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February 1999

Top 100 Mag: S-T-U

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Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


SCO World:

UNIX Business Solutions

89 Tim Snyder

Interfaces and Dynamic
Initially, my reaction to Java's interface facility was a groan. Why couldn't Java just do it right and provide for real multiple inheritance? Instead, Java implemented an anemic multiple inheritance called an interface. My second reaction, however, was horror. It was then the total reality struck home. I would have to code every method the interface declared in every class that implemented the interface.
Service News 72 Bob Pavlik

AT&T Solutions moves to gobble up IBM Global Network

In a world that could conceive an Exxon/Mobil merger, can an AT&T/IBM marriage be on its way?

Probably not. But the two business behemoths recently announced a deal that might be as close to that grand wedding as we are ever going to see.
Shift 67 Ian Connacher

Body Spam

With his election to office, the laughing has subsided, and the same critics who dismissed Ventura are now crediting his long-shot victory, in large part, to a brilliant campaign strategy executed over the Internet.

Phil Madsen, web site administrator for Ventura's campaign, is a little perplexed by all the commotion. "There was no 'plan'. Nobody ever thought not to have a web site."

SunWorld Online 20 Steven Brody

IDC: Windows NT workstations beating out Unix

The $1.7 million in total Windows NT-based workstation shipments (including non-branded workstations, or high-end desktops used as workstations) represents a 36 percent increase over last year, and revenues increased by 18 percent from last year, said IDC. HP and Dell were both contenders for first place in units  and revenue. The overall NT market data includes both branded NT workstations and non-branded workstations.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Technology Review 75 Eric Scigliano 

The Tide of Prints

Thousands of times each day across the United States a police officer books a suspect, stops a suspicious character near a crime, or pulls over a speeder, and takes his fingerprints.
Or he pulls “latent” prints from an object at a crime scene. He zips the prints to a central fingerprint database, and gets an answer back immediately.

Tech Web 4 Mary Mosquera

Intel Adjusts ID Code To
Consumer Concerns

A boycott targeting Intel products has not been lifted, despite the chip maker's announcement that it will offer consumers the choice to deactivate controversial technology that identifies users as they move around the Internet. 62 Karen Lynch

World Gone Mad

Paranoid Prediction No. 1: Several telecom executives begin engaging in what President Clinton calls "the politics of personal destruction," proclaiming ill-advised sexual activity of all sorts. The FCC and SEC conduct joint televised debates on whether to rescind their licenses or just delist them. Their stock prices climb and subscribers sign up in droves.

Think Leadership (IBM) 99 People Power In their search for a sustainable advantage, executives are asking: What is it that makes our firm unique? What can we play on that's not bought and sold in the marketplace? And the answer turns out to be what a company knows and how it uses what it knows–plus a culture that sustains knowledge.
ThinWorld 94 Case Study: Honeywell Europe For the past 15 years, Honeywell's corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its European headquarters in Brussels have used separate mainframe and mini computer systems for financial planning and reporting. Early in 1995, however, the company decided to move away from these proprietary systems to one single packaged solution, based on a less-expensive PC technology.
TidBITS 24 Adam C. Engst

Jobs Introduces New iMacs and G3 Systems

The new iMac systems feature 266 MHz G3 processors and a selection of new colors - grape, strawberry, lime, blueberry, and tangerine - at a new $1,200 price. The original 233 MHz Bondi blue iMacs now cost $1,049, improving Apple's offerings in the consumer market.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

UGeek 91 Apple Resurrects HAL 1998 was definitely the year for Apple, and '99 is looking pretty good already. The fact that Apple can proudly state that its computer, the Macintosh, is Y2K-compatible will make a lot of people wonder whether or not their own computer is compatible.

Of course, this means that more people will start to consider buying an Apple, especially with all of the hype currently surrounding the iMac and its pretty new colors

Ed. - According to Apple's Web site, the Macintosh won't have trouble until the year 29941, let alone a mere 2000 bug.

Upside 22 Tish Williams

No Stopping Go Network itself is fairly unimpressive. The standard portal fare with no Disney flare, its best feature is three file-folder-type tabs that allow you to get out of the site when you've gone in too deep. The new Net user may utter a sigh of relief, but this is no Yahoo-killer.

Forget the stock ticker. Think worldwide media empire backing.

Ed. - It looks like for Disney, the giant has finally woken up, ready to put its footprint on the Internet.

User Friendly Online 90 William Van Winkle

Countdown to Y2K Chaos

History is filled with failed attempts at apocalyptic prophesy. One safe prediction,  however, is that there will always be more doomsday predictions. They seem to haunt humanity like persistent, meddling ghosts, skirting the edges of our society's peripheral vision.

What remains intriguing is how prophecies seem to be inextricably joined with calendar dates. The last millennial craze that swept throughout the medieval Christian world was accompanied by the traditional promises of fire, brimstone, judgment, a second coming and whatnot.

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