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Welcome to the Internet Valley!

Who we are:

Internet Valley, Inc.(IVI) is a Sacramento, Californ. -based Internet consulting and publishing company.

One of the Web publications that we are currently launching is hyper-book:

View from Internet Valley (VIV)

We hope it will be the Information Technology (IT) oriented


The global interactive book that was called WorldWideWeb is being written simultaneously by millions of authors.

What will it be ?

The next version of the Tower of Babel story or ... organic type of growing, Thinking Ocean - the new level of human being?

Service that IVI provide is Web-content


You provide IVI with the facts and events that you want to have Web-published, and ...

IVI create the following items:

Mission statement, Company history, Company news, Product line, Company overview.

IVI link your pages to the popular IT-sites and...

create Web-content that encourages the IT-sites link to your pages.

Feel free to contact us:

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