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Issue 2. March'96

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Australian Personal Computer . The multitasking money machine. By Angus Kidman Angus Kidman tries to keep up with billionaire executive vice-president of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer.
Access online . Changing the Face of Government. by Ginny Hudak-David ...the Federal Web Consortium and NCSA will seek to foster a new era of interaction and collaboration among federal agencies, and, more importantly, between citizens and government. We believe we can contribute to building the technical environment to allow citizens to be more than passive recipients of government information; rather, the vision is that of citizens as full partners in a two-way interaction with a more responsive government.
ACM Student Magazine:Crossroads. . It's Now or Never. by C. Fidge. ...a recent technical journal article... neatly summed up current research on real-time program development.
AS400.Com. 1996 Programmer/Analyst Salary Survey. AS/400 Salary Survey * NEW for 1996! *... What do other AS/400 professionals in your field and position earn? (updated for 1996!)
Byte. Inside the Web PC. by Tom R. Halfhill. 500-dollar network-centric computers will soon roll off assembly lines. Should we take them seriously? Are network computers just another false alarm, like the first personal digital assistants (PDAs)?
Chips. A Guide to TCP/IP Price Comparison. By David Rook. Let's take a look at how service providers set prices for TCP/IP and what the user can really expect for throughput.
CommunicationsWeek. PRACTICAL ALTERNATIVE? The Internet vs. Private Lines. By JOHN RENDLEMAN. Will the Internet replace private corporate data networks? Thanks to performance upgrades and new security schemes, it just might.
Computer Life . Games Get Real. by Andy Fischer Experience More Action With New 3-D Graphics Cards... In the world of 3-D, though, standard graphics tests don't tell the story. These boards are about games, and the quality of a game can't be measured--it has to be experienced
Computer Paper. Handwriting recognition comes in from the cold. by Geof Wheelwright. Handwriting recognition is back. After a couple of years in which this technology withdrew from view following disastrous initial outings on the Apple Newton and the Tandy/Casio/AST Zoomer, a second wave of handwriting-recognition technology is appearing on handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs).
Computer Reseller News. Intranets Go Head-To-Head With Groupware. by William Terdoslavich. Internet-related solutions give Notes a run for its money. Groupware such as Lotus Development Corp.'s Notes and Netscape Communications Corp.'s Collabra Share has made inroads into corporate America, but the practice of deploying internal World Wide Web servers to act as an alternative workgroup platform is beginning to gain an edge.
Computer Retail Week. Publishers Release 32-bit Remote Access Solutions. by KATHLEEN RICHARDS. Connectivity to PCs and network resources from a remote location arms mobile... This year, publishers will release native 32-bit versions of remote access software that offers a variety of functions, from file transfer and synchronization to remote control of a desktop PC, dial-up networking, infrared data transfer and Internet connectivity.
Computer Shopper. Web Server In A Box by David S. Linthicum, Ryan Tababian, and Jim O'Brien New Web servers come prepackaged for plug and play in less than a day
Computing Canada.. Price of a Pentium PC tumbles. by Paul Barker. The sticker price of Pentium-based desktops and notebooks has declined sharply following the outbreak of another price war. The market for Pentium Pcs, ... , is now at the point where they have hit the saturation level.
Datamation. What Is This Thing Called Java? By Arthur van Hoff, Sami Shaio, & Orca Starbuck Java is very similar to C++, but it's much simpler. All of the features of high-level programming languages that are not absolutely necessary have been left out...
develope.. 50 Macintosh Advantages. ... This document shows 50 examples of how Macintosh is better than PCs running Windows 95.
Electronic Buyers News Online,. New Optimism Energized By More Pay, Recognition. By Paul Hyman. Suddenly there's a new feeling in purchasing departments. Perhaps not in every one, but in most.
Global Monitor.. Web Diplomacy. by Alex Anderson . The new (in-your-screen) face of diplomacy. "Through the Internet ambassadors are able to receive new ideas..."
Home PC. Parents vs. cyberporn: software marks the XXX spots. By John Eckhouse. The premise behind their new programs is simple: It may not be technically possible--or legal or desirable--to limit what people say on the Net, but you can control what comes into your own home.
HotWired. Beyonds NetDay96. by David Kline. Schools are desperate for more than T1s, ...
IBM Personal Systems Magazine. Remote Installation of OS/2 Warp Connect. by Erik Mintz. This Little Solution discusses the remote installation utility included with OS/2 Warp Connect. It covers the products included with OS/2 Warp Connect, installation methods, remote installation server setup, the client boot diskettes, and remote client installation.
InfoWorld. HP offers end-to-end private intranet service to overcome bandwidth limitations. by Luc Hatlestad and Tom Quinlan . Companies stymied in their efforts to move corporate data onto intranets because of lack of sufficient bandwidth were offered a solution... Called Managed Intranet Solutions,...
Inside Netware. Speeding up your NetWare 3.11 file servers. ... ...your workstation could spend a large portion of its time simply waiting for the file server it's communicating with to respond to individual packets sent. Novell's PBurst technology addresses this timing problem by enabling your file server to respond with a burst of packets for each read request received...
Inter@ctive Week. Interactive Or Inactive? How I Got Whapped By Win95. by Gary Bolls. It turns out that Windows 95 has a set of setup description files called the Registry...
Interactive Age. Balancing a Web budget. by John Evan Frook. How to plan for the launch and operation of a site. ...Web sites almost always cost more than expected. New technologies, programming costs and licensing fees for content can bust bottom-line costs before the first HyperText Markup Language page is posted.
ION Visual Computing. Ford Global Studio. by Grant Ellis. Ford's Global Studio shrinks the world- and changes the way it works. Two Ford designers, one working on body design in California, one designing suspensions in Germany, are chatting face to face, their eyes on each other and on the same drawing.
LAN Magazine. Net Managers Show Net Gains. by Melanie McMullen . Four factors affect the net worth of network managers: location, certification, experience, and gender. Here's how to make the most of the factors you can change--and even those you can't.
Lan Times. Web Gets Down to Work . by Bradley F. Shimmin. New development tools designed to link the World Wide Web to client/server applications promise to propel the Internet's most popular attraction past its current status as interactive curiosity.
MacUser. Net Success. by Steve Rosenthal. How many hours have you spent on the Net with nothing to show for it? Here are 10 ways to make your online time quality time.
Mac Week. Built-in slots, more functions: PC Cards have come of age. By April Streeter Pocket-size PC Cards have come far from their PCMCIA roots. And while they have expanded functions, they have a way to go before they grab users' hearts as the perfect portable peripherals.
Microsoft Magazine. Microsoft builds an online future. ... MSN will thus pioneer what Gates calls an "Internet online service," which is an evolution of existing online services.
Net Guide. Copy. Right! What copyright? by Kate Gerwig. In a digital world, can copyrights be policed?
Network Computing. Multiplatform Backup: An Enterprise Solution. by Robert J. Kohlhepp. Backups are essential to every network administrator's job, and it's not only a job you can't take for granted, but one that's grown tougher as networks have grown more complex.
OEM Magazine. Interview with Tim Dorcey - Co-creator and developer of CU-SeeMe. by Larry Lange T.D. "The Web's not interactive. Pushing buttons is no more interesting than turning pages in a magazine or using a remote control on a TV. It's still a great tool to organize information, but people don't want to be passive; they want to be contributing--and expressing--themselves. I think the Web has been a lot more fun for the people who make the home pages than the ones who are looking at them..." ...
Open Computing. Managing Upheaval. by Bill Roberts. Like many information services executives, National Semiconductor's Connie Deletis is orchestrating radical change. Can he pull it off? Spend a day with him...
PC Magazine. Microsoft's Mistakes. by John C. Dvorak. WinErr: 01B Illegal error - You are not allowed to get this error. Next time you will get a penalty for that. ...
PC World. The Right Way to Use OLE by Rob Krumm. Tips for dragging, dropping, linking, embedding, and making today's object-oriented software work for you.
Software Quarterly. Data Mining: A New Weapon for Competitive Advantage. ... In some ways, the adage about finding a needle in a haystack is a good analogy for the rapidly growing set of technologies known as data mining. . . Finding a few key facts hidden in huge mounds of data -- and drawing the insights needed to see the significance of those few key facts- -can be a monumental task.
SunWorld Online. Firewall technologies and methods. by Peter Galvin. Some in the industry (particularly firewall vendors) will tell you that if you install a firewall, all your network security problems will be solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case...
Technology in Government. Government plays role in Internet commerce. by Jerry Zeidenberg Several government agencies including Canada Post and Industry Canada are among the 17 founding members of CommerceNet Canada, a consortium seeking to accelerate the use of the Internet for business.
Telecom Tribune-Japan. Time Is of the Essence- Private-sector Effort Seeks to Bring Developing Countries into GII Net. - An Interview with Mr. Minoru Makihara, Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC) Co-Chair for Asia - Mr. Minoru Makihara is one of the three Co-Chairs for the Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC), which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established earlier this year to promote transnational cooperation in information infrastructure development.
Unix News International. Fashion Victims. by John Stevenson . e-mail use grows daily, it has become obvious that, for larger companies, running a mail network is not the simple matter that it might, at first, appear. ,...
UnixWorld Online. DNS Database Files. by Tom Yager. ...the examples given here are actual DNS databases,...
Upside. Entropy On The Superhighway. by Richard L. Brandt. As the Internet grows from a tangled web of academic hyperlinks to the computing platform of the 21st century, it has begun to wrest control of computer industry standards from the existing commercial players. At the same time, computer companies are infiltrating the ranks of the Internet standards bodies. Who will end up in control when the battle is done?
VAR Business. Internet II -- Beyond the Home Page. by T.C. Doyle. A plethora of new tools and languages marks the beginning of the second phase of Internet frenzy: application building.... When the Cambridge, Mass., market researcher asked 1,158 channel companies what percent of their 1996 revenue would be Internet-related, VARs said more than one quarter...
WebMaster Magazine. Easy Doesn't It . by Jim Sterne. On the Web, the only thing coming to those who wait is likely to be anonymity. Corporate America is nervous. The rank and file are starting to make a lot of noise about this World Wide Web thing...
Windows Magazine. Dumbed-down, "thin" Network PCs? Thanks, but no thanks. by: Fred Langa. The idea is seductive: For about $500--a magic number for generating volume sales--you get a World Wide Web-ready computer that's basically just a front end... But... the idea ranks right up there with IBM's ill-fated PCjr. Here are 10 reasons why: ...
WWWiz Magazine. Can Small Business Learn from Bill Gates' Big Mistake? by R. Net Fisher. They say Microsoft has badly misread the Internet (World Wide Web) opportunity and is now "struggling" to catch up with the likes of nimble Netscape and innovative Sun. Although only a temporary setback for MS, many smaller businesses across the country may be making a similar mistake, with the potential for much more serious consequences...

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