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 Rumours: About 20 percent of all men are drinking about 80 percent of all the beer...


About 80 percent of GM vehicles are sold by only about  20 percent of GM dealers.

About 80 percent of IT -related  Web info are located inside Top 100*100 Digest


    Good news: The total number of IT-related Web-publications  has more than doubled every six month.

    Bad news: The general level of WWW-channel noise is growing incomparable faster than the level of  genuinely helpful information. That is one of the main WWW- problem now and there are many signs that it will be the Web-problem # 1 in the near future.

     That is the reason why the View from Internet Valley developing process has began from the Top 100*100 Digest in 1995


    What is it?

      Top 100*100 Digest is the Premier collection of the most reliable Web sources of IT-related trend and news:

     A. The Top 100 Computer Companies                      

    B. The Top 100 Computer Magazines

    The A-side of the Magic 100-100 Quadrant provides our visitors with channel to the original sources of computer related news, events and suggestions from the leading IT events makers -Top 100 Companies.

    The B-side provides them with the more general viewpoints of IT most influential Top 100 Magazines.


     We hope that inside the M-100-100-Q Web space you will be able to find out all the necessary IT-related information you really need, which would dramatically reduce the general level of Web-noise for you.

                  Internet Background of  the Current Tendencies...

    As it was mentioned so many times, "from the early beginning of IT-history, a great deal of IT key-solutions have been reaching worldwide IT-market from California's Silicon Valley..."

      That is why the Silicon Valley History is one of the basic pages of this site.
    In our opinion the description of the process of transforming Silicon Valley To Internet Valley is one of the best way to clarify a great deal of the Internet History , some events and tendencies.

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