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June-July '96 - Top 100 - VIV's Choice

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Top 100*100 Digest

"In the beginning was the WORD..."

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Australian Personal Computer The 1996 Business Survival Guide... discuss the issues involved in the growing popularity of the home office, whether used by a remote corporate worker or for a home-based business.
ACM Publications ACM: Classic per Month: Robert M. Metcalfe and David R. Boggs. Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching for Local Computer Networks. Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. Reprinted from Communications of the ACM, Vol. 19, No. 5, July 1976 pp. 395 - 404
AIXtra Online SLIPLOGIN: Establishing a Password-Protected Temporary SLIP Connection This article discusses three key issues in connecting remote users through SLIPLOGIN, a dial-in network connection: (1) use of available IP addresses; (2) centralized configuration; and (3) security.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Byte E-Commerce: Safe Today? .... interview, Intuit chairman Scott Cook discusses his vision of electronic commerce and the role he expects Intuit to play in its evolution.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
CADALYST Is DOS Dead? Why are some users saying that the last DOS release of AutoCAD will be the last release we buy?
CALL CENTER Magazine Connecting Your Call Center to the Web ... right now, your call center can place services and support on the Internet and start reducing long distance carrier expenses and agent time on the phone.
CD-ROM Magazine Webcrawler's guide to Multimedia by Jim Smith ...when the new media landscape of the next millennium approaches its final form it will probably become obvious that what the Web had to offer over TV, radio and the printed page was something else entirely.
Chips Careful! The NCIS Cybersleuths Are Watching! By: Diane Hamblen ...up until a year ago Federal Agencies had mixed responses getting across the board assistance from the United States Attorney's Office on new computer crime matters. Now there's a designated Assistant U. S. Attorney in each of their offices to deal with these problems...
CLiCK - Australian Interactive Magazine The Big Pixar Pixar's Galyn Susmann talks with Amanda Wise about computer animated storytelling and some of the projects this leading digital studio is working on right now.
CMC The Evolution of the Revolution Chris Lapham looks at advertising and other sources of revenue and raises some tough questions for webmasters: why are you online in the first place?
CIO REALITY CHECK: Five Uneasy Pieces ... many companies have reaped great rewards from their investments in knowledge management, outsourcing, customer satisfaction, benchmarking and organizational learning, success requires knowing where the dangers lie. CIO's editors have collected a roster of pitfalls that can put at risk the manifest opportunities of these five leading management trends.
c|net Web browser update by Tinoo Singh c|net reviews 28 browsers, including new versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.
Communications Week Lotus CEO ponders future of electronic mail CommWeek Interview: Q & A with Lotus CEO Michael Zisman.
Communication Arts Improvisation and Interfaces By Wendy Richmond An interface affects how you express yourself and what you get back.
Computer Currents User, Heal Thy PC By Jim Aspinwall Yes, you can fix your PC- here's how. The first step in diagnosing your PC's ills is to remember the Duh Principle...
Computer Gaming World Online Resources Breath New Life Into Aging Flight Sims By Denny Atkin New missions, team campaigns, program patches, introductory guides, and plain old post-combat bull sessions are just a few of the reasons to log on.
Computer Life The $500 PC: Real or Ripoff? By Sean Kelly By the end of the year, Oracle's Network Computer will hit the stores, manufactured by companies ... that have licensed Oracle's technology. Smaller companies such as ... ; highly visible ones such as ..., and a whole host of others will be able to sell their own version of a net appliance (some of which are pictured throughout this article)...
Computer News Daily New York Times Syndicate Latest columns The greatest collection of daily updated news and columns ...
Computer Paper I love my word processor By Douglas Alder you write and rewrite, it becomes harder to separate yourself from your words and be critical and objective about what you are writing...
Computer Reseller News Microsoft, Netscape Fight Intranet Battle By Jodi Mardesich & Charlotte Dunlap Both companies are fighting for the mind share of VARs and the hefty corporate budgets that will be spent on building internal company networks based on their browsers and servers and Internet protocols.
Computer Retail Week NEWS FLASH This Week's Breaking News
Computer Shopper Collaborative Computing by Elaine X. Elliott Groupware programs stake their claims in a constantly changing category... The real question is which will best fit your workgroup's needs--the way people in your office work or, ideally, the way you'd like them to work.
Computer Times Singapore Intranet-building strategies By George Lee The experience of leaders pioneering electronic commerce and intranet projects suggests there is no single foolproof strategy for developing successful intranets...
Computerworld Leadership Series Computerworld's Leadership Series delivers provocative thought leadership to senior-level IS management every month.
Computing Japan Sales and Support by Wm. Auckerman The 2S Strategy for Success. An interview with Fumitaka Tezuka, President of Bay Networks KK
Crossroads The ACM Student Magazine Computer Security Past and Future by Michael Neuman and Diana Moore What has the last 20 years of research and the last nine years of legal support added to the overall security of systems? ...
Cybersphère - French IT Magazine Overview of the electronics, microcomputer and multimedia editing markets. by Ruben Amar The number of computers is strongly increasing in France at present. The notion of personal computer has been slowly evolving until now, and sales are finally increasing with the momentum given by multimedia...
CyberWire Dispatch The WEB Gets Sucked by Brock N. Meeks It needed a biting, cynical voice above and beyond the dog drool "cool site of the day" ratings and its also-ran rate-a-like clones.

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