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February 1999

Top 100 Mag: N-O-P

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Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Net Guide 9
Michelle Schoenung

Learning About Linux

"Hip" or "sexy" aren’t the first words that come to mind
when one thinks of the Unix operating system. But Linux, a free-for-the-downloading, Unix-like operating system developed by Linus Torvalds in the early 90s, is suddenly popping up on the desktops of tech-savvy hipsters everywhere.
Network Computing 60 Dave Molta

The Power of Knowledge and Information

When an IT manager lobbies for more resources, nurturing organizational alliances and making deals to garner support, we don't quite know what to make of it. After all, maneuvering of this type could diminish the probability that IT decisions will be made rationally, based on a thorough assessment of costs and benefits.
Network Magazine 76 Jonathan Angel

Are You Windows 2000 Ready?

Trying to figure out when Windows 2000—the OS formerly known as Windows NT 5.0—will be released has been reducing relatively respectable computer journalists to the level of latter-day Kremlin-watchers. We refuse to play the game, beyond noting that when this issue went to press, guesstimates of when the 35 million lines of code would finally ship were ranging from March 1999 to, well, 2000.
Network World Fusion 37 Fred McClimans

Getting Excited about @Home

$6.7 billion for 20,000,000 subscribers? That's roughly $335 per subscriber. If that is what @Home thinks a subscriber is worth, they can pay me my $335 fee (annually renewable, of course) right now and I'll sign up for whatever services they offer. Still, @Home may not be quite the victim of Internet tulipmania as it first appears.
New Media News 59 Catherine Heenan

Silicon Valley Keeps Preparing for Y2K

At a recent city council meeting, Milpitas was essentially giving itself a progress report on how it's trying to fix the Y2K bug.
Also in preparation is the Red Cross, with a brand new disaster-readiness brochure. Only this time, the potential disaster is Y2K.
"Treat it like getting ready for an earthquake," reads the brochure. "Have supplies, food water ... If you have pets, make sure you have extra food for them." The suggestions are very common sense. Another is to make sure you know how to open your garage door -- without power." 3 Jim Hu

Microsoft Wants Piece of Portal Pie

With Compaq's decision to turn its AltaVista search directory into a separate company as the backdrop, Microsoft is launching an initiative to begin licensing its Web properties to other Web
portals. As a result, existing relationships within both Web properties eventually will be phased out. AltaVista currently uses iName as its free email provider, while MSN uses Inktomi search technology.

Ed. - Yet another example of a company, however big or small, working to improve Web influence.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Oracle Magazine 66 Philip J. Gill 

Y2K: Truth or Consequence

The Year 2000 is as much about myths and misconceptions as it is a potentially serious problem for IT organizations around the world.  But some of the myths and misconceptions are more obvious than others.

Ed. -Once the Y2K bug and the Euro Conversion are dealt with, you'll start hear about the "Leap Year Bug."


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

PC Computing 17 John C. Dvorak

E-Biz Busters

All the prognosticators will tell you that e-commerce is going to set the world on fire. Cynical as I am, I see no reason to believe they're wrong. But unless we fix some serious flaws in the way we approach e-business, it will stall in much the same way as push technology, pen-based computing, and everything else where hype outpaces common sense.
PC Magazine 13 Carol Venezia

366-MHz Pentium Portables

Are you among the legions of road warriors who constantly crave more processing power for your portable? Well, there's good news from Intel. At the end of January, the company announced yet another addition to its Mobile CPU family--the 366-MHz Pentium II. And it's not just a speed boost this time:
PC Novice & Smart Computing 84 Marty Syms

Year 2000 Update

The Year 2000 Update is a short list of patches for correcting “minor issues” in the operating system. Microsoft officials stress that none of the issues the update corrects involve loss of data or actual damage to computers and that normal users would rarely encounter problems sans the update. Still, any official Microsoft update in the Critical category is unwise to ignore.
PC World 7 Rebecca Sykes

Compaq Spins Off AltaVista

AltaVista, which Compaq acquired when it purchased Digital Equipment last year for $9.6 billion, will become the cornerstone of The AltaVista Company, according to a statement from Compaq.

Having a separate subsidiary for AltaVista will help Compaq focus on making the search and navigation site a key destination for Internet information and electronic commerce, it said.

Ed. - Poor Compaq. They buy. They sit on AltaVista for more than a year. Then, one of their employees views the Internet Valley. Aha!, he says. And now we have this.

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