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February 1999

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Ed. - Editorial comments

VAR Business 97 Larry Aragon

The End of Alpha?

Compaq Computer Corp. is reconsidering the viability of its Alpha microprocessor, a Compaq source says.

The Compaq source, who asked not to be named, says internal memos are being passed around the company discussing the situation with Intel. The memos indicate that Intel wants to raise the price of Alpha chips--to possibly even double the current price--because it is losing money in production.

Ed. - Maybe it would serve "the source" better to re-read his non-disclosure agreement.

Visual C++ Developers Journal 61 Scott Wingo

New and Cool in MFC 6.0

You may already be enjoying the productivity gains from great new features in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 like the IDE, editor, and compiler.
Now that you’ve had a chance to recompile your current projects with the latest rev of Visual C++, it’s time to look at what’s new in the latest release of MFC, Version 6.0.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

WebBusiness Magazine 58

Lynda Radosevich

Personnel Connections

In this information-driven age, highly skilled employees are more valuable than ever before. To help employees gain skills and to retain those who have them, companies are offering more creative and elaborate incentives, training and benefits options. The increasing complexity of benefits plans naturally leads to escalating costs and efforts involved in administering them.

Ed. - It appears IBM is trying to take the lead using the Web to strengthen its infrastructure before it looks for external gains.

Web Developer 29

Scott Clark and Ronnie Moore

Pre-Loading Images and Creating MouseOver Effects

Some of the most common questions we're called upon to answer from our readers are "How can I preload some images for use in a mouseover effect?" and "How can I make an image change when the mouse is moved over it?" In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to perform both tasks, and we're even going to provide you with a Preload/Rollover Script Generator, created especially for our readers.
Web Developer's Journal 82

Bruce Morris

Evaluating Ad Management Software

Everybody wants to build cool Web sites and sell ads to pay for them and get rich. Currently this is an iffy proposition for most but the trend points towards ad-supported Web sites becoming a viable commercial model in the near future. If you're selling ads on your Web site now or plan to be in the near future you need to decide what kind of ad management software you need.

Web Marketing Today


Muhammad Lee

The Birth of the Euro and Its Impact on E-Commerce

Europe's single currency, the euro, has finally become a reality after more than a decade of planning and preparations. In one stroke, the single currency has created the largest single economy in the world with a larger share of global trade and a greater number of consumers than the U.S.
Web Reference 14

Yoheda Shiran and Tomer Shiran

Inheritance Through Prototypes

The prototype property not only makes your life easier as a programmer, it also boosts your program's performance by accelerating the construction actions. Constructors are those functions that when called with the new keyword, create new objects and assign them properties.
Web Review 40

Patrick Killelea

Measuring Web Performance

Most people believe that the server is the only part of the Web that you can tune. When you're desperate to improve performance, however, you become much more creative about finding other parts of the Web that you can tune. You may not be able to do much about the public network or about remote clients, but you can tune entire intranet systems.

Webserver Online 68 Patrick T. Coleman

Intel Broadens E-Commerce Interest

At times, life in the corporate Internet world mirrors the food chain. Big fish eat little fish. And in 1998, this phenomena was particularly noticeable with companies selling e-commerce products.

With Intel's purchase of iCat, the chip maker is continuing its push into the e-commerce space. To date, Intel has minority investments in Open Market, VeriSign Inc., CyberCash Inc., and has a joint venture with SAP called Pandesic LCC.

Web Techniques 79

Lincoln Stein

Apache Rewriting

Recently I had to solve a classic problem in Web server administration: moving a large multipage document from an old server to a new server. In this case, the old server was an NCSA http'd site, and the new server was running Apache. The good news was that because the document had been designed with portability in mind, most of the hyperlinks and inline images used relative URLs.
Win98 Magazine 44    Austin Williams

CTX EzBook 777

If you've been online recently (obviously you have) or have read any computer magazines, you're seen all the hype about the "new and improved" notebook PCs. Many of them are billed as desktop replacements, weighing only 15 pounds, with displays larger than your parent's television set! And have you seen the prices?

Get real! Who wants to carry around a beast like that?
Windows Magazine 11 Joseph F. Kovar

Iomega Buys Out Syquest

Storage maker Iomega said Wednesday it plans to acquire financially troubled rival SyQuest Technology for $9.5 million in cash.

Under the terms of the deal, which is expected to close at the end of the quarter, Roy, Utah-based Iomega will get all of SyQuest's intellectual property along with its inventory and fixed assets in the United States.

Ed. - Considering the billions of dollars being thrown around in the industry, for a mere $10 million, Iomega sounds like they got a good deal.

Windows NT Magazine 38

Mark Smith

Is NT Windows?

Unlike Windows, NT has a heritage not from the consumer PC environment, but from the enterprise mainframe environment. NT's roots have much more to do with Digital's (now Compaq's) VMS and with UNIX than with Windows. And NT is increasingly resembling a full-fledged enterprise OS.
Wired 6

Craig Bicknell

At Home to Buy Excite

At Home said Tuesday that it agreed to buy Excite, the third largest search engine on the Net, for about US $6.7 billion in stock.

The value of the offer was staggering, nearly double Excite's $3.4 billion market value and much larger than America Online's pending $4.2 billion purchase of Netscape Communications.

WWWiz Magazine 50

Kate Mayhall Klema

The Web-Wide World of Fathering

For lots of dads, though, taking the big leap into responsible parenthood is scary. It's like climbing up on that 10-meter diving platform for the first time as a kid, not realizing until you get to the top how high it really is. Shaky knees. Tight shoulders. You're light-headed, wondering what you're getting yourself into.

Fortunately, dads today have a unique safety net, provided courtesy of the Internet.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments



Carmen Nobel, Scott Berinato

Linux Bandwagon Gains Compaq

A formal bundling strategy from the world's largest PC server vendor is a big step up for the open-source Unix operating system. While many IT managers have been adopting and supporting Linux on their own, backing from hardware vendors has been limited.

Ed. - Compaq's recognition of Linux as a major player in the PC market gives the upstart operating system a significant boost.

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