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Concord, MA , April 19, 1999 -- Over 200 partners have joined Sybase to deliver E-business applications, complementary technology, and services using the latest development tools and deployment platform from Sybase, Inc. (Nasdaq: SYBS). Launched today, Enterprise Application Studio™ 3.0 (EAStudio) includes Enterprise Application Server™ 3.0 (EAServer), PowerJ™ 3.0 and PowerBuilder® 7.0, and is being used by leading Sybase partners to implement innovative E-business solutions based on Sybase's integrated development and deployment infrastructure. Please see related press release entitled, "Sybase Launches Enterprise Application Server 3.0, PowerBuilder 7.0 and PowerJ 3.0."

"IT directors have been faced with the choice of building scalable enterprise applications, or building something quickly," said Joseph Strazza, president and CEO, WinMill Software. "Sybase gives you both. Our clients want to bring their existing applications to the Web, without starting from scratch and without re-staffing. They want open systems that scale to meet the high transaction volume afforded by the Internet. In this arena, Enterprise Application Studio is tough to match. Sybase is the only vendor that provides the complete, industrial strength solution."

Continuing to work closely with its extensive partner and customer network, Sybase is helping organizations realize their E-business initiatives by providing partners with a highly productive, secure, scalable, and standards based platform on which to build, deploy, and integrate sophisticated enterprise applications for the Web.

"For years, our partners and customers have worked closely with Sybase to build a broad range of enterprise applications," said Bill Bartow, vice president of engineering and marketing, Sybase's Internet Applications Division. "With the new enhancements to Enterprise Application Server, PowerJ and PowerBuilder we are continuing to provide our partners with the new technology they need to quickly and easily deliver the next generation of E-business applications."

Sybase technology partners have complementary technology required for E-business such as security, application integration, application management, application modeling, load balancing, and testing. Some of these key technology partners include Entrust® Technologies, HydraWeb, IBM, Insession, KL Group, Metex, Rational, and Riverton.

Leading Sybase value added resellers and system integrators are building custom applications and repeatable solutions on Sybase's platform. These partners include Access International, Actium, AJJA, Applied Knowledge, CHASEE Integrated Systems, Client Server Associates, Computer Technology Associates, Deloitte Consulting, Dynamic Data Solutions, GDI, Greenbrier & Russel, Inc., Langui Systems, Middleware Consulting Group, Noblestar Systems, Norrell Information Systems, Pegasoft Corporation, SoluTech, Techsys Computer Associates, Visual Systems Group, Whittman-Hart, and WinMill Software.

Following are some examples of what our partners are developing:
WinMill Software helped Scholastic Books, a global children's publishing and media company, implement a Web based customer self-service application. Using EAServer and PowerJ, Scholastic was able to alleviate the thousands of calls they received through their customer service center and save hundreds of thousands of dollars by enabling customers to check their order status via the Web.

Middleware Consulting Group is helping Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) build a 3-tier, 120 user customer service system. Built with EAStudio, the Intranet application will allow a variety of light weight clients to use the business logic sitting in the middle tier on EAServer and distributed PowerBuilder components.

Noblestar Systems has built a Technology Center of Excellence where they will host a weekly presentation focusing on applying N-tiered architecture to business problems through Sybase's latest release of Enterprise Application Studio. These sessions will focus on how to utilize EAStudio to provide open, industrial-strength distributed applications as well as how to migrate 2-tier PowerBuilder applications to N-tier.

About Sybase, Inc.
Headquartered in Emeryville, CA, Sybase, Inc. is one of the ten largest global independent software companies. The company helps businesses manage and deliver applications, content and data anywhere they are needed. Sybase's products, combined with its world-class professional services and partner technologies, provide a comprehensive platform for delivering the integrated solutions businesses need to be successful. Leveraging its existing strengths in enterprise data management and enterprise application development, Sybase, Inc. is focused on delivering end-to-end solutions for mobile and embedded computing, data warehousing, and Web computing environments. Sybase customers represent the industries leading the global economy, with strong concentrations in financial services, public sector, telecommunications, health care, and media and entertainment. The company's Web address is http://www.sybase.com.


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6475 Christie Ave.
Emeryville, CA 94608
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