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Unisys to License Archive Solution as Standalone Payment Systems Solution


BLUE BELL, PA. April 19, 1999 -- Unisys Corporation today announced that it will license Unisys VisualArchive as an independent image archive solution for payment systems. Previously, the solution had been closely linked with VisualImpact, the Microsoft Windows NT-based capture and proof-of-deposit (POD) system available from Unisys. By marketing VisualArchive separately, Unisys is addressing a growing market demand for a standalone archiving solution that enables institutions of all sizes to rapidly deploy cost-effective solutions that can improve customer service, increase revenue, reduce costs and control risk. VisualArchive can be used in conjunction with virtually any image item capture platform as well as electronic sources.

Unisys VisualArchive -- a valuable extension to the Unisys payments solutions portfolio -- captures images and stores a wide range of transaction information, such as cancelled checks, deposited items, image statements and reconciliation reports. The system is designed to enhance the customer's current work environment by providing the ability to capture or import transactional data and images, store the information on a variety of medium, and perform extensive image research and data mining. Information and images can be produced and distributed in various ways and in numerous formats, such as integration with legacy systems, Internet access, CD-ROMs and tape. The system supports dial-in access, image enabled Positive Pay and ARP, and signature validation. The applications use client/server technology based on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.

A key benefit provided by VisualArchive is the opportunity for institutions to generate additional revenue. For example, the product offerings and services associated with VisualArchive have helped Jefferson Bank of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, increase its customer and revenue growth. "As is the case in many parts of the country, our market has seen quite a bit of merger and acquisition activity, with customers frustrated by the constant changes," said Danielle Egan, vice president of Operations at Jefferson Bank. "With VisualArchive, we can now provide service levels and products that other institutions can't provide -- customers' image statements, delivery via CD-ROM, immediate research response, and dial-in access for commercial customers to view their images on desktops. These capabilities have helped us to attract and retain customers from competitive institutions." Jefferson is a retail bank that operates throughout eastern Pennsylvania, serving more than 30,000 customers.

VisualArchive is proving to be a resilient, scalable and high performance enterprisewide payments archive solution that can meet the needs of institutions throughout the world. Both retail banks, such as Jefferson, and commercial institutions, such as Riggs Bank in Washington, DC, have implemented VisualArchive. Riggs specializes in providing full financial services to mid-sized companies, foreign embassies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. "The use of VisualArchive has resulted in significant improvements to our levels of back-office efficiency, reducing or eliminating many labor-intensive processes and saving considerable time and money," said Robert W. Sonnenberg, senior vice president and manager of Cash Management at Riggs Bank. "The fact that we are able to deliver more accurate and timely account reconciliation also represents a major enhancement in overall service quality, with a positive impact on our competitive position."

The VisualArchive architecture provides unprecedented performance proven through benchmark testing. The system has not only demonstrated high volume support of multiple millions of items per day, but also recoverability from a complete system shutdown within minutes. Minimal system degradation occurs when performing multiple, volume intensive processes. VisualArchive can rapidly compile and create image information, including research and adjustments, audit and image statement creation. For example, image statement printing can be performed at sustained rates in excess of 370 pages per minute.


About the Company

Unisys is more than 33,000 employees helping customers in 100 countries apply information technology to solve their business problems. Unisys solutions are based on a broad portfolio of global information services including electronic business, systems integration including custom and "repeatable" application solutions, outsourcing, Microsoft Windows NT services, network services, and multivendor maintenance and support, coupled with enterprise-class servers and associated middleware, software and storage. Repeatable solutions are focused on key vertical markets including financial services, transportation, telecommunications, government, publishing, and other commercial markets. The company is headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, in the Greater Philadelphia area. For more information on the company, access the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web at http://www.unisys.com. Investor information can be found at http://www.unisys.com/investor.


Unisys Editorial Contact
Janet Jones, Unisys Corporation, 704/921-4109,
Internet: janet.jones@unisys.com


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