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The Top 10 Japanese computer  systems' vendors

Computers,  peripheral units,  semiconductors and other computer-related products ...
Company... Sales($bil)* Products
Canon 19 computers, peripherals: printers, imaging- systems
Fujitsu 34 computers, networks, Liquid crystal displays, ICs
Hitachi America 14 mainframe computers, disk drives, semiconductors
Matsushita 70 multimedia systems, liquid crystal displays, networks, semiconductors
Mitsubishi 32 networks
NEC 37 computers, networks, semiconductors
Oki 6.4 networks, semiconductors, peripheral units: printers, multimedia systems
Ricoh 10.2 computers, peripherals: printers, data storage-, imaging- systems
Seiko Epson 4 computers, printers, liquid crystal displays
Toshiba 47 semiconductors, DRAM, computer monitors

*/ "Sales" were approximately estimated by the 1994's data

Data sources:

The publications of the members's of "The Top 10 Japan vendors",   Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Datamation, Hoover's Online.

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