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October 1998

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
SCO World:

UNIX Business Solutions

Ernest H. Rice

Leveling the Playing Field

Toys, toys, toys. SCO World takes a look at some of the more interesting devices not always thought to be available under Unix. Nowadays, an SCO Open-Server 5.0.4 system administrator can use devices such as Cards, Printers and Tape Drives.

Shift Douglas Rushkoff

State of the Net

Although the Internet may at one time have symbolized the very shift in civilization to which Shift magazine has dedicated its pages, to many of us who have been online since the good old days, it now feels like the Net itself has undergone something of a shift. Douglass Rushkoff leads cyberculture's leading minds in surfing the past, present and future.

Service News Rhonda M. Morin

Training Industry Shows Softer Side

Knowing the latest technology is key to landing an IT job, but professionals can gain an edge if they've got strong communication and business skills. In fact, a recent poll by RHI Consulting found that 97 percent of CIOs look for well-developed "soft" skills when hiring IT staff.

Software Quarterly: IBM Magazine IMB Enhances Websphere Application Server

IBM announced that it has extended the HTTP services in IBM WebSphere Application Servers in the areas of performance, security and platform. The enhancements allow Web masters and Web developers to benefit from traditional IBM strengths, such as enterprise-level performance, reliability and security.

SunWorld Online Geoffrey Moore

Gorillas in the Market

Geoffrey Moore teams up with two investment professionals to turn his theories about the dynamics of technology markets into profits for investors. Can his simplistic models and colorful metaphors translate into strategies that beat the Dow?

Sys Admin William Garner

Basic User Configurations

Many UNIX system administration books discuss user configuration basics, but none adequately cover the rationale behind the mechanics. That is what this article is intended to do. User administration can be a mind-boggling task at larger sites and a pain in the neck at smaller sites. The use of standards in user configuration will help make this task more manageable, and make it easier to teach to new administrators.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Technology Review Simson L. Garfinkel

The Web's Unelected Government

A little-known group that holds closed meetings is the closest thing the Web has to a central authority. Technology Review offers the first in-depth look at this crucial player in the Web's future. The consortium, known to insiders as W3C, has at last count 275 member organizations, including companies, nonprofit organizations, industry groups and government agencies from all over the world. John Gartner

Web Browsing Calls Phones

Forget the Netscape-Microsoft battle. The browser of the future won't use plug-ins or Java, but it will have a familiar ring. Several vendors at Internet World in New York recently demonstrated voice applications that use standard telephones to get e-mail and browse the Web.

ThinWorld Market Innovation Embeds NT Workstation on Thin-Client Device

"Thin" has become a catch-all phrase for anything that suggests simpler and less-expensive computing - thin servers, thin clients, thin management. Following the trend, Netier Technologies, a developer of end-to-end server-centric computing solutions, has become the first to offer out-of-the-box thin-client access devices configured with Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0

TidBITS Adam C. Engst

The Race for Bandwidth

About a year ago, Cary Lu, noted technologist and Macintosh author, died after a nine-month bout with cancer. Before he died, Lu had began writing and almost completed his latest book, The Race for Bandwidth. Author Adam Engst talks about finishing the book for Lu, and what he learned about bandwidth along the way.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
UGeek Microprocessor Forum

At the recent Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, California, all the major x86 chip companies released new details about their forthcoming processors. It was a big year for x86 chips, with AMD making a cut into Intel's domination. Next year promises more of the same.

UnixWorld Online Christa McHugh

Cloverleaf: The Swiss Army Knife for Data Conversions

Cloverleaf is possibly the most technically advanced integration engine available. It incorporates user-friendly GUI-based, object-oriented development, testing and monitoring tools. With its easy-to-use tools, data administration is no longer a nightmare. The article provides a detailed product description as well as administration tips.

Upside Geoffrey James

Consultants: IT Saviors or Slick Sellers

Dissatisfaction with IT contractors has reached an all-time high. A poll of 200 MIS managers conducted by Information Week revealed that 63 percent of them had either terminated or rebid an IT service contract within the past year. What or who can be blamed for these disasters? A growing number of industry analysts and attorneys are saying that the basic business practices of IT consulting firms are at the root of the problem.

User Friendly Online William Van Winkle

What You Should Know About Hard Drive Utilities

You need an array of handy tools near your PC at all times. What if your system starts crashing? Do you have the tools to fix it? There are five basic system utilities everyone should have running in their computer: backup, antivirus, system utilities, file compression and an uninstaller.

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