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TI Reports 1998 Minority Procurement Results,
Recognizes Employees for Continued Progress

DALLAS, TX (April 6, 1999) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated announced 1998 procurement dollars spent with minority- and women-owned businesses at the Ninth Annual Minority/ Women Business Development Awards banquet on Tuesday, April 6. The company also recognized outstanding achievements by employees in furthering work with minority- and women-owned companies

Nationwide, the company reported procurement results of $98 million, representing 4.8 percent of total procurement. Local purchasing figures were $45 million and $22 million respectively from minority and women suppliers in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. The $45 million represents spending with more than 265 ethnic minority businesses, while the $22 million was spent with nearly 300 women-owned businesses. Detailed information on TI's minority procurement and hiring statistics will be published later in the year according to terms of the Dallas Together Forum's Private Sector Covenant for Workplace Diversity and the Dallas Citizens Council's Women's Covenant.

"Despite the changes that have occurred at TI, one thing remains constant - our commitment to the community and to our minority/women business development (MWBD) programs," said Tom Engibous, TI chairman, president and CEO. "We're the type of company that likes to let our actions speak for us. And our actions will continue to reflect the type of active and concerned civic involvement that dates back to the founders of the company."

Changes within the company have provided the impetus to redefine and reenergize TI's Minority Business Development Program. The company continued an aggressive search for new opportunities with both new and established suppliers, leading to several successful outsourcing contracts with local minority suppliers.

In addition, TI procurement dollars allocated for Southern Dallas topped $8.2 million in 1998. That figure should double in 1999 as a result of actions taken in 1998 to outsource TI's furniture and record retention processes. The dollar volume represents buying relationships with established women- and minority-owned firms, plus several firms new to TI's procurement effort.

"Our activities with these vendors are not limited to the acquisition of goods and services," said Richard Stouffer, director of TI's Minority/Women Business Development Programs office. "Our goal is to aggressively pursue minority vendors and establish strong relationships with them. We continue to support them by providing mentoring and helping them locate financial assistance."

To recognize the accomplishments of 1998 and encourage continued progress by TI employees and the business units, TI honored individual employees and teams for their contributions in helping minority- and women-owned businesses succeed. Tom Engibous was the keynote speaker and, along with Ken Newton, vice president, procurement and logistics, presented the following Best-in-Class awards:

Team Awards

  • The Dock Outsourcing Project: Steve Burg, Rob Criss, Pat Currin, Bruce Gerig, George Gonzalez, Frank X. Malfitano, Chuck Pietersz, and Marc Shepherd
  • The Automation Team: Nancy Champion, Steve Fuller, Pam Hay, Marie Hill, Gwen Richardson, and Karen Tavana.
  • The Supplemental Labor Team: Roger Coker and Adrienne Watson

Individual Awards

  • Pat Currin
  • Vicki Duncan
  • Steve Lindsey
  • Russell Peterson
  • Mary Ann Reed
  • Bruce Willette

The Director's Award, introduced for the first time this year, was presented to Elwin L. (Win) Skiles for exceptional leadership and ongoing support of TI's MWBD Program. Skiles is senior vice president and manager of public affairs and secretary to the company's Strategic Leadership Team.

The final presentation of the evening, the IMPACT award, was presented to the Records & Furniture Process Teams. The teams, led by Bryan Vonfeldt, include Nolan Jones, Allen Scott, Charlsie Southerland, and Mike Warrick. This award highlights specific activities or projects that produce significant impact in the community and represent benchmark status in the development of minority- and women-owned businesses.

In addition, 107 TI employees from across the company were recognized as Honor Roll members for their contributions to the MWBD Program in 1998.

The TI Minority/Women Business Development program dates back to the 1960s when TI's Defense Systems Group began a small/disadvantaged business program. That procurement effort grew to an annual total of $15 million purchased from over 300 minority suppliers in 1989. The program was expanded to encompass all of TI's domestic business units. Efforts continued when the company signed the Dallas Together Forum's Covenant for Workplace Diversity in 1993 and the Dallas Citizens Council's Women's Covenant in 1994. Last year, TI was recognized with the Dallas Together Forum's "Noteworthy Achievement Award."


Texas Instruments Editorial Contact
Thomas P. Scottino
(630) 378-7504


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