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Xerox Printers, Copiers Earn 22 Awards From Industry Publications Worldwide

ROCHESTER, NY, Apr 19, 1999 -- Xerox Corporation's (NYSE:XRX) suite of digital document products for networked and small office/home offices garnered 22 awards from leading business and trade magazines worldwide during the past four months.

Most recently, Network Magazine, a leading publication for network/information technology managers, today awarded its 1999 "Product of the Year" honor in the network printing category to the DocuPrint N40 Network Laser Printer. The awards are presented to products, services and technologies that have demonstrated exceptional value and significance to network/information technology executives in their businesses. The N40, the industry's first 40-ppm office network laser printer, follows in the footsteps of the DocuPrint N32, which won the award in 1998.

"These awards truly justify the Xerox mission to bring high-quality products to the market at a competitive price. This is just the beginning," said Anne Mulcahy, president, Xerox General Markets Operations. "As times and technology change, Xerox will continue to bring our customers the very best."

In addition to the Network Magazine honor, PC Computing in its May issue, awarded the Document WorkCentre XD100 Digital Copier/Printer as "Star Best Product", Xerox' products have also been frequenting PC Computing's "A-List." Among them are the WorkCentre XD100 (February, March and April), and the Xerox DocuPrint N32, a 32-ppm network laser printer (February and March). PC World editors named the Xerox DocuPrint P12 Personal Laser Printer a "best buy" (January); the P12 and the DocuPrint N17b Network Laser Printer were among the products chosen for the "Top Ten" list in March.

The P12 has been on the Windows magazine "WinList" since July 1998.

International Awards

In addition, Xerox has been presented with 11 awards from a variety of international publications:


1. Europe's Independent Digital Test Laboratory: Digital Office Performance Award 1999 - Best of the Best Departmental Network Printer. The Xerox DocuPrint N40 and the Xerox DocuPrint N17.
2. UK's PC Pro: Badge of Excellence (February). The DocuPrint N40.
3. UK's PC Advisor: Top Color Network Printers (February). The C55mp, a 3 page-per-minute color and 12 ppm black and white laser printer.
4. France's PC Professional: Highly Recommended Product (February). The DocuPrint P8e Personal Laser Printer, an 8 ppm black and white laser printer.
5. France's PC Achat: Best Buy 1999. The DocuPrint P8e.
6. France's Distributique: Best Buy 5 Star Award (March). The DocuPrint P8e.
7. Brazil's PC World Magazine: Best Buy (March). The DocuPrint N17.
8. UK's PC Advisor: Recommended Top Ten Personal Printers (March). The DocuPrint XJ8C, an 8 ppm black and white and 4 ppm color inkjet printer.
9. UK's PC Advisor: Top 10 Personal Printers (March). The DocuPrint XJ8C.
10. UK's PC Advisor: Top Color Network Printers (March). The DocuPrint C55mp.


Xerox Editorial Contact
Ed Gala
(716) 422-9165


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