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November - December 1996

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
SMG Computers Australia: Sydney Morning Gerald Search engines rev up By SUE LOWE ... growing awareness of the tight link between the numbers of users search engines bring in - everyone needs a tool to help them find stuff on the Web - and the advertising rates such highly populated sites can demand... "Most advertising in the world is regional, ... There aren't many adverts that are global, except for very big corporates."
Shift The French Connection By Taras Grescoe - Will France let the best online service in the world get killed by the Internet? The Minitel system is better, more efficient and more widely used than the American Internet. So why is the French government letting it collapse?
Service News Don't be a computer crime victim By Bob Pavlik Vendors offer means to put the brakes on hardware theft... 1995 saw 342,000 acts of computer theft costing more than $1 billion.
... there are several new products on the market that can help users keep their hardware from walking off when nobody's looking.
Sober Witness Moving to the "next generation" of web sites ... only people actually making money on the web are the toolmakers. ... The "tool" market will grow in direct proportion to the sophistication of web sites. This is the major reason that companies like Microsoft have suddenly "realized" the potential of the web: ...
Software Quarterly Magazine Network-Centric Computing
by Todd L. Watson
In the first wave of computing large systems were relegated to "glass houses," isolated from those who needed access to their power. The second wave of computing saw PCs on users' desks and the first, tentative steps to link users to distant data. The third wave, characterized by network-centric computing (NCC), is taking on tsunami proportions...
Sun World Online ICE Expo: Singing the praises of e-commerce ...Jim Manzi, chairman, CEO and president of Nets Inc. pointed out that it took 39 years for the telephone to gain a 30 percent acceptance rate among American households, while the Internet took only 7 years to achieve the same goal.
Sys Admin Assorted Security Tips for UNIX by Arthur Donkers This article is a collection of tips and tricks to secure your internal network. By using the standard supplied tools and configuring your system with a bit of common sense, you should be able to prevent about 80% of security-related problems.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Technology Review Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online in the Outback by Mark Hodges Videoconferencing is still considered little more than a novelty in the United States and other industrialized countries. But for several isolated aborigine communities in the remote Australian outback, the technology has become the primary medium for personal and business communications.
The Net Magazine Direct Marketer Delivers Campaign Material by Wayne Cunnigham Aristotle is an online direct marketer that makes its money by collecting demographic information and feeding advertisers' e-mail to people who meet demographic specifications. On the plus side, Aristotle won't give out individual names or addresses, and people with Aristotle e-mail boxes are actually paid to read advertiser e-mail DSL, From A to V Digital subscriber line (DSL) is a public network technology that delivers high bandwidth over conventional copper wiring at limited distances. The various flavors--ADSL, HDSL, SDSL, and VDSL--all are provisioned via modem pairs, with one modem located at the telco central office and the other at the customer site.
TidBITS A Bad Case of Upgraditis by by Marc Zeedar The concept of "upgraditis" is infecting more and more software companies and threatens the stability, usability, and long-term value of software...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Unix News International UK based Magazine Textual Relations by Tony Harrington Ten years ago you'd have been lucky to find a specialist text retrieval company turning over $3 million. Today the leaders are reaping between $30 million and $65 million, and already companies like Verity and Fulcrum are starting to dream of the fast track to that magical billion dollar turnover mark... The world is already awash in unstructured textual information and new material just keeps pumping in. The intranet/Internet phenomenon is off and running like the proverbial freight train...
UnixWorld Online Tips and techniques for exchanging files between Unix and DOS, MacOS, or VMS systems with FTP By Becca Thomas One of the common problems in computing is transferring files between different platforms, say between a Unix-based workstation and either a PC running DOS or a VMS-based VAX minicomputer. Although FTP has made such transfers possible, you still need to know about the pitfalls associated with different file-naming schemes...
Upside Silicon Valley's dirty little secret By David Kline ... contingent, or temporary, workers comprise 40 percent of the entire Silicon Valley workforce... these people have been forced to become high-tech gypsies, roaming the Silicon highways and byways in search of one fleeting job assignment after another... less than 10 percent of these contingent workers have any sort of health insurance... these workers' real income, adjusted for inflation, has fallen 15 percent since 1989... High-skilled technical workers, including software programmers, have seen their real wages fall an astonishing 28 percent in the past seven years!

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