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April 1998

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"In the beginning was the WORD..."  

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Australian Personal Computer  Travis Simon

JavaScript'll learn how to use cookies to store information in the browser's client. You'll also learn how to read cookies from other sites, how to use cookies to gather sensitive information about users and how to use cookies to access programs on a user's hard drive.
ACM Publications  Digital Library ... the Digital Library will continue to offer its search and bibliographic database resources to all visitors, for free.
Adobe Mag Glenn Fleishman

Web Watcher
"Attention, Please"

Cost for Web advertising pretty much follow the conventional approach of charging by CPM, or cost per thousand impressions. So buying 100,000 impressions(so that your ad will be displayed 100,000 times) with CPM of $20 costs $2,000


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Byte John Montgomery Crash-Proof Tools There's a variety of tools that can help you avoid crashes and recover from them a little more gracefully. Here are four...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
CADALYST  Illegal copies cost company ... engineering firm, agreed to pay the Busienss Software Alliance $140,000, replace any unlicensed software with legal copies, ... When contacted by BSA after a call to BSA's anti-piracy hotline, the firm conducted its own audit and found illegal copies of software from Adobe, Autodesk,....
Computer Post Yvonne Baert

So You Think You Want to Be a
Contract Programmer?

....Do you just pick up the phone? Do you answer an employment ad? Could you get a referral? Who do you talk to? And, how do you negotiate rates? By the hour, by the day, per project? What will you guarantee? How about GST, income tax, overtime? Do you register a company name, or incorporate? What if they don't like your work? What if you quote them a fixed price and you discover a terrible problem you can't fix. What are your liabilities if you mess up their system? What if you don't finish on time? ...

Chips CAPT Dan Galik, USN

Defense in Depth: Security for Network-Centric Warfare


... a "widespread and potentially harmful attack" on seven Air Force and four Navy information technology (IT) sites had been detected. ... the focus of most of the attacks was domain name servers (DNSs)... corrupting the translation tables of a Domain Name Server can cut off or hijack communication channels ...While perfect security is a myth that cannot be achieved, there is much that can be done ...

CLiCK Mind Currents

A recent unique design collaboratorium has inspired Canadian media intellectual Derrick de Kerckhove to define the conditions which might give rise to, or manage the process of, collective intelligence amongst a group of people. The resulting "12-point plan" could be a radical new approach to creativity by committee.

CIO Anne Stuart

Uncle Sam Wants You

INTERVIEW: Presidential advisor Ira C. Magaziner explains the Clinton administration's hands-off approach to the development of Internet commerce...    Magaziner, a Rhode Island native and graduate of Brown University, met Clinton when both were Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University in the 1960s: "We believe that Internet commerce is going to profoundly change our economy for the better, that it may well have the same impact that the Industrial Revolution had a couple of centuries ago"

c|net  Chuck Martin

50 rules of Web business

1. Be sensitive to customers with older systems...10. Do not use bells and whistles just because you can...27. Think through keywords clearly. Imagine how a customer would look for your service or product if they didn't know your company or Web site name...40. Include the full URL so that people know the address of the resource from a paper copy of your page...45. Listen to the 24-year-olds. Frequently, those who are most in tune with the digital environment are not necessarily those who hold the highest offices...

Communication Arts  Dan Imhoff
Totally PC? Assessing Computer Impacts

..Under the best conditions, paper has held up for a thousand years. Electronic disks appear far more vulnerable. So will we always want a paper backup? ...

Computer Currents  Mike Hogan

Whole World in Your Hand?

Handheld PCs are totally inadequate for production work, but they're fine if you want to keep appointments, contact information, and to-do lists on hand. These functions are built into Windows CE along with Microsoft's Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, and Pocket PowerPoint. HPCs also allow email, faxing, and Web browsing
Computer Gaming World  Loyd Case Who's Going to Have the Best Gaming CPU? Do Non-Intel CPU Makers Have the Hot Hand in 1998?
Computer Life  Maria Del Toro Test Yourself

It's not the size of your brain that matters, but how it performs under testing. See how you measure up. Benchmark your personality, temperament, IQ, purity, career compatibility, and more!

Computer News Daily 
New York Times 
John F. Manser

Court Rules Against `Cyber Pirate'

         SAN FRANCISCO -- Panavision Inc. won a major victory against ``cyber piracy'' when an appeals court ruled an Illinois man couldn't register Panavision's name as an Internet address, then try to sell it back to the company.

Computer Paper Canada's largest monthly computer magazine Emru Townsend

Publishing on pixels and paper

New technologies make everyone a potential magnate...
Computer Reseller News  Barbara Darrow & Charlotte Dunlap

Anonynous Competitors Offer Remedies to Microsoft Monopoly

Unnamed competitors to Microsoft Corp. have circulated a list of proposed remedies to reel in the Redmond, Wash. based software giant.The remedies include a suggestion that Microsoft's Applications
Business Unit be split from the Operating Systems units because there is "an inherent conflict of interest when the owner of the dominant operating system also develops its own applications."
The document also suggests that Microsoft be prohibited from "crippling" competing products and forced to make the Windows APIs public so products from other vendors have equal access to
underlying Windows technology.In addition, the document states that Microsoft should be prohibited from predatory pricing. That charge has also been leveled most recently and publicly by Netscape...

Computer Retail Week  Roger C. Lanctot

Sense and Nonsense In Solution-Selling

It's easy to dump on sales associates, and Lord knows we do plenty of it ourselves. But we all depend on them and their ability to make sense out of nonsense. In a climate of declining average retail prices and margins, these foot soldiers ...

Computer Shopper  Make Your Web Site Mean Business

...tutorial helps you build brand recognition and boost profits online. Learn who's out there, how much it costs to get their attention, and how to keep them coming back to your site.

Computer Times Singapore  Grace Chng

Environment of trust

Three elements key to the development of Singapore as an electronic commerce hub have been proposed by a high-level government committee. The key proposal is a law -- the Electronic Transaction Bill expected to be tabled in June -- which will provide the legal framework governing electronic commerce (EC). The other two pieces are a masterplan for EC promotion and investment here and overseas, and the building up of infrastructural services that will allow EC applications and services to be used by anyone, anywhere in Singapore and abroad.

Computerworld  Leslie Goff
The Agents' Agents

Intelligent agents are sweeping the World Wide Web. In the typical fashion of the technology acceptance curve, they suddenly seem de rigeur. But the tale of how autonomous software agents have come into the mainstream isn't a Java-like overnight success story...

Computing Japan  George Pajari Don't Count Unix Out

There's no denying the rapid growth of Windows NT in Japan. But the "other network OS," Unix, continues to grow as well - with SCO leading the way.

Crossroads The ACM Student Magazine  George Crawford III

A Practical Crash Course in Java 1.1+ Programming and Technology: Part II

The primary purpose of object-oriented design is to prevent promiscuous alteration of encapsulated data. Java provides four methods of controlling access to class members...

Chris Chesher
Colonizing Virtual Reality

A technology emerges through a process involving broader cultural, linguistic, institutional and technological contexts. One clear illustration of this process can be drawn with the appearance of "virtual reality" in 1989, and the subsequent popularization of the idea through the media. On June 7, 1989 the computer-aided design software company Autodesk and the eclectic computer company VPL announced a new technology called "virtual reality."... In marketing this new technology (which represented a major shift in thinking about the nature of computers), the developers and promoters drew on a range of tropes: VR is shared and objectively present like the physical world, composable like a work of art, and as unlimited and harmless as a dream ...

CTHEORY Felix Stalder

The Logic of Networks

Social Landscapes vis-a-vis the Space of Flows

Felix Stalder is a PhD student at the University of Toronto, working on the intersection of networks and money. He is also part of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology.



Computer Underground Digest

Richard Thieme

Islands in the Clickstream: Voyagers

The Internet is a vast sea of possibilities, a symbolic representation of our collective consciousness and our collective unconscious. When we explore the Net, we are exploring ourselves. The Net is a swirl ofinvisible currents. We learn to surf swells of meaning that surge back andforth like the sea. We learn to follow currents of information, feeling theswells interact in subtle and complex ways. We become voyagers in the sea of information in which we are immersed, plunging through high seas inoutrigger canoes. We make our own tangled starmaps that represent andremember for us how to find our way home.There is ultimately only ourselves to know. When we try to understand everything, we do not understand anything at all, observed Shunryu Suzuki. But when we understand ourselves, we understand everything.The Internet is not so much a set of skills as it is a culture. Guided bymentors, learning like wolves to hunt together, we learn how to hang in the medium. The images on our monitors are icons, windows disclosing possibilities far beyond our home planet. Inner and outer space alike are explored by tele-robotic sensory extensions, revealing the medium in whichwe have always been swimming. Consciousness is the sea, and the sea is all around us. The secrets that we think are lost are simply waiting to be found: Supra-rational modes of knowing. Connection and community of suchdepth and complexity that we grow giddy with delight. A network in which weare both nurtured and fulfilled, each node of the web a reflecting facetlike one of Indra's jewels, reflecting each of the others and the totalityof the whole...

CyberWire Dispatch  John Aravosis


Without a court order, search warrant,or Senior Chief McVeigh's consent - and with more than a hint ofsubterfuge - the Navy got AOL cough up McVeigh's real name, linkinghim to the AOL profile... U.S. District Judge StanleySporkin permanently blocked McVeigh's discharge, calling the Navy'sactions a "search and destroy" mission against the sailor. In ablistering opinion, Judge Sporkin took the Navy to task for violating"the very essence of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue." Then he let the other shoe drop. In using the Internet to snoopon McVeigh, the Navy violated electronic privacy laws...

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