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February 1999

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Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Industry Standard 54 Bernhard Warner Just Do It Online

Nike has been quietly making plans to launch an online store to sell its footwear and apparel., as the site will probably be called, could be open as soon as next month, say sources close to the project. It's a move that could change the shoe business.

Ed. - Wonder if they could change those "Be like Mike" ads to "Be like Bill" ads?

InfoWorld 8 Paula Jacobs

Reputation Management

Career success may depend as much on how others perceive you as on your abilities. Hard to believe? Then look around your organization to see who is climbing the career ladder and why. Hard work, technical skills, and education are all important. But experts agree that your reputation counts just as much. So whether you are striving for a promotion or simply want to be heard at meetings, you may want to try beefing up your public relations efforts instead of signing up for another technical seminar.

Ed. - That's all fine and dandy, but there still is no substitute for hard work and competency.

The Institute (IEEE) 70 Annette Codispoti

President-Elect Bruce Eisenstein Plans a Year of Distinction

The year is 1999 and the significance of that number is enormous. The pressure is on to take the IEEE into a new century so members will look back with pride, a sense of accomplishment and hope for the future. "Everything the IEEE does in the year 2000 has to be distinctive," said Bruce Eisenstein, 1999 IEEE president-elect.
Intelligent Enterprise 95 Robin Bloor

Euro Conversion: The Post Y2K Challenge

Finally emerging from the Y2K shadow, the euro conversion has thrown its own twist of uncertainty on the future of business dealings. The euro could hit your business with currency fraud and confuse transactions between companies adopting the euro and those passing it up. To navigate your way through the maze, you need to know which software companies can help you, how to handle triangulation, and how to get past the Y2K glitch. Just knowing your market and offering top-tier customer relations won't be enough to run a profitable global business in the next century.

Ed. - Because of the length of the transition period and the ensuing implications, euro conversion may be more devastating to many businesses.

Inter@ctive Week 18 George Vernadakis

Home Offices and the Virtual Work Ethic

Like many wired-at-home commuters, the author has, on occasion, had the luxury of "phoning it in." When, for instance, the weather outside is frightful and the bulk of the work at hand can be attended to with a little telecommuting sleight of hand, then why not turn your home into a home office for a day? If you've never done the virtual office thing, then let Vernadakis introduce you to the three major advantages and disadvantages.

Ed. - Perhaps telecommuting is best for people on the two extremes. The boisterous office types whose antics often land them in trouble and the anti-social type, who would be much more productive if they didn't have to worry about the stress of interacting with co-workers.

Internet Shopper 80 Beth Cox

In the Driver's Seat

Shopping for a new car? Don't go near a showroom until you've done your homework -- online, of course. There are literally dozens of sites that allow virtual tire-kicking and offer help with getting a price quote on everything from a Geo Metro to a Lamborghini Countach. These sites have a good deal in common. Not only do they offer common-sense advice for consumers, but almost all of these virtual showrooms also offer the tools you need to heed that advice.
Internet Week 53 John Berry

Stuck In The Middle Ranks

On paper, moving from CIO to CEO is as easy as changing the middle vowel. In practice, career advancement into the elite chamber of top-level management is much more elusive. As information technology evolved from a support function to perhaps the most strategic asset of a company, many expected the steward of the corporation's digital assets-the chief information officer-to be on the fast track into chief executive officer ranks. In fact, that's rarely the case.

Ed. - As businesses become more strategic about how they handle information, we believe more CIOs will be ready to make the transition.

Internet World 26 David F. Carr

Server Upgrade Is Welcomed By Netscape Users

The feature list for Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 is less remarkable than the list of sites that are upgrading. Many large sites, including Netscape's own Netcenter, sat out the last several releases. But Netscape says E*Trade, Digex, Excite, and Lycos are among other large companies that will upgrade.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Java Pro 83 Claude Duguay

A SortFactory for the Collections API

Although the Java 2 Collections API provides a number of useful data structures and algorithms, it provides only one static method for sorting data in the Collections class. This article will show you how to extend the basic API with a SortFactory, providing a sorting algorithm for use with any of the sortable collections.
JavaWorld 12 Daniel H. Steinberg

Mac Java News from MacWorld Expo

To be an attractive option for running Java applications and applets, the Macintosh platform must have a good Java virtual machine as well as fast and reliable hardware. In his keynote for the Macworld Expo in San Francisco during the first week in January, Steve Jobs highlighted the platform's new hardware offerings. Overall, there was little explicit news about Java on the Mac, but JavaWorld's Daniel Steinberg did uncover several small but juicy nuggets.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Linux Journal 32 David Phillips

Csound for Linux

Csound is a music composition and sound programming language originally written by Barry Vercoe at MIT. One of MusicV's major innovations was the implementation of the unit generator, a "black box" concept that allowed great extensibility to the language. The article goes on to discusses some history as well as what's happening now in the Linux Csound world.
Linux Today 88 Dave Whitinger

Linux Kernel 2.2 Explained

Last May, in his keynote speech to a crowd of over 1,000 at the 1998 LinuxExpo in Durham, NC, Linus Torvalds told the world that he expected kernel 2.2.0 to be released "real soon now" -- in June or July 1998. Eight months later, after an incredible amount of further development and testing, we finally have our new kernel. In this article, Linux Today examines the 2.2.0 kernel and attempts to address some of the more common questions that users are likely to ask about it.

Ed. - Browsing around this site and other Linux related sites, you can really see a sense of community.


Magazine Feb 99 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

MacAddict 23 Got SCSI If You Want It Concerned that you can't find a good value SCSI card for your new G3 system? Adaptec is pleased to announce that the new Mac driver for the SCSI Card 2906 is now available from the Adaptec web site. Best of all, this is the final release driver -- the same version being released into production.
MacCentral 25 Apple Settles FTC Charges Apple has settled charges with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission of deceptive advertising, and has agreed to provide customers free access to technical support.
According to a Reuters story, Apple has agreed to reinstate a promise it made in an advertising campaign that it would give live, free technical support to customers under the so-called "Apple Assurance" program for as long as they own their Apple product.
MacOSRumors 42 Ryan Meader

P1 Update

(Both reported consumer portable prototypes) sported eMate-like plastics and an extremely rugged case designed to take even the hardest shocks. Like the eMate, this machine was pushed as the perfect computer for schools looking to equip their students with a virtually invincible, low-cost, high-performance portable.

Ed. - Since Microsoft is tied in heavily with Qualcomm in a number of deals, some are suspecting the outlook for Eudora to be bleek.

MacWeek 5 Robert Morgan

Apple's Pre-14A: The Meat

Apple amended its articles of incorporation to require its board members to stand for annual reelection. In other words, Apple will have a yearly opportunity to fire board members just by having a majority of the board to vote not to put a board member's name up for reelection. The move also allows Apple to add or delete board members almost at will. My stance: This is a good thing. The new rules will let Apple fire board members who prove less than cooperative.

Ed. - Utilizing the lightning-fast technology of 400 MHz G3 processors, Apple's newest offerings are pure power aimed at reclaiming some lost market share.

Macworld 10 Jason Snell

Web Tool Gets Me-Too Upgrade

When Adobe PageMill debuted, it was the first of its kind: a program that let you edit Web pages "without knowing HTML" via a word processor-style interface. But in the two years since Adobe Systems released the last Mac version of PageMill, the Web has changed remarkably. With version 3.0, Adobe adds a few new features to put the Mac version in parity with PageMill 3.0 for Windows. However, it's clear that time has passed PageMill by.
Maximum PC 98 Light for Syquest Users A light at the end of the tunnel has finally appeared for SyQuest customers. Maximum PC's Watchdog has learned SyQuest plans to repair and return drives it had in for warranty work when it shut its doors three months ago.

Ed. - For anyone who bought SyQuest because of a great rebate offer? Your check is in the mail.

Microprocessor Report 57 Keith Diefendorff

Microarchitecture in the Ditch

After more than a decade of efforts to extract instruction-level parallelism, ILP doesn't appear to be the panacea that was once envisioned. Companies have poured many millions of transistors into wide instruction-issue mechanisms and large instruction-reordering windows. What do they have to show for all this complexity? Precious little.


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