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December 1998

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Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Net Guide 12 Hannah Kinnersley

Where to Find Animated GIFs Online

If you want to make your Web site a little flashier, but don't know Java and don't want to overload your server with resource-consuming bells and whistles, then an animated GIF or two could do the trick. Animated GIFs can look as simple as the old Netscape throbbing 'N' or as complicated as a shuffling pack of cards, but the process for making them is basically the same.
Network Computing 63 Richard Hoffman

Finding the Middle Ground

The "middle-tier" market is getting crowded with vendors of Web-to-database connectivity products, development tools and databases all trying to cut themselves a slice of the middleware pie. If you haven't faced a purchasing decision on middleware products yet, it's only a matter of time, as three-tier architectures' flexibility, scalability and robust nature win more believers.
Network Magazine 71 Phil Keppeler

XML Ready for Prime Time?

Since the Extensible Markup Language (XML) specification was first proposed in late 1996, it has remained in the headlines as one of the Web’s next big killer applications, with the promise of being a solution for e-commerce, EDI, contextual searching, online data warehouses, and more. But the question remains: Will it emerge as a significant architecture for Internet applications, or fade into the background as have so many technologies that promised to revolutionize the medium?

Ed. - With Microsoft moving so quickly to support XML, you get the idea it's here to stay.

Network World Fusion 65 David Rohde

Spring ION Limping to a Site Near You

Sprint's heavily hyped Integrated On-Demand Network (ION) services are supposed to be available next month, but few of the convergence devices are in place and few users have beta-tested the network.
New Media News 48 Suzanne Shaw

Software For the Birds

Do you realize how smart some birds are? Although their intelligence level is comparable to that of dolphins and chimpanzees, they're tough to teach how to talk. Birds also need a lot of attention. In response, two Bay Area men formed Birdbrain Technology and developed 'Polly Professor.' It's a program to both train and entertain your bird. 3 Tim Clark

Retail Web Sites Pack 'em In

This holiday season online vendors were hopping to meet demand, and for the most part, they seem to have passed the test. Internet merchants report that despite heavier-than-expected sales, they managed to deliver most of their products on time. And so far, not many items are being returned. But the push to deliver packages before Christmas got top executives at many Web storefronts out from behind their desks and into distribution centers to pack boxes.

New Zealand InfoTech Weekly 44 Adrienne Perry

Telecom Moves on Self-Serve

TELECOM has launched its self-serve Internet site in a move which represents an investment of $20 million over three to five years. The site provides substantial information about products, services and Telecom activities, and also allows customers to order online. Initially that includes items such as second lines, pagers, caller ID and smart services. Other items such as cellphones will follow. .


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Oracle Magazine 59 Steve Bobrowski

Oracle8's Integrity-Constraint Enhancements

Integrity constraints are used to ensure that the data in a database table complies with rules you've set to establish accurate and acceptable information for your database. Without integrity constraints, enforcing basic rules for your business data would be complex, if not impossible. Oracle7's already robust implementation of integrity constraints has been improved in Oracle8. This article identifies integrity- constraint issues in Oracle7 and then explains three valuable enhancements in Oracle8.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

PC Computing 16 Crashproof Your PC Windows does its best to hide those ugly text-mode screens from you, but every so often one pops up. Or worse, your PC locks up and won't even let you reach a DOS prompt. It takes the right tools to get up, running, and back to the Windows interface--and it helps if you've prepared for disaster.
PC Magazine 11 Don Willmott

GO Network

Mickey Mouse entered the portal wars today, and he's ready to fight. GO Network, which blends the old Infoseek Web directory with a new navigation system and lots of Disney-owned content, is now available in a preview edition.

Ed. - GO Networks lateral navigation and access to original content should make this a hit, proving "It's a Small World," afterall.

PC Novice & Smart Computing 86 Which Windows Is for You You’ve made the big decision: It’s time to upgrade the operating system on your home computer or your company’s multiple computers. With that settled, you now face a few more decisions, including which operating system will work best for you. If you’re content to let Microsoft decide what is best for you and your computer, or your company’s computers, proceed to the store now and buy the prescribed operating system. If you’d rather choose your own operating system based on details of your own situation, read this article.
PC World 6 Jennifer Peltz

Women on the Net to Stay

In the last year, studies have made it clear how rapidly women are joining the global network. Various estimates now put women at 40 percent or more of the U.S. online population. Four years ago, women made up only 3 percent, according to Georgia Tech University, which surveys Internet users twice a year.

Ed. - It begs the question, did the content attract the women? Or did the women attract the content? Either way, it's about time, cyberspace mirrored society a little better.

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