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SAN JOSE, Calif., February 22, 1999 – Continuing its growing commitment to serve the European market, Xilinx, Inc., (NASDAQ:XLNX) today announced the establishment of a new wholly owned subsidiary in France that will focus on the development of advanced software tools. 

The subsidiary, Xilinx International, Inc., is located in Grenoble.  The organization will initially focus on the development of high level tools to unite design entry, synthesis, place and route and simulation functions.  The tools will be used to organize, capture and link multiple design projects involving programmable logic devices.  The new operation brings the number of full-time Xilinx employees working in Europe close to 300, which represents the largest presence of any programmable logic supplier. 

"Europe is the second largest market for Xilinx products outside of North America, with sales representing 20 percent of the company's total revenues," said Wim Roelandts, Xilinx president and CEO.  "Over the last three years we have invested more than $100 million in Europe, and we fully expect to continue our commitment there in the years to come." 

The software development team in Grenoble will be supported by the Xilinx IC, Software Design and Manufacturing Campus located in Dublin, Ireland.  The Irish facility, which also serves as a Customer Service Center, opened three years ago and currently employs more than 150 people. 

In addition, a research and development team located in Edinburgh, Scotland, is currently focused on software cores tailored and developed in partnership with European customers and available to Xilinx customers worldwide. Xilinx also maintains sales and technical support offices in Brussels, London, Milan, Munich, Paris and Stockholm. 

"Both our IC design and software development teams are working closely with European customers to ensure that their specific requirements are designed into the next generation of Xilinx products," said Roland Triffaux, Xilinx vice president of European sales and marketing.  "Europe's dominant position in the telecommunications industry and its unique requirements continue to play an important role in our product development efforts." 

Xilinx is the leading innovator of complete programmable logic solutions, including advanced integrated circuits, software design tools, predefined system functions delivered as cores, and unparalleled field engineering support.  Founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Xilinx invented the field programmable gate array (FPGA) and commands more than half of the world market for these devices today.   Xilinx solutions enable customers to reduce significantly the time required to develop products for the computer, peripheral, telecommunications, networking, industrial control, instrumentation, high-reliability/military, and consumer markets. For more information, visit the Xilinx web site at www.xilinx.com.  


Xilinx Editorial Contact
Mike Seither
Xilinx, Inc.
(408) 879-6557


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