based methods and technology to monitor and evaluate the current level of Web Influence. The basic subjects of this research have been the fastest growing sectors of iBusiness. All this time, Internet Valley has provided to the leading members of the Internet community   reliable data, trends and statistics.

Leading members of the IT community voiced their opinions regarding Internet Valley's  3-year effort to research Web Influence trends:
    - Matthew Rothenberg, director of online content at MacWeek.Com, joint venture of ZDNet and IDG, "We are thrilled by the results of the study..." January 5, 1999
    - IBM e-commerce director Scott Gannon: "I think your research is really proven right on.  I think you're focused on the right thing..." January 28, 1999

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