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October 1998

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"In the beginning was the WORD..."  


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Datamation Lynn Haber

A Businessware Takes Flight

The cross-platform integration services provided by enterprise application integration tools are quickly allowing large enterprises to interconnect their disparate OS platforms and heterogeneous application collections.
Data Communications Magazine Peter Cray and Andrew Heywood

Building the Brave New World

Service providers and vendors are starting to pull together the pieces of what will eventually become the new public network-a packet- and cell-based infrastructure that's equally adept at handling data, video, and voice. And when this convergence is complete it will change everything: the way net managers build networks, the way they buy services, and the way they do their jobs.

Dr. Dobb's Journal Lou Grinzo

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Reusable

If programming has a Holy Grail, wide-spread code reuse is it with a bullet. While our profession has made and continues to make laudable progress in our use of reuse, we never seem to make great strides in this area. Why is this? After watching this scene from a front-row seat for nearly 20 years, I'm convinced that our less-than-stellar results so far are attributable to both a flaw in how we're measuring our success (or lack thereof), as well as inherent limitations in what we're trying to achieve.



Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
EDN Access Stephen Kempainen

Optical Networking Lightens Carrier-backbone Burden

More and more users are finding faster ways to send data and are thus overburdening long-haul communications backbones. Optical networking is poised to ease that overload with mixed protocols and data rates and newly emerging photonics.
Optical networking means that photonic data enters the network at any node and can exit the network at any other node before being converted back to electronic format.


The Networked Academy Get all the information on the EDUCASE Conference on Information Technology in Higher Education. The Conference is in Seattle, WA, Dec. 8-11. Check out the planned pre-conference seminars and planned session speakers as well as registration, travel and lodging information for the conference.
EE Times Peter Shikli

Weaving Your Web: "Meta Tags"

In this monthly column, consultant Peter Shikli, founder of BusinessWare, sets forth some very practical ideas for you to use to help your company make the most out of its presence on the Internet. Specifically he talks about the use of meta tags and whether or not to mention your competition.

Entropy Gradient Reversals Chris Locke aka Rageboy

Hey Gang Let's Potlatch!

It seems like everybody's trying to figure out "E-Commerce" these days. What does that $%$! really mean, huh? Probably not much more than "you buy lotsa stuff from us; we get the money" -- though, of course, wrapped in the prerequisite head-pounding jargon that makes all involved feel that, whatever it is, it must be pretty damn important.

Embedded Systems Programming Robert Oshana

Guidelines for DSP Development

There is nothing mystical about DSPs. Think of them as application-specific microprocessors, built to handle digital signal algorithms which aren't usually found on general purpose processors because of their complexity. But the software development issues associated with these devices are similar to other general-purpose processors. DSPs are becoming common in all product areas, including military and aerospace systems, embedded applications, and PC-based systems.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Fairfax Information Technology:

Sydney Morning Herald
Philippa Yelland

The Getting of Wisdom

Forget Y2K compliance and Euro-dollar conversion - dataoverload is becoming the number one technology issue for IT managers. Fairfax IT finds out how the corporate world is coping. What began as a trickle is now a flood of paper and electronic input: documents, mail, newspapers, e-mail, fax, paging, voice-mail, graphics, video - the formats are endless. So it the stress of keeping up.

Family PC Anne Fischer Lentn

Unlimited Storage

No matter how big a hard drive is, eventually they run out of usable space. But now you've got lots of options for adding more storage, from the 100MB Iomega ZipPlus to the 8GB MicroSolutions Backpack 8000t (and lots in between). Learn all you've ever wanted to know about removable storage.
Federal Computer Week Bob Brewin

Some Army Web Sites to Go Dark

In the wake of its decision earlier this month to shut down all 998 of its publicly accessible World Wide Web sites, the Army expects that some of those sites will remain offline permanently. The Pentagon said its tighter Web policies resulted from a "data mining" effort earlier in the year. The DOD launched the project after a senior flag officer received calls at his unlisted number by people who knew who he was and what he did.

FEED Steven Johnson

Ken Starr and the Web's Coming of Age

All new media have their Presidential Moments: television and the Kennedy Assassination, radio and the Fireside Chat. The Starr report's release on the Internet was the Web's moment of glory, and if reading through the document's sordid details lent credence to the much-pilloried "net depression" study, so what? Nobody wants to rain on the web's inauguration parade. Somewhere beneath the noise of all those modem handshakes were the cheers and harrumphs of thousands of old-time netheads, marveling at this latest step in the massification of the Web.
The Production Artist Survival Guide
A regular series written for computer graphic artists. This section takes a look at Adobe's new ImageReady software and why it could make your life easier. If you're familiar with Photoshop, taking to ImageReady will be second nature - not to mention the software's simple and efficient interface.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Game Revolution
Game Previews

If you're into games, this is the site for you. Check out their reviews of available games, upcoming releases and daily gaming news. This site is devoted to satisfying the needs of casual players to the hard core role playing game enthusiasts.

Government Technology Magazine Tod Newcombe

Governments Ponder the Magic of Marketing

State and local governments are eager to launch a number of electronic commerce initiatives, but are unsure on how to market the services. Government agencies aren't comfortable with the idea of spending tax dollars on market research. So just how do they market new ideas aimed to benefit consumers?.

Government Computer


Paul Weinberg


The advent of global computer networks is altering the nature of modern warfare, states Blake Harris, director of the Probe think tank at the University of Toronto's McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology. It is conceivable that wars down the line could be fought and won in almost entirely in cyberspace. Far less clear (is) what this actually means for society and the way we go about such things as politics and business.

GeekWeek Paul Kapustka

On-Line Community a "Hit"

The theory of "community" is a strong one on the Internet. Many funding dollars have been spent in an effort to attract real-life communities of various kinds-including religious followings, gender-based persuasions or wrestling fans-during their respective forays onto the 'Net. This article gives you the inside look from a Blackjack Card Counters community that finally met up in Las Vegas after months of posts.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
homepage.journal Joanna Wiebe

Using Color in Development: Some Questions

Aside from the blue link in Netscape, and some contemporary editors that color text, is color being used effectively anywhere in programming? Aside from the problems of calibrating monitors so that the same shade of color can be viewed on every desktop, what other challenges intimidate us in thinking about the use of color as a semantic tool?

HotWired David Diamond

Who's Internet Is It, Anyways?

The domain-name system (DNS) connects an Internet address like with the numerical IP address that identifies its host server. Until 1993 the number of domain-name registrants was a mere 200 to 300 per month. Today that volume has exploded to an average of more than 3,000 per day. To a large extent, whoever controls the DNS - and the root server, the holy temple in which all names are housed - also controls the Internet.

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