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October 1998

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Net Guide Michelle Schoenung

The Best Computing Downloads

NetGuide has located some downloads that can help in making computing a little easier, whether you want to fend off hackers, outwit spammers, or stay connected to America Online even after you've left your computer idle for 10 minutes (yes, there is a utility that does this).

Network Computing Christy Hudgins Bonafield

Java Brewing Up a Storm

Java is percolating its way into mainstream applications throughout Corporate America, and proving itself to be big business' cup of tea. Network Computing looks at the state and future of this programming language, developed my Sun Microsystems three years ago, and its role in the network.

Network Magazine Anita Karvé

Next Generation Internet

We tend to think of the Internet as a seamless, worldwide network of computers that passes information back and forth without complication. In reality, the Internet is a hodgepodge of servers and network devices, and we have no control over how information gets from point A to point B

New Media News Linux

High-technology has its share of big names: Microsoft's Bill Gates, Apple's Steve Jobs, Oracle's Larry Ellison, Netscape's Mark Andreessen. But who the heck is Linus Torvalds? Torvalds made his name by creating a new computer operating system. It started out as an operating system for his own personal use and was never meant to catch on, but the Linux system sure did. Randy Weston

IBM Continues Freeware Push

Big Blue announced this week it is enhancing the HTTP services in its WebSphere application server to boost performance and security and further support the open source code Apache HTTP server. The announcement is part of IBM's ongoing effort to be a major player in the lucrative Web application server market.

New Zealand InfoTech Weekly Malcolm McDonald

Telecom Aims to Make Services Available on Net

Telecom is preparing a multimillion dollar system designed to allow its customers to serve themselves over the Internet. With a budget informed sources say could be as high as $90 million, the system, Expressnet, will see all corporate, business, and eventually consumer customers accessing some of Telecom's corporate systems over the Internet.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Oracle Magazine Steve Telleen

Intranets: The New Knowledge Base

With the advent of Internet technology, we are seeing cracks in our traditional value systems and what constitutes wealth. It is not information per se that is the newly valued commodity--it's vision and ideas. With the availability of cheap and plentiful information, the process of learning and synthesizing is replacing the process of manufacturing.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
PC Computing Want to Know a Secret?

PC Computer's Undocumented Tips and Tricks

PC Computing has compiled a one-stop portal of all their best tips & tricks. Plus downloads, help and more. Their new Seventh Annual Windows Superguide can help you unlock the power of Windows with tips, speedup secrets and fix it tricks for making any version of Windows run smoother.

PC Magazine Luisa Simone

Web Graphics

A picture is still worth a thousand words--especially on the Web. Here is a varied collection of 11 graphics tools designed specifically to help you prepare images for the Internet. The eleven new products highlighted will help you edit, optimize, automate, and animate graphics to produce a professional-looking site.

PC World Gordon Meyer

Go Anywhere, Print Anything

So what should you look for in a tag-along PC-compatible printer? Compact size and light weight are key factors. Surprisingly, PC World found that only three printer manufacturers--Canon, Citizen, and Hewlett-Packard--had models that met these simple criteria. Each printer has its strengths and weaknesses, find out which one PC World thought was best.

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